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Excerpts from SuZar's
Blak Empowerment & Survival Guide NOW!
Special Release from upcoming Volume 7 of
Blacked Out Through Whitewash:
" Blak Survival is Earth & HuHuManity's Survival"


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FUN Counter Strategy #8:

Practice "Right Use of Will"

Right Use Of Will book coverThis strategy may be the most important one of all!
Right-Use-of-Will is the most powerful personal practice available for self-empowerment and self-defense! Anyone may do it ­it is available to ALL PEOPLE. And it has most dramatic and effective results. No one, not even the Controllers, Greys, Reptilians, ETs, Secret World Government, and "Old Nick," can deny you unless you are in some way denying yourself! Your world is the mirror of you. Others will only do unto you as you are doing unto yourself. Expressing (venting, releasing) your repressed emotions, and ending personal Self-Denial are the fastest ways to recover lost power and regain total health, "Quantum Health." Since our reality emanates from our consciousness, we must heal within ourself first. This healing is a process that will be ongoing for some time. The Reality of the world will change as our healing progresses within.

Right-Use-of-Will is the Missing Link in Afrikan Liberation
and the Liberation and Healing of all Peoples!

The book, Right Use of Will brings new understanding to "Will" and "Spirit." There is no doubt in my mind that this book and the other books in this series are divinely channeled and divinely inspired. It is not for everyone though; it is only for those who feel interested in continuing reading it after reading the introduction. However, its Principles are universally applicable and are the primary keys to healing the present situation on Earth.

Summary of "Right Use of Will"
1) End Self-Denial:
no one can deny us unless we are denying ourselves in some way. If Blaks individually (and thus collectively) end their personal Self-Denial, then the Denial being dished out to them by Albinos or any other people will have to stop!
2) Vent (express, move, release) your repressed emotions.
3) Practice your OWN WILL (while crossing no one's else Will).
In a nutshell: "Do what you wanna to do; Don't do what you don't wanna do".


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The previous is a summary of "Right Use of Will," a recommended book (series). Practicing "Right Use of Will" is most important for everyone, including Albinos.

Practicing Right-Use-of-Will is the fastest way to recover your lost Power and even gain "Quantum Health." Living this way "activates" your Melanin. Melanin is directly related to Will and Power. Since our reality emanates from our consciousness, we must heal within ourself first. This healing is a process that will be ongoing for some time. The Reality of the world will change as our healing progresses.

The book, Right Use of Will brings new understanding to "Will" and "Spirit." There is no doubt in my mind that this book and the other books in this series are divinely inspired, channeled from God/Goddess (for God/Goddess can still communicate to us, their children). The Principles in these books are universally applicable and are the primary keys to healing the present Discord /Dis-Ease/ Situation on Earth.

Will and Spirit Polarities
Everyone has both polarities within them or they could not exist.
"Will" correlates to the Female Principle. Magnetic receptive energy. The Mother Goddess is Will-polarized. Feeling, Emotions, Desire, Water...and Melanin ­the receiver of all wavelengths of Light /Energy. "Will Polarized" people tend to be heart-centered, motivated by feelings, very in touch with their Emotions.
"Spirit" correlates to the Male Principle. Electric projective energy. Logic, Thinking, Action, Light /Fire. "Spirit-polarized" people tend to be head-centered, mental, thinking a lot. The Father God is Spirit-polarized. The Devil /Lucifer is "reverse-Spirit polarized" ...
Neither Spirit nor Will do as well alone as they do when they are balanced with one another.

Where there is Self-Denial, full consciousness
is not present, hence full Power is not present.

You can't be denied unless you're denying yourself. When Blaks recognize and end their Self-Denial /emotional suppression, then and only then will Blaks be able to effectively and permanently stop Albinos and any other people from denying them. (Genocide is the ultimate form of this denying.) The same is true for Albinos; only when Albinos end their Self-Denial /suppression of true feelings, can they overcome the apparent threats to their survival. For our exterior world only reflects our internal world back to ourself. With Self-Denial, we give away our Power. By ending Self-Denial we can reclaim our Power.

Page 33

Your Denials diminish you.
They cause your essence to fragment from you. Denial also helps keep you unconscious and quite blind to the truth, blind to Reality. It distorts, perverts one's behavior. As long as Denial (especially of relevant things) is practiced, one cannot heal and will always be in pain and fear ­though these feelings, too, may be denied and suppressed. But they still quietly /adversely affect our behavior. Even worse, they rob us of light / Power / energy ­the very energy required to heal ourselves and heal the situation which is causing us to deny!

