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Excerpts from SuZar's
Blak Empowerment & Survival Guide NOW!
Special Release from upcoming Volume 7 of
Blacked Out Through Whitewash:
" Blak Survival is Earth & HuHuManity's Survival"


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FUN Counter Strategy #15:

Skillet Orgone. Create huge field of positive orgone energy using salt, alcohol, fire. "Jive-Vibe Buster"Skillet Orgone Instructions. Create huge field of positive orgone energy using salt, alcohol, fire. "Jive-Vibe Buster"

Page 91

FUN Counter Strategy #32:

Hold private meetings to devise
& refine OTHER strategies

This list of Counter Strategies is not complete. We are highly creative and can "tune in" and come up with OTHER additional effective strategies. Meet with others to discuss, brainstorm and plan other actions, strategies, goals. Share this book and discuss what's presented here with other Blaks. The more we grow in consciousness, the easier it will be for other Blaks and really, all Huemanity (our Children) to grow. It's good practice to ask for divine guidance from the Great Mother and Great Father before beginning meetings. We can also request help from the Spirits of our Twa Ancestors. If Blak America / Blak Europe / Blak Afrika are to turn around, it will start from the grass roots. Each of us as individuals must involve ourselves in our own liberation! Dr. Amos Wilson said the best way to have a common meeting ground when coming together is to know that you're needed and are willing to share in the duties and the drudgery of being an average warrior, a community organizer, a community doer.

The Codebook -The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept - by Neely Fuller Jr., crystallizes guidelines and objectives that steer Blak people towards their destiny. It provides specific counter-racist strategies and tactics for the nine areas of people-activity, which are Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War/Counterwar. It is a textbook and workbook for thought, speech and/or action for Victims of Racism ("non-white" people). People of Color can tailor its practical concepts to their individual circumstances at any time. Another book, Black Africa ­The Economic and Cultural Basis for a Federated State, by Cheikh Anta Diop, provides concise practical steps to Afrikan Unity or creating a unified Blak Afrikan state, the political unification of Blak Afrika. The preservation and development of Afrika's vast resources by Afrika herself is a key aspect of this.

Albinos and other races all have their own private meetings and exclusive member-only clubs ­where among other things, they discuss what's in their best interest. Blaks have the right to do this also. Blaks should not let white people into our important vital meetings; white people's presence alone is a disruptive and suppressive force. Plus Blaks feel inhibited from really expressing themselves around Albinos.

It is not wise to discuss our battle plans with the enemy or in his presence. Albinos may try to use the excuse of "integration" to get into our meetings. As Jamaal Goree observed, "whites try to be a part of our organizations to contain our movement and incarcerate our ideas so that we won't grow beyond our present confines. It's all about control." The anti-life power that works so well through Albinos thwarts us by having them in our meetings. Their energy opposes ours, even if they deem themselves pro-Blak, or are even married to a Blak. Remember, each white is connected to all the other whites ­to the collective Albino body which opposes Melanated People. They unconsciously (and often consciously) all act for Albino survival at the expense of Melanated people and the Planet.

Don't underestimate your personal
power to make a difference as an individual!

Each individual, and that includes YOU, is like the RUDDER of a big ship. Great changes in history have invariably been the result of single individuals. When people (even a handful of people) unify and move as one towards a common goal, working together, their power is truly immense, actually geometrically multiplied. The conspiring Controllers know this, hence they try to keep us ineffective by keeping us divided (in many ways, including not trusting one another; remember the Willie Lynch Letter!), misinformed, confused, diverted, distracted, busy, busy, busy, all of which diminishes or diffuses our power. Only focused rays of sunlight passing through a lens can start a fire. And a raging fire can begin with a single flame! ... like you. Remember, we are the goddess and gods. So do not underestimate your Personal Power, especially when aligned with your Divine Nature.

Power is squared (vastly multiplied) with Groups
"A small but unified group has vastly more Power than a huge but fragmented group. Group Power equals the square of the number of people within a group. Thus, 100 unified people (i.e., sharing a common goal) produces 10,000 units of energy. (100x100=10,000). But 100 fragmented, not-unified people produces only 100 units of energy. (1+1+1...to 100). Now get this. If the unified small group were additionally BALANCED and AWAKENED, their Power would be quantum. Instead of 10,000 units, it might be 10 million or billion units! In fact, it could just be a handful of people having this kind of Power."1

1) You "Come-to-Power" Only When You "Come-to-a-Point", page 7

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books art order vibralator 666 3skor space lynx
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