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Excerpts from SuZar's
BAB-ELs (Bibles) ­Creation's Unrecognized Power Generators
Special Release from upcoming Volume 3 of
Blacked Out Through Whitewash:
" Resurrecting Bab-El, the Book of Books of Books"
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Pages 34, 35

Other evidence (names) indicating
the feminine identity of Ark-Ur
(the "Sphinx")

  • Akar, Mount Sinai: In the Bible, Akar is Abraham's concubine Hagar /Agar, who is called "Mt. Sinai" in Galatians 4:24. Mt. Sinai or Mountain of the Moon is a copy of Afraka's Mountain of the Moon. "Sin" is derived from Kamite SHEN (circle, orbit, period, twofold), source of the words SENnate, CENtury. Sin is one with Zin, Zion, Sion. Shen also means to bend, turn, deflect, twist and turn, and "the point of turning in the circle, and place of the equinox." [BB2, 115] The Shennu ring (shennu, to wrap around) was a symbol of the Precession or Circle of Eternity ("seven eternals"). The "shennu" is the proper name of the so-called "cartouche." Mount Sinai was Egyptian. "The deities who were worshipped on it were likewise Egyptian. It was the seat of Hathor." [AE 677] Mount Sinai was a copy of Kamit's Mount Sheni in the Kamite astronomical mythology. As the point of Turning and Returning, Mount Sheni was the Mount of the Equinox, hence, also the Mount of the Two Lions. Related names for Mount Sheni were:
    ­ The Mountain of Amenta (Mountain of Maat/Truth) [AE 679]
    "Thus saith the LORD; I am returned unto Zion, and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem: and Jerusalem shall be called a city of truth [Maat]; and the mountain of the LORD of hosts the holy mountain" (Zech 8:3).
    ­ The Mount of Turning and Returning
    In the plagiarized reworked story, Mount Sinai was the point at which the Israelites turned their course; turned away from God to worship the calf (Taurus):
    "And the LORD said unto Moses, Go, get thee down; for thy people, which thou broughtest out of the land of Egypt, have corrupted themselves: They have turned aside quickly out of the way which I commanded them: they have made them a molten calf, and have worshipped it" (Exo. 32:7, 8).


    Shennu Ring




  • LionsXerefu & Akeru: They are twin lions, likely derived from or identified with the double lions of Akar. As the two-faced Goddess of Birth and Death (like the rising and setting sun), the "Sphinx" sometimes looked in two opposite directions, with two heads and two foreparts. This image or glyph was called Xerefu and Akeru, "The Lions of Yesterday and Today," similar to the Great Mother's Greek designation of Alpha and Omega. Thus, the double headed "sphinx" is a symbol of Time. (Apparently, Xerefu = Serif [fire /light], and Akeru = Akar [dark underword], hence, from the darkness/sunset to the light of sunrise.)
    Mount Sheni, addressed earlier, was the Mount of the Equinox, hence also the Mount of the Two Lions (Lionesses?). [AE 676] These double lions are likely Xerefu & Akeru. Massey wrote: "The mount of the horizon in the equinox was the place of the two lions called the Sheniu, which also tend to identify the mount with Sinai. These two lions, the two kherufu or kherubs that support the sun upon the horizon, are repeated in the two cherubim that were portrayed upon the ark of testimony." [AE 671]
  • Neter Ua: According to the noted historian Albert Churchward, a contemporary of Gerald Massey, the "Sphinx" was erected as a monument to "The One Great God," and the "Seven Glorious Ones." [Churchward SS 381]. In another book we learn that "The One Great God" is a title of the Great Mamma as Goddess Neith. Neter Aa means "Great God." Neter Ua means " 'The God One'; Neith, the Great God." [Budge 403]
  • Hu: is the Sphinx at Gizeh. While "Hu" was also a name of Heru (Horus), "Huhu" means "the primeval watery mass whence came everything." [Budge 469a] This undoubtedly refers to The Great Mamma, who was also known as The Great Water or the NUN, the Cosmic Ocean called "outer space" by Europeans.

Pages 36, 37 (With Addendums)

Ark-Ur (the "Sphinx")
is Virgo & Leo Combined

Opposing Signs,LeoVirgo PiscesAquarius
The "Sphinx" is a fusion of Virgo and Leo! The various images of a Goddess shown with a Lion are all Hathor... the so-called Sphinx. Which is Virgo and Leo fused! The original beginning (Virgo) and end (Leo) of the "Zodiac." These ancient images include Goddess Qadesh of Kamit and the Near East (nude Goddess standing on a Lion), Goddess Durga of India (warrior Goddess riding a Lion) and Tibet's Senge Dong-Ma, lion-headed dakini, "Guardian of the Secret Tantric Teachings."