Say NO to self-sacrifice. It is imperative that people discard the pattern of self-sacrifice. "Nothing can be denied and sacrificed in favor of anything else because it takes all the parts to make the whole that can live. Rage has understood this all along, but it has been told it was being ugly and selfish. No one has wanted to listen to it. Rage has a lot to say, and the more you let it move, the more you will know what it is."1

Pain points to the Denial in ourselves, to trigger it
so we can move (vent) the emotions that are being denied.

Pain points to the holes in our wholeness, so that the triggered emotions move /vent and can heal this whole, the Whole. Pain is nothing more than Imbalance.

Indicators of denied feelings
When you suppress feelings, the following build up:
..... resentment......guilt................blame........ ....stress
..... fear............. ...terror.......... ... anger..... . .....rage
..... habit...............judgement.......boredom... ....pain

Emotional Cleansing / Release
Like your physical body, your emotional body also gets clogged up ­with stored, unreleased, frozen, suppressed emotions and pain. In the same way our physical colon carry much hardened waste which continuously poisons our body, likewise our psyche carries a burden of negative suppressed emotions which need to be expressed and thereby released. When we HOLD painful /negative emotions and NOT RELEASE them, they accumulate within and poison us, even harming our Body. Emotions are normal and healthy. You cleanse your emotional body by getting in touch with your repressed emotions: anger, pain, fear, resentment, etc., then expressing (venting) the emotion using the sound of your voice along with physical movement (allowing your body to move any way it wants; kick, jump, crawl, rock, swing, scream, beat up a pillow but do not hurt yourself or others).

The emotional pain you hold within and do not release will often manifest in your body as ulcers, fibroid tumors, heart problems, kidney problems, and other dis-eases. These repressed emotions, being magnetic, also attract what we may consider to be undesirable events into our lives.

1) DeRohan, OC-II, 61, 62.

Page 34

Really, the purpose for these unpleasant events are to provide an opportunity for us to have an emotional release /defecation. If we do the emotional release ourselves, on our own, we can avoid attracting an event that forces a release. This is akin to fasting and thereby avoiding getting sick, for fasting and being sick are two effective ways the body release toxins and negative energy.

To restore /get back your full Power,
get your Emotions in Motion!

Let your Will move. To the degree that you move (shake, vent, release) your repressed, frozen, held emotions, you regain a proportionate amount of your lost light (Power).
"Getting your emotions in motion will connect you to the reality of Original Cause in your own Will."1

Two simple exercises
For full details /instructions, see pages 116-117 of Right Use of Will.
1) The first step to healing your Will and recovering your lost Power: Recognizing your own Denial is the first step. Recognize every feeling and thought you would otherwise push away or ignore. You need to accept everything that is there with you and give it release so it can tell you what it needs and wants.

2) How to see your own Denial in outward reality
Look at everything that is happening in the world and let all your feelings about it come up.
Express them with yourself at first and find out what they really are.
Then allow yourself to take any action you feel will improve your own situation on Earth.
Notice everything you feel in relationship to taking action. Express these emotions. Do not push yourself into action before you feel ready.
"If you need to release emotions in advance of taking any action, do that. Start with something simple that you feel you can do. For example, you might start by telling someone who is talking to you for longer than you want to listen that you have to end the conversation. Tell them exactly when you feel it should end and do not give them an untrue excuse for ending it. This has not been consider polite in many circles, but I want to point out that manners are based on denial. The acceptance of true feelings does not require any manners at all because the attunement is perfect. You will find this out by trying it."

1) DeRohan, OC-II, 39, 114.

Page 35

You can do it!
The process of ending your denial and restoring yourself to your full consciousness and personal Power is not simple but neither is it too hard for you to do. It can happen quite quickly if you really dedicated yourself to it. The first thing you will notice as you start releasing your emotional blockage is a greater ease with yourself. Then you will begin feeling things you did not know you felt, and you will also have feelings that come up from other lives. Then your seeing and hearing will expand, and you will get information from feeling, seeing and hearing that you were not getting before. The appearance of your Body will start to change. This will all be gradual at first but will increase as you can handle it. If you want, ask Me to help you with all of this. I will speak directly to you when you can accept Me."1

If you are expressing something that is passing through you, it does not mean that this is what you are or what you are becoming. It means that you are letting your Will move.

