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Excerpts from SuZar's
The Great BLAK MAMMA of Creation
Special Release from upcoming Volume 2 of
Blacked Out Through Whitewash:
" ReThroning Creation's Great
Blak Mamma & the Blak Woman
Blak Mamma

Page 13

Thus, Mamma God was worshipped first. Especially as planet Earth, most revered by all the ancient indigenous civilizations. The Great Mamma as Mother Earth was the first great terrestrial deity. Earth was conceived of as the fertile Mother of all things, the Womb of Life. She still IS your ..Great Provider; EVERYTHANG you got is from the Mamma Earth! ­including your Body. Think about it! Earth was considered an Island ­or Altar / Mountain­ in the Great Nun (Mamma's Ocean of Space; outer space was called the Cosmic Ocean). The Chinese still call the altar a mound.

"Ta-Urt-Mut" (or Ta-Ur-Mut) is one of the most ancient names of the Great Mamma. [AE 376, 664] In this Kamite name, you can recognize the Afrakan source of the words Earth (Urt) and Mother (Mut). Also Terra (Ta-Ur, Ta-Ru), an ancient name for Earth. The altar-mound is a figure of Earth amidst the Nun.

Historian Gerald Massey wrote:

"The earth was thought of as a mount amid the firmamental water, and to image this they [the "primitive mound builders," Afrakans, indigenous peoples] would naturally raise a mound of earth. ...the heap of earth had acquired a sacred character...had become a kind of altar mound piled up with offerings of food. And such a figure we find in Ara, the southern altar or the altar mound. The earliest altar raised had been the mound of earth, and this was used to typify the mount of earth." [AE 270]

Pages 14 & 15, with additions

America's Pyramids are largely
Monuments to Creation's Great Mamma.
What? ...Pyramids in America !!?

Even to this day, hundreds of thousands of ancient prehistoric "mounds" of incredible variety and shapes still survive around the world! Especially in north America. Many of these "mounds" are actually 4-sided PYRAMIDS with flat tops. The abundant evidence is disguised by calling them "MOUNDS." Calling these pyramids "mounds" is a way (ploy!) of obscuring them ­obscuring the Blak Evidence. For these so-called mounds and other massive remains of the ancient Blak Washitaw Empire is one of the best kept archaeological secrets in the country. Other monuments are conic-pyramids, step-pyramids, animal-shaped effigies, long embankments, fortifications and precise geometric configurations. Some sites form gigantic solar clocks, stellar calendars, seasonal calculators and sacred burials grounds. In fact, archaeologists have found ancient skeletons measuring 7 to 9 feet in height in tombs under some mounds. At one time the eastern half of north America was covered with ancient earthen and yes, stone monuments. There may have been millions of these before European invasion and systematic destruction. The stones of the stone monuments were stolen and used to build the buildings of European conquest /expansion. Exactly like the Arabs did to the surface stones of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. Apparently the only surviving stone pyramid in the United States is part of a complex of stone buildings, all UNDERWATER in an Illinois lake; that's why it survived! [reported in Ancient American Magazine ] Presently, tens of thousands of Ancient Monuments of Earth exist all over the United States. There are many more --including megalithic (huge-stone) monuments throughout the world. They are largely monuments to Creation's Great Blak Mamma. For they are the remains of the Global EarthMamma-Honoring Culture that "Patriarchy" has nearly completely destroyed. ReThroning The Great Blak Mamma and thereby, respect for Women -- especially the Blak Woman, Mother of HuHuManity-- is the key to the Survival of Earth and HuHuManity.

Serpentine Mound
Great Serpent Mound (near Hillsboro, Ohio) measures about 1/4 mile (0.4 kilometer) long. Photo by Tony Linck

Pyramid at Moundville Park, near Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Two views
of the great
pyramid at Cahokia:

Larger than the Great Pyramid of Egypt, this flat-top pyramid --misnamed "Monk's Mound"-- is the largest of over 100 pyramids (so-called "mounds") near Cahokia, Illinois.

Covering 5 acres,
Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, England, is one of countless ancient "mounds" throughout Europe and the world, built by ancient Blaks called the "Mound Builders."

Stonehenge, in England, is a giant Clock and Calendar, built eons ago by "small Africoid people." Documented by a European in The Testimony of Tradition, by David MacRitchie.

China has hundreds of pyramids! This pyramid (LEFT) in China is the largest of hundreds of pyramids in China. (Here is another link to pyramids in china). It is larger than the Great Pyramid in Egypt and is the largest Pyramid in the world. The Chinese Government denies their existence, and has even rechanneled a river to flood out many of these ancient monuments. Like the Europeans, the Chinese apparently are also in denial of, and uncomfortable with their Blak Afrakan roots. Are the Chinese also mistreating their indigenous Blaks, the Na-Khis? Photo (right) by H. Hausdorf.
Hence, it is (the Blak) Woman, not Man, who is made in the original image of the "Original GOD" who was and still is The Great Mamma of the Universe. Thus "GOD" is FEMALE ­the Creatress of all Life in all universes. Man, specifically the anti-Life, anti-female man otherwise known as the "white man," has reversed this Truth for himself and practically the whole planet. This is a major reason why things are so messed up on Earth today and why Earth is being pushed towards Extinction. The white-colonized world is worshipping white people's anti-life UnGod of Death, who poses as the true God, deceiving all.

Page 16

The Great Blak Mamma of Creation is
the most Blacked Out Through MALE-wash!

Many Albino male scholars still try to pretend there never was a Great Goddess, or if there was, She was only a 'cult' figure vaguely associated with sexual promiscuity or "fertility." They violently deny the evidence, and carefully avoid quoting ancient texts that say the Primordial Being was a Creatress, not a Creator. Though She was the central unifying concept of ancient civilizations. The Great Mamma isn't mentioned in their ancient-history texts ­so well is she Blacked Out Through Whitewash, MALE-wash. Massey wrote: "There is a general casting out of the divine motherhood by the Hebrew [Habiru, Albino] writers..." [AE 537]

Throughout the patriarchal, anti-female bible of the Albinos, we read "And the Lord said," "Thus saith the Lord." But not once in all their whole re-written bibles do you hear input from the Creatress. She is reduced to a mortal woman ­who is usually raped or servile to a man.
The (uncapitalized) word "goddess" occurs only 5 times in the entire bible. But the (nearly always capitalized) word "God" occurs 4447 times in the same bible! This shows what has been done to The Great Mamma by the anti-female, hence anti-Life Essence ­in the minds of people. Any wonder that women are subjugated all over the world?

The Mother was cast out the original Trinity by the white man. "The later monotheists sought to exclude the child and mother from the nature of the deity, which was a holy family in itself, consisting of the father, mother, and child. The mother was cast out, for the god to be imaged by a figure of the father alone. But the goddess was continued in her types of the birthplace. Hers were the ark, the tabernacle, the sanctuary, the temple, the meskehen, the holy of holies, as the abode of the divine child or reborn god." (underlines added) [AE 674-675]

Despite the blackout, traces remain: God refers to Herself as a Mother to Her people, and is introduced as Wisdom: "For thus saith the Lord, behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of the Gentiles like a flowing stream: then shall ye suck, ye shall be borne upon her sides, and be dandled upon her knees. As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem" (Isaiah 66:12-13). "Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her....She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retaineth her. The Lord by wisdom hath founded the earth" (Proverbs 3:13-19 ).

As with HER-story and true Blak history, the story of The Great Blak Goddess has been almost completely eradicated from HIS-story, but the suppressed Truth is resurrecting.

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