Examples of Lion-Goddess Hathor (so-called Sphinx) in various forms in various cultures...
Qadesh1 Qadesh2

Hathor as Qadesh, the Syrian fertility goddess with phallic Min. Note the Hathor crown and headdress. She stands on a lion, holding a serpent and ears of grain

Hathor bronze

  Hathor with Cat and Serpents: Egyptian Bronze Handle, 1000-300 BC. Originally the handle of a bronze sistrum or mirror. Both sides of similar design with the torso or the Goddess Hathor flanked by two uraeus cobras and wearing an ornate headdress on which sits a little cat. 6.8". (edgarlowen.com/a44ane.html)  

Tibet's Hathor, Senge Dong-Ma

Hathor as Durga of India

Hathor as Tibet's Senge Dong-Ma, lion-headed dakini, "Guardian of the Secret Tantric Teachings

 Hathor as LionGoddess Durga of India

Nubian deity Ampedek, 3lion

Nubian deity Ampedek, having 3 lion heads and multiple arms. Tho called "he" by writers, this deity's 3 lionheads have no lion mane, and s/he wears apparent feminine attire (men are not shown dressed like this).

Kamite (Egyptian) civilization is the daughter of Nubia, which came from the TWA (derogatorily called "Pygmies"). This is why Kamit's oldest deities are represented "small." Such as PTAH, whose name give us PETITE. And BES who is undeniably Twa. Bes is the only Kamite God which Albinoes have not tried to europeanize. Instead, they call him an "ugly dwarf." French author Hallet wrote "The Egyptians placed their ancestral paradise in the hearth of Pygmy territory at the source of the Nile." (pg 116, Pygmy Kitabu; BOTW v1 pg 19). Hallet calls the Pygmies "little whites"!


BES,  Twa/Kamite deity

Twa God Bes in same pose as Hathor-Qadesh

What does Ark-Ur /
"SphinxVirgoLeo" really mean?

Ark Ur the "Sphinx" -- as a fusion of Virgo and Leo, is an ageless icon for the entire AstroWheel ("Zodiac"), for Virgo and Leo are the two "tips" of the AstroWheel. Hence, Ark-Ur is a symbol or icon of The Beginning and End Connected, hence, a symbol of Eternity (the circle). And a type of the "serpent biting its tail," (another icon for Eternity). And a type of the hexagram, as I will soon explain. And lastly, Ark-Ur is a Grand Marker symbolizing the Precession itself. The stele of Tahtmes relates that this monument was built to commemorate the sacred place of creation or literally, "of the first time," a Kamite expression used for The Creation or "in the beginning." [AE 337] Therefore this imposing majestic monument was apparently created, at the earliest, 13,000 years ago to commemorate "the first time" or beginning of the Precession (Great Year or cycle of 26,000 years, the time it takes for the AstroWheel to make one complete turn)..

They say Ark-Ur was painted red "for unknown reasons." Now we know the probable reason: RED is depicted with Hathor; her crown has a big red disk. Her attire is often dominated with red colors.


Ark-Ur is a Hexagram
How? Through its "tips." Ark-Ur is an ancient Afrakan name of the "Sphinx." [Temple SM 180] Ark-Ur means "The End of the Beginning Connected with the Beginning of the End." What a great way to say "Eternity" or eternal cycling! Among other things in Egyptian, ark means the front and hind "tips" of a ship. Thus, Ark-Ur signifies "the tips," or Hexagrambeginning and end "points" connected. A "tip" or "point" is the triangle. The hexagram is two triangles connected , hence is a symbol of joining /connection. Ark-Ur personifies this. When the "female tip" of Virgo unites with the "male tip" of Leo, this produces a type of hexagram.

Egyptian ARK/ARKI means...

Hence, "Ark-Ur" is a way of saying "archetype" :

--- arki, last day of old cycle. --- tepi, first day of new cycle.


Yes this sounds like "archetype," for these words (arki, tepi) are the Afrakan source of the word "archetype." (To mute this evidence, European books spell "arki" with a Q, hence "arqi.") And yes, Ark-Ur personifies the Great Archetype or Starting Point! Starting point means "the first time." Thus, Ark-Ur is a timeless monument of Time uniting the two "tips" (Virgo & Leo). Signifying "eternity" or eternal cycling-of the Great Wheel of Life (called the "Zodiac"). Significantly, the first Ark was the Womb of the Great Mamma. "The ark is a type of the female" wrote Massey. Not surprisingly, the "Ark of the ArkUr ("spinx") headCovenant" is also a Bab-El, complete with connecting "tips" disguised as the cherub wings!

ArkUr ("Sphinx") body

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