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Excerpts from SuZar's
How the BiBLE & DollarBill are a Great 555­666­777
Special Release from upcoming Volume 3 of
Blacked Out Through Whitewash:
" Resurrecting Bab-El, the Book of Books of Books"

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Back to 5 or "Christ-Moses the Jesus"

King Oji as MOSESRemember, 5 represents the Capstone of the Great Pyramid. This is the real reason Moses is so special! Moses as author of the 5-book "Pentateuch" = Moses as CAPstone of the 5-pointed Great Pyramid! The Pentateuch of 5 books represents the Great Pyramid of 5 Points --- and Moses is its Capstone. Thus, the Bible begins with the Capstone of the Pyramid by having MOSES as the first personal name appearing in the Bible: "The First Book of Moses Called Genesis." Moses is a version of Christ the MESSiah. (Yes he's a MESS too). Name "MOSes" is from the same Afrakan root as the words "Messiah" and "Mason." All three are from Kamite MES, meaning chief, top, head, crest, master. The letters of all three words (Moses, Messiah, Mason) are found in the Great Seal and Dollar Bill (minus Great Seal). Disguisedly, Moses is Pharaoh, again the Capstone. Pharaoh's daughter raised him as her son (Exo. 2:10). The name Moses is generic, being the suffix (ENDing) of the titles of Kamite Pharaohs (such as ThutMOSES, RaMESES, AhMESES). Thus, Moses and Christ are two versions of the Capstone of the Great Pyramid. The Bible even calls Christ the Capstone by referring to him as "the chief CORNER stone" and "the stone...HEAD of the CORNER" (1Peter 2:6, 7). Head and Chief mean Topmost. Chief cornerstone = Capstone of the Pyramid. This is also why Crest means TOP.

CHRIST and CHREST are two versions of the same word from Egyptian Karast. Hence, Moses is one with Christ. Both share top traits (see next page "Comparative Chart of Christ Moses and Christ Jesus") because really, they are the same Sun, SU-n, Su-El, Soul, Sol...Capstone-Eye-Pupil (Pup-El) of the Great Pyramid. Christ the Son/Sun of God in Heaven; Moses the Sun/Son of Pharaoh who represents God on Earth. This is the real reason the Bible calls Christ the SUN of Righteousness, Shiloh (from same roots as SOLar), and "Light of the World"...a perfect description of the SUN. No wonder Moses and Christ both literally glowed like the Sun when each of them came back down from a mountain. The "skin of Moses' face shone" (Exo. 34:29, 30, 35). And Christ was "transfigured ...and his face did shine as the sun" (Mat. 17:2). Moses even appeared in Christ's "transfiguration" (Mat. 17:3, 4).


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Really, what's happening in both stories is that each Messiah is a version of the "EL" that connects with the "BAB" to generate POWER. Both stories are an example of the Bab-El as a Power Generator! Moses and Christ each represent "EL" (Phallus) as the Masculine Principle. The "mountain" they each visited represent "Bab" (Yoni) as the Feminine Principle. Mountains are traditionally regarded feminine by all the world's indigenous cultures. The very name of Mount "Sinai" (visited by Moses) is feminine, meaning (and being a version of Afraka's) "Mountain of the Moon." Whenever the "El" connects with "Bab," the result is Power Generation! That's why Messiah-El-Moses and Messiah-El-Christ came down from the Mountain literally glowing light like the Sun! If you can see it, they (really, "he") had "SEX"...with The Great Mamma. More evidence for this: both, Moses (the Dark Thum or Twin) and Christ (the Bright Thum or Twin) each "sat on a well" and interfaced with a woman to get "water" (Exo. 2:15, 16; John 4:5-7, 18...). The well (from same root as hole) is an ancient symbol for the Yoni and vaginal canal. Both, Moses and Christ "sat on" the same well, located on the "mountain" of SYChar /SHEChem (from same root as SEX, SIX), symbol of the Great Mother's Well of Living Water of Eternal Life (=Uri) (see BOTW page 195). Moses & Christ are a version of the THUMMIM or Twins (from biblical phrase, "Urim and the Thummim"), as are the freestanding "two pillars" before Solomon's Temple. This originates from the two OBELISKS before the entrance of Kamite Temples. These two "ELs" are the two ends of the "Pole" or Axis of Earth; and the two Suns (rising & setting). Moses is the old, bearded, setting Sun (Dark Sun or Sun in Amenta underworld) ... appropriately in the "Old" Testament. That's why he constantly hides his shinning face with a veil (Exo. 34:30, 33-35). Christ is the new, rising or Bright Sun... appropriately in the "New" Testament.

