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Special Releases


From Upcoming Volumes of Blacked Out Through Whitewash

You "Come-to-Power"
Only When You

by SuZar


Power is at the Point. Exudes, shoots, radiates from the Point, as shown by Kirlian photographs of pyramids. Only when the spellbound Parent Race of HuHuManity (especially the BLAK Woman, its Mother), "Comes-To-A-Point," will it "Come-To-Power." Regain its hijacked power, hence be able to resteer the world from Planetcide. The Point is the Intersection of Life's two Polarities. This Intersection is where "Creation Happens." The Center-Point is supposed to be BLAK, like the eye-Pupil. When the PupilCenter is white it is a "DEAD center." Cannot generate Power, thus is a Vampire. Like no other people, Blaks have been /are being vampirised for their abundant Power. Revelations, insights, solutions. (v4, #38)

Special Release from Volume 4 of Blacked Out Through Whitewash


  • You "Come-to-Power" only when you "Come-to-a-Point" 6
  • What is THE POINT? 8
  • Kamit's Royal Crown(s) is the Point Disguised 13
  • Crossing & Mal /Reverse-Crossing
    = Power-Giving or Power-Sapping 14
  • You can't make or achieve anything if you can't "Come-to-a-Point" 15
  • What is THE POWER? 17
  • Albinos (whites) are always trying to prevent Blaks from
    collectively "Coming-to-a-Point" hence Coming-to-Power! 19
  • How Albinos prevent Blaks from collectively
    Coming-to-a-Point hence Coming-to-Power 20
  • Keeping Women from Coming-to-a-Point hence, Coming-to-Power 25
  • How high-whites prevent low-whites
    from collectively Coming-to-a-Point 26
  • Blaks endanger themselves in
    forming ANY unions with Albinos 27
  • With the Devil, things don't Come-to-a-Point! 28
  • There is no Power in the "DEAD Center"
    of the "WHITE Point" except stolen Power 29
  • White PUPIL is pathological.
    Albinos' "White Pupil" is a "dead" center 29
  • 33 Conspicuous but Unnoticed Manifestations of Albinos'
    "White Pupil" or "Dead Center" or WHITE Point...UnPoint 30
  • Albinos infected with this VampireIllness means
    they can't Come-to-a-Point except by Quantum Theft 36
  • For Albinos Who Choose Survival-Life... 39
  • What is Blak People's Problem?
    "6 Ds" keeping them in "the Great Spell" 40
  • Instructions for "Coming-to-a-Point" hence Coming-to-Power 44
  • Rebirthing Our Heart-in-BALANCE
    Makes Us New-Beings...Nubians 67


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books art order vibralator 666 3skor space lynx
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