"There is no faster way to heal unlovingness on Earth than to feel your own hating, blaming rage move until you understand it and learn how to evolve it. ..Hating others for what you feel sure you would never do yourself is your starting Point. Let yourself hate them and let this hatred move in you until you are able to know that it is really you out there and no one else giving you the reflection of what you have not found acceptable in yourself. ..Recognizing these patterns intellectually is not going to move them enough to stop what is happening on Earth. You need to move through anger and into the kind of rage that works you like a bellows to move the essence that has been denied here. You need to move rage until you feel its loving presence as essence that seeks to protect you from threats to your own survival."2

Police-State America,
created and fueled by our Self-Denials.

As long as you believe you must accept something whether you like it or not, you are overriding your own Free Will. If you are doing this to yourself, you are opening the door for others to do it to you.
"Will denial on Earth is so substantial that most people feel afraid to allow the direct expression of any emotion at all, and usually apologize when they do express emotion. Guilt's punishment for emotional expression runs from being labeled infantile all the way to being killed for expressing emotion."3

Americans (all colors) are tolerating the ongoing encroachment upon their "rights" (i.e., "Wills"). This is paving the way for the ultimate doing-away of all our "civil liberties" (i.e., our Wills) turning America into a police-state, and making us robots conforming to the will of the Controllers.

1) DeRohan, RU, 120. 2) DeRohan, OC-II, 60, 61. 3) DeRohan, RU, 64; OC-II, 142

Page 36

Blak neighborhoods are already police-states ­and have been so from the beginning!) You can only be overpowered by another if you give up some of your Power so that they then appear to have more. Personal Power on Earth is seriously unbalanced. We have been pushed to the wall. Overpowering has taken place because of Self-Denial, and individual Power is lost when parts of the self are placed in Denial. When Self-Denial ends, overpowering will end also.

"Heavy denial by others means serious lack of acceptance in the self. This is hard for the Ronalokas [Blak People, i.e., "Gold Light Spirits"] to accept because they cannot see themselves as causal here. ...The best advice I can give the Gold Light Spirits now is to move [vent] the feelings they really have, and let go of the facade they have for so long felt they had to have, because internal change is the most important part of the way to finding change in outer reality. After all, the Gold Light Spirits prefer making love to fighting anyway and need to do some serious work on increasing their self-love and self-acceptance."1

Do periodic Emotional Releasing
Emotions are magnetic. Held emotion attracts to the holder what is being held. If release is practiced, then the emotions are ex-pressed (out-pressed), then no negative stuff is being attracted. Currently around the world, Blaks are attracting and experiencing mega genocide (via "silent weapons" such as AIDS, drugfood, crack, etc.). We need to express our fear of this and our anger at God about this, etc. Then we become clear...after emotional releases. Then the Divine Power can readily flow through us, giving us the strength, insights, Power, direction, instruction, funds, whatever we need, to overcome all threats our existence, including the Albinos (white people).

Blaks need to move (vent) their rage (especially) and emotions about anything ­including "being Blak" (self hatred). Have tantrums about what you want which you are not getting. Blaks need to move their emotion in conjunction with doing their "Blak liberation activities" so that the results of their efforts towards Blak liberation will be effective and permanent. Most of the gains of the Blak Liberation Movement of the 1960s have been basically undone or neutralized. Hence, Blaks are essentially no better off, in fact worse off! The true reason for this is because during the Blak marches /protests, Blak people held back their true feelings; they did not express their true feeling /emotions. This means we protested "in the presence of Denial." Anythang "done in the presence of Denial" does not last (!); is not effective or successful. It will go into reversal and become undone or get even worse than before. Practicing Right Use of Will ensures that the progress we manifest will stay manifested. Albinos and other non-Afrikan people also need to move (vent) their suppressed emotions! This is the key to Humanity's Quantum Healing.

1) DeRohan, OC-II, 142.

The 8-Book DeRohan Series

The 8-Book DeRohan Series

The 8-Book DeRohan Series :
Right Use of Will
2) Original Cause I
3) Original Cause II
4) Earth Spell
5) Heart Song
6) Land Of Pan
7) Imprinting
8) Indigo
These books are a series and need to be read as such. Getting ready for the sequels involves moving along with the material in Right Use of Will enough to know if this information is right for you. These books let you know your Original Cause by helping you access belief systems lost in the subconscious long ago, yet influencing your life every day.

The Will has for so long on Earth been misunderstood, judged against, disciplined, punished and denied that most people no longer even know what the Will is. Many are now calling positive thinking by the mind Will power.

The Will is the Mother Principle of God and is experienced as intuition, feeling, emotion, receptivity and desire. It is the feminine aspect of our nature


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