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Excerpts from SuZar's
The Great BLAK MAMMA of Creation
Special Release from upcoming Volume 2 of
Blacked Out Through Whitewash:
" ReThroning Creation's Great
Blak Mamma & the Blak Woman
Blak Mamma

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No Wonder "MA" Means Mother
in All Languages!

Around the world in all languages, the word for MOTHER is "MA" or has a prominent "M" sound. The fact that "MA" is "the" universal word for MOTHER indicates that the most fundamental name of The Great Blak Mamma of the Universe could not be suppressed! And in nearly every known language, "Ma-Ma" means "mother's breasts." The linguistic universality of "MA" proves two things:
1) The Great Mamma's global, worldwide pre-eminence. She was dearly loved, revered by ancient Humanity. MA is a huge hunk of evidence pointing towards the original FEMALE identity of the Supreme Being!
2) The global pervasiveness of Afrakan Culture, which civilized the whole world. The word MA is a huge hunk of evidence pointing to the Afrakan origin of all languages and civilization. This is the most widespread evidence because it is right at the HEART of the MAT-TER [Mother]. And in Egyptian, MA also means TRUTH (MA-at)!

Etymology of MA
MA is from the Afrakan word "MA," found in nearly all the Afrakan languages, and it means Mother. In Egyptian, MA also means Truth, Eye, Water (a major symbol of the Feminine Principle). Ma, MaMa, Mah, Maha, Mu, Mana, Mem, Mata and numerous other variations are found everywhere in names and titles of The Great Mamma Of The Universe.

Etymology of MOTHER
Consider: the letters M and N are often synonymous and one with each other. Kamite M and N have the same value at times; Mu and Nu both denote Water. Therefore, the Kamite word NETER or NUTER is also equivalent to Mater, Muter, Mother! In Egyptian we find Mut and Nut as primal names for the Great Mother of the Universe.
NETER was the name of the Ultimate Supreme Being, and She was Female even though lying white male writers translate Her as a He, hence "God." Neter is Goddess, and the source of the word Nature. Despite their attempt to suppress this Great Truth, Neter ­as "Nature"­ is still called "MOTHER Nature"! Mother Nature (Neter) is the Feminine Power that creates and nurtures. The Kamite word MUT means Mother and is another Afrakan source for the word.

Derivatives include:
Maternal, Medicine, Math, Mathematics, Middle, Medium, Medusa, Maat, "Metu Neter" (a name combining both!), Moat, huMID, Mouth (Mouth is the Mother as the mouth of the uterus. Both, mouth and Uterus are perpetually WET inside).

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"M" is even the symbol
for Virgo, the Celestial Great Mother
It could not be suppressed or obscured that the 6th astrological constellation is blatantly The Great Mother. Originally, all the astrological "signs" had conspicuous feminine attributes. But like nearly everything else of The Mother, the "Zodiac" has been masculinized or stripped of most of its female attributes by the Mother-Haters. And significantly, "M" is the 13th letter. Slandered 13 is especially The Mother's Number...Her 3-in-1 Nature, along with number 7. The real reason "7" is so special and revered and regarded "lucky" is because 7 is the midpoint of 13. Therefore 13 in fact, is the LUCKiest of numbers! Word LUCKY itself is from one of the Great Mother's names. Its Afrakan root (LEK /REK as in RICh, REGal, LIGht) is found in LUXOR ( a luxurious Afrakan temple in Kamit), Goddess LAKsmi of India (Goddess of WEALTH), and gaLAXy, LACt (meaning milk).

The full doublecrown worn by Goddess MUT (source of word MOTther) is Blacked Out Through MALEwash by being cropped completely off (LEFT) in Egyptian picture-books by Europeans. This reflects what has been done and is still being done to The Great Blak Mamma and Blak women ­really all women. Only in an old out-of-print book by an indigenous Afrakan was the full uncropped picture available

(RIGHT), showing Queen Mother Goddess wearing the full doublecrown usually found only on the head of male pharaohs. Now we see that WOMEN also wore this crown!

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Why are the names of the
world's Virgin Mothers identical?

The names of the Virgin Mothers of the world's many crucified risen saviors (see chapter 10 & 11 of BOTW) are nearly identical. Why? Because they were all patterned from one Afrakan original. They all have a common Afrakan source in the word MER, meaning Water and Love, giving us such words as MARine, MARitime, MERmaid, MERge, MARRy, aMORous.

The Virgin Mother signifies VIRGO, the constellation of the Great Mother as the Celestial Virgin, the "woman clothed with the sun" in Rev. 12:1. The Afrakan Goddess MERI / Hathor-Meri was the prototype of Virgin Mary and all the Virgin Mothers. Her son was Heru, the prototype for all the world's 25 (or more) crucified, risen saviors:

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Patriarchy's suppression and devilization of Creation's Great Blak Mamma is a major part of the Great War on The Great Mamma, hence on all women and things Feminine, hence a war on HuHuManity, Earth and all life. No wonder this precious planet Earth and all its inhabitants are on an accelerating course to extinction. If we wanna survive, heal, live, have a future for our children and their children and their children, it is imperative that HuHuManity RESTORE the Great Mother, Blak Mamma of Creation. Put the Female back into the equation for She is the Source of Life. The Blak Woman, being the Mother of HuHuManity, especially needs to do this! As this occurs then the necessary actions required for HuHuManity's and Earth's survival will take place.


A Recent Admission By "God"?

"The Great Mother is the primal feminine force that draws Light through me and into existence. Her Desire opens space for Creation to exist, and she sustains and nurtures everything within it. She is the reason that anything exists, including me, for Desire draws me and my Light out of Nothing."

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