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((INSIGHTS ArabBets))





Part 2 of INSIGHTS for ASCII-Arabic-Hebrew-Greek-Roman Alphabets
In progress. More later. Enjoy ....

Arabic Alphabet Insights

Arabic Alphabets .

Put "ALLAH" in the ARABIC VibraLator 6 times. 6 ALLAH = 666 Inverse Sequence Vibe2, and 36 skors (another pun for 666 ). Reminder: 666 is NOT evil or bad. It has been devilized like EVERY major thing connected with Creation's Great Blak Mamma, particularly in Her form as the Triple Goddess.

  • The ...
  • The ...
  • The...

More details later...


Hebrew Alphabet Insights


INSIGHTS ArabBets ((INSIGHTS HebrewBets))




HebrewBets .

ALEPH and AIN be extra special. Both ddouble as vowels, despite all the Hebrew articles stating that the Hebrew alphabets are ALL consonants. Not true. In the example below, we see that ALEPH is treated like the vowel it IS : "A" [Sh+A+L, or schin, aleph, lamed]:


Notice that hebrew alphabets ALEPH and AIN look like "NY". In the punscape it IS NY! ­which is the abreviation for "New York." Witch comes ddouble as State and City. Hmmm:

Hebrew Aleph/Ain = NY, pun4 New York

Checking the numbers we discover the vibration of "New York" is Premier Beastflag 111. Hence, 6 of them = 666.

6 New York = 666ascii "NEW YORK" = 666

AIN is ddoubly extra special, because it is also a crowned Hebrewbet, sharing its stage with no other. Just 7 Hebrew alphabets got "taggim"; we delete AIN for the reasons earlier noted. Now we have GZ JN _ FS. Put them in SuZar's Hebrew-VibraLator. The mirror vibe is 666 (VB 459+ RV 207). ShortVibe = 36, pun for 666 ("three 6"). Backwards IV (633) + half the ISV (33, half of 66) = 666. SexaSkorVibe (all 6 vibes added, + SK 19 add six times) is an astounding 1290, punnly pointing to PISO. The digits resemble the letters spelling his name (1290 = 9120 =PISO).

QuintaVibe or sum of the first 5 vibes = 1110, another very special PISO number.

For each of the six, add AIN, hence, 6 AINs. Now we have "GZ JN _ FS, oooooo" ; put that in SuZar's Hebrew-VibraLator 18 times. 18 "GZ JN _ FS, oooooo" has 666 Skors. (Play with it and get 111, 777, 888 skors etc).

Multiple AINs produce various 666s in the math. Example: 18 "O" (Latin code for Ain in Hebrew vibralator) = 666 (backwards SH 621 + backwards SK 45); 222 "O" = 666 skors:

Hebrew Crowned Alphabets 666

Hebrew2 Crowned Alphabets 666

The Hebrew Alphabets are Punned in the Bible

I was surprised 2find all 22 Hebrew alphabets occuring in the Bible with each Hebrewbet name spelled out.

Here are the KJV Bible spellings of the 22 Hebrewbets:


They head the 119th Psalm divided into 22 sections.
One spelled-out-hebrewbet heads each section.

I was further surprised to notice an alphabet name itself was punned in one verse. Upun closer scrutiny, I found that ALL 22 hebrewbets are punned one or more times in the section they head! For example, in the 10th section for 10th hebrewbet JOD (beginning at verse 73) we find JOD punned in word JUDgement (verse 75). Plus notice that the digit-sum of 73 (7+3) = 10. In section TAU (beginning at verse 169), TAU be punned as THOU, TAU itself, and TEO ... in words THOU, TAUght and righTEOsness. Ask, "Why?"

Check back later for my detailed writeup on this and other discoveries. In the meantime, get your KJV Bible, turn to Psalm 119, and discover for yourself how each Hebrewbet is replicated, usually multiple times in the section of verses they head.


The HebrewBets Themselves

I hand-constructed each of the 22 Hebrew alphabets (below) largely based on "STAM" -- the form used for writing the Torah. I also largely based the determination of the SKORS on this. STAM is supposed to stand for "Sifrei Tefillin and Mezuzot". That is, STAM is an acronym for 3 sacred Jewish scribal items: Sifrei Torah (scrolls of bible's first 5 books, aka Pentateuch), Tefillin (phylactaries), and Mezuzot (parchment on which portions of the Shema Yisrael prayer are written, and which Jews are commanded to place on their doorposts).

The Hebrew alphabet is a set of 22 letters used for writing the Hebrew language. Hebrew is written from right to left (<-- ). However in the chart below I show it from left to right for easier reference. I added the crown-like "taggim" slightly above their customary locations to indicate which lettas have these.

As shown, five of these Hebrewbets have a different form (called a 'final' ) when appearing as the last letter in a word. These 5 are Caph-11th, Mem-13th, Nun-14th, Pe-17th, Tzaddi-18th. The chart below shows each Hebrew alphabet, its name (from the KJV Bible), pronounciation, chronological position, and tags ("taggim").

More insights later...


Hebrew Alphabets layer1

Hebrew Alphabets layer2

Hebrew Alphabets layer3

Hebrew Alphabets layer4


Example of STAM Hebrew Caligraphy

STAM HebrewBets


Now we learn that "Hebrew" is NOT true Hebrew!

There is no resemblence of what is called HEBREW to the original HEBREW alphabets. Compare the chart below with the chart above.

Ancient Hebrew script
Yardeni, Ada: The Book of Hebrew Script. History, Palaeography, Script Styles, Calligraphy and Design. Carta Jerusalem, 1997, 17.


Ancient Original Hebrew Alphabet .

Ancient Original Hebrew Alphabet.

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