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HEAR GOD'S CHANT NOW. 47 Words of God's Chant. Hideo Izumoto

Hideo Izumoto, Shinto MasterDaily Sing the 47 Words of God's Chant

When you sing or LISTEN to God's Chant, your healing begins. The words of this Chant are God's Words. They bring you God's Energy of the Universe as you sing them. They resonate the Vibration of the Universe and Power of Creation, for God created the Universe with these Words. "This chant is the vibration of the Universe and vibration of the highest God and our God-Energy within." Brought to America by Shinto Master Hideo Izumoto, this Healing Chant-Song transforms one's life when sang daily. It opens your Third Eye and develops your intuition. It calms your mind by returning your energy to the Peace that comes from within you. It heals, benefits your Body-Mind-Spirit. A simple method is to sing it 3 times upon arising in the morning and 3 times before going to sleep. For proper musical-tones you can freely LISTEN to the Chant or play out the written Musical Notes.

Ancient Shinto tradition relates that angels gave the 47 Words of God's Chant to humanity ages ago. These 47 words represent the harmonic structure of the Universe -- both in their message and mathematics.

Number 47 is a precise harmonic of the Earth's HeartBeat of 7.83 hertz. Simply divide 47 by 3 and then by 2 to get that exact decimal number. When you hear the words or chant along, you harness the original creative heartbeat of the Universe for your own healing and initiation.

Earth-Heart-47. 47 Words of God's Chant. Hideo IzumotoNumber 47 also represents the basic elements of the Physical and Spiritual Universe, from Micro to Macro, including our Physical-Body, our Mind-Body and our Spiritual Body. Chanting this way brings harmony for Macro and Micro Universes.

Following are the 47 syllable Words and their meanings:

The 47 Words of God
and Their Meanings
Translated from Japanese to English


  "We are Gods and Creators. We create everything in the Universe for us and it belongs only to us and forever."


  "We practice Freedom, Truth, Love, Beauty, Happiness, Advancement and actually becoming God Beings."


  "We live together forever for our happiness and advancement. Thank you, God, for everyone, everything and for me.

Correct Pronounciation of the
47 Words of God

Spelled the way it sounds in Japanese. Long dashes
(--- or ------) indicate take a breath or deep breath. Each syllable-word is 1 count except for the drawnnnn out ones (prior to inhaling ----) which are 2 counts; while last syllable "KE" is drawnnnn out 8 counts: For the proper musical-tones, listen to the
free recording of God's Chant, or see the Musical Notes section on this page.

(1 count)
Fuu-Meeee ---
(1 ) ( 2 counts)

Yahhhh ---
(2 counts)

( 1 ) ( 1 ) ( 1 )
( 1 )
( 1 )
Lah-Nehhh --
(1) (2 counts)

Luuuu ---
(2 counts)

Wah-Nuuuu ---
( 1) ( 2 counts)

Ku-Meh-Kahhh ---
( 1) (1) ( 2 counts)

Ehhhh ---
(2 counts)

( 1) ( 1 ) (1 )
Heh-Tehhh --------
( 1) (2 counts)

(1)( 1)(1 )

(2 counts)
Lehhhhh ---------
(2 counts)

(8 counts)


Music & Pronounciation of God's Chant

47 Words of God's Chant: Musical Notes and Pronounciation. Music. Hideo Izumoto.

HEAR GOD'S CHANT NOW. 47 Words of God's Chant. Hideo Izumoto HEAR GOD'S CHANT NOW. 47 Words of God's Chant. Hideo Izumoto
Click here to LISTEN to Hideo Izumoto sing God's Chant


Videos of Hideo Izomoto singing
The 47 Words of God's Chant

Click below to WATCH and HEAR Hideo Izumoto sing the
47 Words of God on the following videos in a separate window:
Hideo Izumoto sings 47 Words of God's Chant in front of mountain

Hideo Izumoto sings 47 Words of God's Chant



SHINTO: Hideo Izomoto's CD
on the 47 Words of God's Chant

Click here to ORDER Hideo Izumoto's latest CD, titled SHINTO:
Hideo Izumoto's SHINTO CD cover; 47 Words of God's Chant



Why is singing God's Chant so Important?

