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Part 1 of INSIGHTS for ASCII-Arabic-Hebrew-Greek-Roman Alphabets
In progress. More later. Enjoy ....

ASCII Alphabet Insights

ASCII-bets .

ASCII (as-key) officially stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Computers can only "understand" numbers. ASCII is code representing English characters (alphabets, numerals, punctuation marks & common characters) as numbers, with each character assigned a number from 0 to 127, for a total of 128 numbers. Most computers use ASCII codes to represent text, which makes it possible to transfer data from one computer to another. Therefore most programs can open ASCII text files. ASCII files will generally have the file extension ".txt".

CAPITAL and lowercase letters have been assigned different numbers (vibrations), as shown in the ASCII Charts. Surprises emerge upon putting certain words / phrases into SuZar's ASCII VibraLator. This suggests / indicates that ASCII is just as "rigged," "PISOed," and marvelously "beasted up" as the other bets and paraphernalia. In fact, apparently they "hide" their juiciest beast-iest secrets in ASCII, ASK-YE. So let's have sum phun. . .

  • ASCII "allah, god, jehovah" = 666I told you that all these alphabets and the languages they compose are rigged, clandestinely set up as ONe UN ited UNing CUNning PUNning system. Facets of 1 reverse pyramided obelisk (that is, one huge DIKK; the Beast be set up as a massive Dikk that injaculates = suckSuckSUCKs HuManity's Lifeforce). Here is a glimpse of evidence. ArabicRomanHebrew correspond to AllahGodJehovah. In lowercase letters, put names "allah, god, jehovah" into the ASCII VibraLator .. and gasp. 666 is the InverseSequence Vibration..
  • ASCII "allah, god, jehovah, brahm" 18 times = 666Oh, we missed one. Hinduism's BRAHM, who is one with Hebrew's aBRAHAM. Put the 4 key deity names of the 4 top religions (Islamity Xianity Jewdanity Hinduanity) into the ASCII VibraLator ...18 times .. and gasp.. aagain. 666 is the sum number of skors.

  • That famous beast-riddle bible verse (kjv bible), occurse in the bible's last (66th) book (Develation, aka Revelation), chapter 13, verse 18. Thats "66:13:18". Write that spelled out in letters: "sixty six thirteen eighteen" and put it, along with the entire verse itself, into the ASCII VibraLator. That is, input:

    "sixty six thirteen eighteen Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six"
    It has 333 skors.
    333 skors for Revelation verse (in ascii)
  • Put it in twice; ddoubled; now it has 666 skors. wow.
    666 skors for Revelation verse twice (in ascii) 
  • 666 is the ASCII vibration of word "the" 6 times (all lowercase). Prove that by putting "the-the-the-the-the-the" into the ASCII VibraLator. As addressed in another section, word "THE" = TAU, the secret image of the Beast, eye mean Beast-THE.
    666 be ASCII sequence vibration of "the-the-the-the-the-the"
  • Put all capital "HOLY BIBLE" into the ASCII VibraLator . . . and gasp. 666 be vibration. Hmmm. In the RomanVibraLator, 666 is the tri-vibration of title "The Holy Bible".
  • Spell BIBLE with Y instead of I, and put all capital "HOLY BYBLE" into the ASCII VibraLator. HOLY BYBLE = 713 inverse vibe! That's a profound numeric GM! In case you didn't get it, G = 7th alphabet, while M = 13th alphabet.
  • ASCII lowercase "holy byble" = 1001 inverse vibe. 1001 is ddouble pun... for "2ballcane" and SDL 181 ("00" looks like horizontal 8 ).
  • ASCII "Holy Byble" = 159 short vibe; Thats "one 59", vibe of name PISO.
  • ASCII "KING JAMES VERSION HOLY BIBLE" = 59 skors! PISO vibe again. And 1881, a "stretched" SDL 181. And sortvibe = 216, another 666 pun (6x6x6=216).
  • Subtract word "for" and put "AMERICAN STANDARD CODE INFORMATION INTERCHANGE" into the VibraLator. Reverse vibe is 2666, pun for "two 666", hence "ddouble" or 666, 666.
  • Put "ASCII" into the ASCII VibraLator 6 classic times. 666 aagain (backward SQ 642 +backward SK 24 ). The acronym itself, "ASCII" = 361 vibe; thats "SDL 361", of which SDL 181 be midpoint!
  • Here is the list of 26 alphabets: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. Delete the alphabets composing the acronym "ASCII" from the list. Your acute eye lets you know that this means deleting letters A, S, C, I, and "Y"; we include "Y" in the place of the second I because "Y" ddoubles as (is synonymous with) "I".
  • Put the remaining "-B-DEFGH-JKLMNOPQR-TUVWX-Z" into the ASCII VibraLator 2 times (without dashes). 666 is the skor vibe (558 Vibe + 108 Skors). Hmmm.
  • Now put same "-B-DEFGH-JKLMNOPQR-TUVWX-Z" in SuZar's ROMAN VibraLator 5 times. Mirror vibe = 666 (SH 660 + 6 from reduced IV, 1365). Hmmm.
  • Might as well put the deleted bets, "ASCIY" into the ROMAN VibraLator ... six tymes. Six "ASCIY" = 666 backwards skor vibe (backwards SH 621 + backwards SK 45 = 666). Hmmm.
  • Now put lowercase "asciy" into the ASCII VibraLator, 2 times. Inverse vibe = 1116, pun for 666 (111x6=666). Put it in 6 times: vibration is 3222. AAgain pun for 666 (3x222).
  • The spellings of the first six Greek letters, in ASCII, have 666s in the equation. "1666" = "one 666". The reverse too, "6661".



ASCII Numerals

  • In the list of numerals (0123456789) , replace "0" and "1" with upper-case (CAPITAL) alphabets "O" and "I", and put "OI23456789" in the ASCII VibraLator. 666 is the bi skor vibe (VB 580 + ISV 66 + SK 20.).
  • In the list of numerals (0123456789) , add lower case "o" and "i", and get "o i 0123456789"; put that in the ASCII VibraLator 6 times. 6660 is the reverse vibe. 7 times produce 7770. 8 times produce 8880, and so on.
  • Put lowercase "oi" into the ASCII VibraLator 3 times: 666 is the inverse vibration.
  • As earlier noted, 9 alphabets are identical in upper & lower case ( C O P S U V W X Z ): The position/sequence numbers are 3-15-16-19-21-22-23-24-26. For these numerals, the ASCII reverse skor vibe is 666 (RV 661 + 5 from reduced SK 32).
  • ASCII is PISO-ed! As noted, the ASCII code represents English characters as numbers, with each character assigned a number from 0 to 127. The numerals 0-1-2-7, rearranged, be pun for name PISO! Letter P short vibrates to 7. The remaining numerals resemble the remaining letters, hence 7120 = PISO!


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