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Roman (that's all Romance /Germanic languages; all euro languages written in the Roman alphabet), Greek, Hebrew and Arabic are all "PISO-ed" languages. The Great "3Skor" PISO SPELL=Program=Course=Curse has been built into them. Hence, everytime you open your mouth and speak in any of these languages (or write= rite= ritual in them), you are maintaining, reinforcing and keeping this Great Inconspicuous PISO SPELL-Program "running." (You learned "spelling" in grade school. ) In otherwords, you are keeping yourself in Bondage, and you are Cursing ...yourself and keeping HuManity's Hidden Manipulators empowerd =In-Power at your expense. These anti-life entities have no power without You / without your cooperation / without your GIVING your power away to them as you have been trained to do since babyhood. You live, move and have your Being in PISO's System/s. ALL, everylastone of these Systems are really the same System (Program /Spell) and are set up to SUCK /Phukk. Impolite as that may sound, it is an understatement.

These social Systems are set up to thieve your Power, trick you into giving up your Power to these insatiable Vampires. Suzar's 666 Exposé Series gives details of the modus operandi of "P-SSS", PISO's-Sophistocated Sucking Systems. Religion, Law-Court, Money, Calendar-Clock, Fraturnities, Secret Societies, and Education, are all Programs within this Global PISO Spell Machine. Using Suzar's VibraLator allows you to view / expose the SKORS and set of vibrations behind words / names / terms / sentences, and thereby expose what is being Hidden-In-Open-View. You've been taught to emphasize 666. You will learn from my Exposé that 666 is a Cover for SomeThing Else: "The 3+1 Beast-Flag Numbers". I identify these and detail what they are all about in the main 666 book (Suzar's 666 Xposé Encyclopedia). The Chief Beast Flag Number is "111." That's "Premier BeastFlag 111. That "3Skor." Punned in the bible as "THREESCORE."

I said "Roman, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic are all "PISO-ed" languages."

How I determined this? One clue came from one of PISO's top BluePrint SpellBooks, "The Holy Bible". It twice mentions the first 3 languages together in the same sentence, calling Roman by its ancient name, "LATIN." (Luke 23:38, John 19:20) (LATIN means "Of or relating to ancient Rome." ROMAN means "Of or relating to, or composed in the LATIN language...Of or using the LATIN alphabet".) The main clue came from my discovery of the Hidden Factor of SKORS. VERY Important, the Skors! I will expose a mathematical formula or Spell I discovered concerning the Skors. This will prove beyond doubt that these languages have been "rigged", "PISO-ed." All 4 have been RIGGED to clandestinely act as a Unified System which is a crucial part of The Global PISO Spell Machine, and is critical for the Machine's operation.


books art order vibralator 666 ((3skor)) space lynx
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