3rd Eye, energized by 47 Words of God's Chant. Hideo IzumotoHideo Izumoto says: The purpose of Chanting (singing the 47 Words of God) and Meditation is to increase mind power, and to purify the Soul and Mind, the spiritual and mental bodies. One of the biggest problems is that our Mind-body has lost God's spiritual light, making our eyes, ears, and intuition dirty. That's why we cannot see true energy and light. To regain this kind of talent, we need to increase more and more of God's energy in our Mind-body. Chanting and meditation are the most important and powerful steps that I recommend each one of us practice. If you chant with your focus on the third eye, even for one minute, energy changes dramatically. If this chanting and meditation spreads on this planet, revolution happens, which is good for people and the planet Earth.

Methods of Chanting

. Sing the Chant 3 times upon rising in the morning, and 3 times before going to sleep at night..

. Chant 9 times, then meditate for 3 minutes; then chant 6 times, with a 2 minute meditation. Finally, chant 3 times, with 1 minute meditation. If you chant like this, 18 times every day, it will change your life. You will see light and energy, you will see darkness in people's body. Every day for 25 minutes, and gradually the light at the third eye opens up from within. Then, lots of intuition comes. Your guardian kami angels will hear and help you.


Japanese Characters & Pronounciation
of the 47 Words of God's Chant

1. Japanese Characters of 47 Words of God's Chant. Hideo Izumoto

2. Japanese Characters of 47 Words of God's Chant. Hideo Izumoto

3. Japanese Characters of 47 Words of God's Chant. Hideo Izumoto

Who is Shinto Master Hideo Izumoto?

Hideo Izumoto, Shinto Master. 47 Words of God's ChantHideo Izumoto is a Shinto Master /Priest, Teacher, Healer, Acupunturist, Counselor and Inventor. Hideo Izumoto is responsible for bringing The 47 Words of God to America from Japan. As an acupuncturist, Hideo Izumoto has developed his own instruments and has taught his technique to other practitioners worldwide.

Hideo Izumoto is founder God's Creation, Inc., also The World Friendship Association (in Japan in 1968), whose focus is to chant and pray in the Spiritual places throughout the world. Hideo Izumoto is on a mission for the world by traveling, teaching and giving healing to bring peace and harmony to the people of this planet.

"What is most needed is healing of the people." This is Hideo Izumoto's goal and mission on entering the next century. Spiritual healing can bring about physical change, happiness and improved prosperity.

Sensei Izumoto actually sees the aura of your body and discovers where the light is weak. He then uses his hands and fingers or golden spiral coils to put energy back into the body and get the light to open up again. This heals physical dis-ease, pain, and ailments, and also heals the spirit very directly.

Since March 1999, Hideo Izumoto has travelled around the planet teaching God's Way of Life. His focus is on Spiritual healing, chanting, and meditation, linking the world into one consciousness with vibrational harmony and peace. Hideo Izumoto focuses on the individual's spiritual healing. As each individual experiences spiritual healing, the family will change; and from the family the community will change; and from the community the planet becomes whole.

Hideo Izumoto, Aura Photograph. 47 Words of God's Chant

Aura photograph of Hideo Izumoto reflects the meaning
of his name "HIDEO" as "Sun Rise"
Tell us a little about yourself
"I graduated [from] Toyo Shinkyo Acupuncture school in 1976, and practiced in Japan. My parents were Buddhist, but until 1980 I had no special consciousness. I was spiritually blind, I didn't believe in spiritual things. I went to acupuncture school because I failed in business. I was in a terrible state. My brother was an acupuncturist. My family worried about me, and recommended that I also go to acupuncture school. I went at age 33, so I could have work. School did not teach me real healing technique, not spiritual healing

I had Shinto teachers during 1980 to 1985. I started chanting in 1980, the chant given by one of my teachers, and I continued chanting by myself. With chanting, my head opened up, my intuition developed, there was an increase in energy. My eyes changed, my ears changes, my sensitivity changed. Later my guardian kami angels taught me the true way to chant, that is, I understood the deeper meaning of the chant. God created heaven and earth with this chanting."
,. .

Hideo Izomoto's Prayer

Thank you God for Your Love. Thank you God
for Your Light. Thank you God for Your Teachings.
Thank you God for your Guidance. Thank you God for Your Works.
Thank you God for Your Healing.
Thank you God for Your Blessings.
Thank you God for being with us always.
Please help each one of us (everyone now calls out his or her name) to open our heart, mind and soul to You, so we can practice Your way in our everyday life to make advancement in our physical and spiritual beings more perfectly, to live up to Your Will for all the people, animals,  plants and minerals, for this planet Earth and universe, and for ourselves.