"ChristMoses" = ChristMas!
Moses is bible's first personal name; Christ is bible's last personal name. Christ says first shall be last, last shall be first. Following these instructions, placing these 2 names together, switched, we get CHRIST-MOSES..... = Christ-Mas! We arrive here by another route as well. Both "names" really are titles. Prefix-title-Christ goes at the beginning while suffix-title-MOSES goes at the end, hence another path to ChristMoses.

ChristMoses /ChristMas is a
form of the Mason COMPASS-SQUARE!
... as follows: MOSES is MOSAS in cOMpASS. CHRIST is QRAS in SQuARe. Compass-Moses 'wandered around' in the desert for decades. Square-Christ was hung on a Cross, which is an inverted Square ( the lines of the Square, inverted, creates the Cross!). In Suzar's 666 Exposé Series, you'll get overwhelming evidence, among other things, that the entire Bible, Koran, Torah are mason books, Masonic to the bone. All the top mason words and names occur in the Bible.


In the Europeanized PISO-ed Bible, the PYRAMID is REVERSED, like everything else in the same book. All the AFRAKAN ORIGINALS which its stories are plagiarized from, are all reversed in the Bible. The original Pyramid-prototype in Egypt had a jet BLAK CAPstone and its base (sides) were dazzling WHITE polished limestone. Hence, if Moses and Christ are each a version of the Capstone, there would also be biblical evidence indicating this REVERSAL. There is... as follows...

Pyramid-Christ's White Top and Blak Base:
Though only 33 years old, YOUNG CHRIST's HEAD and HAIRS were snow WHITE ­but his FEET were apparently jet BLACK:

Rev. 1:14: His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow ...
Rev. 1:15: And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace...

Pyramid-Moses' White Top and Blak Base:
OLD MOSES' HAND would turn WHITE ("leprous"), then back to his "other flesh." How is a HAND a "capstone"? His hand only got white when placed "into his bosom." The "BOSOM" = HEART = CENTER. If you are over /above the Pyramid and looking down upon it, the pyramid's CAPstone is at the Heart=Center (resembling a square with an X filling it). Also, your hand balled into a FIST resembles the basic shape of the Pyramid. Like the Pyramid it also has five points (fingas). After reinserting his hand, Moses' WHITE hand would turn back to the color of his "other flesh." This part represents the darkness aspect, as does being hidden-in-a-bosom. The color of his "other flesh" was his stable hence base color. Sable. Blak. For he lived in the desert, daily exposed to intense sunlight, and he was mistaken as an "Egyptian" (Afrakan).

Exo. 4:6: And the LORD said furthermore unto him, Put now thine hand into thy bosom. And he put his hand into his bosom: and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous [=WHITE] as snow.
Exo. 4:7: And he said, Put thine hand into thy bosom again. And he put his hand into his bosom again; and plucked it out of his bosom, and, behold, it was turned again as his other flesh.

The previous is the HEAD and HAND, same cited in Revelation as the FOREHEAD and RIGHTHAND. In the bible's PunCode, "forehead" = 4head/quarter-head, foremost head, FurHead. Christ be all of them:

  • ForemostHead Christ is the Capstone, also the "King (foremost head!) of Kings" with "many crowns" on his "head" (Rev 19:12).
  • FurHead Christ is the BEAST with a very FurryFuzzy Head, for he da LION of Juda. Lions gotta big FurryHead. As "a man", FurHead Christ is the NAZARite with long unshorn dredlocks or a big bushy Afro.
  • 4Head-QuarterHead Christ is the truer representation. The original Christ was and still is the SUN of Goddess and God...and there4 depicted with the astronomical /astrological "Cross of the Four Corners" behind him. Earlier european portraits nearly always show the Cross behind him.

And Moses. He performed his FEETS, I mean feats with his HAND /rod in his HAND / stretching FORTH (FOURTH, 4th) his HAND and causing awful and awesome things to happen. No wonder, for he was a Magician, trained in Afrakan High Science (Egyptian magic, "Voodoo"). More details another time.

See the section on "G--M". The Mason-PISO GM. Gesus Ghrist is the big "G". Letta C is equivalent to G. Moses is the big M. And he was a M-agician.


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