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Excerpts from SuZar's
Blak Empowerment & Survival Guide NOW!
Special Release from upcoming Volume 7 of
Blacked Out Through Whitewash:
" Blak Survival is Earth & HuHuManity's Survival"


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FUN Counter Strategy #10:

Love Yourself!
Nurture Yourself every day

Be very good to You. Loving yourself is the real secret of happiness and key to fulfilling relationships. "Love thy neighbor as thyself" means love yourself first. For you can only love others and receive love to the degree that you first love yourself. Low self-esteem /self-hate is at the root of all human problems.

Often demonstrate to yourself you love yourself.

  • Take out time each day to give yourself joy.
  • Speak up for yourself when another is hurting you.
  • Forgive yourself when you make so-called mistakes
  • Follow your highest joy.
  • Do what you love or love what you do.
  • Make time for hobbies, your family, and solitude.
  • Practicing "Right Use of Will" is a key form of loving yourself!
  • Enjoy your own company.
  • Buy yourself flowers, surrounding yourself with colors, textures, and scents that please you.
  • Discover what makes you happy, what you love to do; pamper and spoil yourself.
  • Treat yourself to small /medium /large / gigantic acts of kindness and appreciation.
  • Become your own best friend.
  • Always listen to and follow your intuition/Higher Self.

Others treat you exactly the way you treat yourself!
Always treat yourself well and speak kindly of yourself. What do you want more of from other people? Love? Respect? Attention? Acceptance? Their time? Whatever it is, give it to yourself! ­then you will get it from others, for your world reflects you (and what you are doing to yourself) back to yourself. Want more respect from people? Then give more respect to yourself. Want others to think highly or lovingly of you? Then think highly /lovingly of yourself. Want more love, kindness, etc.? Then give more love and kindness to yourself. Anybody that treats you bad /disrespectfully /aloof, etc. is only reflecting a part of you that is treating you that same way. The world /people will treat you exactly the way you treat yourself! To be well treated and respected, treat yourself well and respect yourself. Too often we look to others to make us feel loved when all they can do is mirror back to us our own relationship with ourselves. Remember, your reality emanates from your consciousness.


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The traits of Blak Afrikan people are the
very Signatures of the Cosmos...the Divine.

For us to be against them is to be against the God / Goddess in whose image we --the Parents of Humanity -- are made. The Divine Power that causes galaxies and atoms to SPIRal is the same SPIRaling Power that causes our hair to SPIRal outta our heads, producing what is called "NAPPY" hair. The Melanin that gives us "BLAKNESS" is the Core-Capstone of the Cosmos. Personified as the jet Blak capstone of the Great Pyramid, which personifies the Source of Life or the Great EYE--I, Blak Dot, Blak Feminine Core from which the Masculine Divine Light shines forth, pours forth... to nourish all Life. Blak people's abundance of Melanin gives them advanced spiritual, mental and physical ability unmatched by any other people. As we learn and teach ourselves our true herstory /history we will again come to appreciate (=love) ourselves and stop trying to be like white people, the anti-humans. We are diminishing and losing our divine heritage by imitating and worshipping Albinos, our historical enemies. Having a knowledge of our her/history affirms who we are. As noted by Dr. Na'im Akbar, white people's job is to affirm themselves; that's why they teach whitewashed history. Blak people are educated in European self-affirmation as graduates of white universities.

Your capacity to love is seen in
the results of your own self-caring.

How can we expect love from others if we have not experienced the joy of self love? We must begin at home in our own bodies. So love your Afrikan Body! When you listen with love to your body's messages, you will fuel it with the food it needs and lovingly take care of yourself. Your body is always talking to you if you will take the time to listen! Your body reflects your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Each cell in your body responds to every thought you think and every word you speak.

Caring for yourself is a way of loving yourself. If you love yourself, you will care for yourself. If you start caring for yourself /taking good care of yourself, doing this helps you learn to love and respect yourself.

Look into your own eyes in the mirror often and tell yourself you.

Look into your own eyes in the mirror often and tell yourself you love you; you are wonderful. Pucker your lips or throw kisses to yourself. Give yourself a positive message every time you see your own reflection. Just love your self! Nothing heals and transforms like Love.

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books art order vibralator 666 3skor space lynx
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