Hideo Izomoto's Teachings

Our attitude is most important!
We need to appreciate our life,

our mind, our body, our planet, and our Universe.
Then everything works and our life
becomes great, perfectly normal.

Fear and worry create negative energy
within us that destroy our life.
As we open our mind to
the Light of God within us, all healing happens.
As we make oneness with all light beings of Universe in our mind, peace comes within and around us.

We love our life at this moment,
in this Universe, in this heaven and earth, which is most important. We'll be true to ourselves within, be true to everyone and everything in the universe, be true in our prayer.

We love everything on this planet earth.
We love our creations, our lives, our beings, our works,
our neighbor people, our animals, plants, minerals,
this planet Earth and our Universe.
It's all Great.

We accept our past, present and future,
and learn and grow.

We will be forever true to ourselves within.
We will be forever true to everyone and everything.
We will be forever true in our prayer.

Document image for Hideo Izumoto's Healing Fire of Moxa, Acupuncture. 47 Words of God's Chant. Free pdf

Healing in the Fire of Moxa:
Acupuncture for Spiritual Purification

An Interview with Shinto Priest
Hideo Izumoto
by Dr. Jake Paul Fratkin.
7-page document also available from

Download Free

Lotus Flower by Hideo Izumoto. 47 Words of God's Chant


On Thanksgiving Day 2006
SOURCE: Hideo's former website, GodsChant.com

On Thanksgiving Day 2006 I received a telephone call from a very dear friend, requesting that I come to a meeting on the same day to hear a Shaman Priest by the name of Master Hideo. She went on to inform me that he had a very important message to share with our community. His message was filled with Help, Hope and Peace.

He shared different techniques that he said would help us in our healing process. The most beneficial technique to me was the 47 Words of God Chant. His claim was that if we learn the chant we would move towards Peace and Advancement. So I learned the Chant, and much to my surprise, it worked. Through chanting I have recieived more Peace, and most of all, more advanced understanding of different ways to heal myself and others.

.Sfunsha, Philadelphia

I met this man
SOURCE: www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2219318/pg1

... 04/28/2013... Hideo Izumoto. Shinto priest ...
I met this man last week and he helped me to become myself by removing negative energy from my Biometric Field.

Amy A


That Magical Healing SingingChant
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2006
From: DRE
To: Editor
Subject: That Magical Healing SingingChant

Greetings Ken,

Here are the words to the ancient magical-like HEALING chant-song-prayer my friend shared with me several days ago. Given to her by Shinto priest Hideo Izumoto in a recent gathering. It is powerful! You SING the words slowly, deliberately. First time I sang it, I felt a very labored strained feeling in my chest, like a very heavy weight, a pulling, like lifting a thousand pounds. It was soooo HARD to just get through it. In two days that labored, almost painful feeling was gone. Checking with my friend, I found she had the same experience, except she also felt pains in her back, knee and other places. We did a 3-way conference and called priest Hideo about it. He congratulated us and confirmed what we figured out: that the pain was a sign that the singing was healing us, clearing away imbalances within.

On the 3rd day, while I was in a park doing my daily SunGazing at sunrise, a tiny (humming?) bird chimed in with me. Perching itself on a nearby branch close to me, singing out its leetle heart. By my 4th day of singing the chant (I do it throughout the day; it is so pleasurable), I noticed to my amazement I no longer needed to wear my glasses when driving. Plus my nearsighted vision has become perfect. The same thing occured with my friend! She no longer needs to wear her glasses. ...

Since I started chant-singing 6 days ago, I now wake up feeling completely rested and alert. The chant-singing apparently diminishes / removes anxiety. I am confident that as I continue, my imbalances on all levels with be smoothed away. The words seem to HELP EVERYTHING. You can direct the energy to any part of your body, or any situation. I read on one of the sites that the words were brought to humanity as a gift, brought by angels.

Call her up and she can play it for you while you record it on your machine, etc. He has I think at least two dvds. You may call him too; his cell number is published...


Hideo Izumoto's (last known) email addresses are:

Hideo Izumoto <shintohealing@gmail.com>


The information on this page is from Hideo's former website, GodsChant.com
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