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Blacked Out Through Whitewash $49.00 Drugs Masquerading As Foods $26.99

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No DONATION Amount Is Too Small

Since my Melanated Awakening in 1993 I've not stopped writing.
"Blacked Out Through Whitewash" has 7 volumes. The remaining unpublished 6 volumes are in progress, 70% to 85% completed. I would luv more than anything to be able to devote my energies full time to this work, as I did for 15 years until 2014. If my books (all 10) were not so heavily bootlegged, I'd be able to do this. Mind you, I'm not upset at the bootleggers; they are at least getting the message out. Also, my view is that no one can really lose what truly belongs to them, nor gain what is not really theirs. Therefore, everything ultimately balances out, and all becomes well.

Your Donations of ANY amount would help support this major project
and speed its completion. No Donation is too small.

THANK YOU GREATLY for your Support, Donations,
and Recurring Contributions of ANY amount.
The Universe, Yoniverse will restore it ALL back to
you, in ways unfathomed... and multiplied...



I am updating / expanding my SR books below.
If you wish to order any BEFORE UPDATES are completed,
you may do so by "special request." Email me your request & shipping
address, and use my DONATION button to pay for your SR order.
·· Price of the first 4 SR-books below are $15.00 each (+$6. sh).
·· Price of the last 4 SR-books below are $20.00 each (+$6. sh).
·· Add $6.00 for shipping of 1 book; and $2.00 for each additional book.
Since I will be the one getting these printed
I can AUTOGRAPH your SR-book/s to the name/s you provide.
·· As UPDATED versions become available I will post them on site.
Great Blak Mamma of Creation 777 Or Bab-El The True Bible, "Power Generator"
Bab-Els (Bibles) Creation's Unrecognized Power Generators How Bible & DollarBill Are a Great 555-666-777
You Come-to-Power Only When You Come-To-A-Point Blak Empowerment & Survival Guide NOW! ..Serious FUN!
666 Emmanuel Christ's 6 Red Clones 666 Baphomet Christ The Holy Goat


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