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Special Releases


The Great BLAK
MAMMA of Creation
by SuZar


Before global Patriarchy the Supreme Being was worshipped all over the planet as a Creatress. If Her Children & precious planet Earth are to survive, the Female Mother Principle of God must be resurrected and restored, along with the Blak Woman, Mother of HuHuManity.
(Vol. 2, #16)

The Great Blak Mamma of Creation

Special Release from Volume 2 of Blacked Out Through Whitewash:
"ReThroning Creation's Great Blak Mamma & the Blak Woman"


Let's start in the Yoni 6

And MAMMA God is BLAK.
"The Original Great Blak." The Deep.

On all continents, the Supreme Being was originally
worshipped as The Great BLAK MAMMA GODDESS

[Additions:] America's Pyramids are largely
Monuments to Creation's Great Mamma.
What? ...Pyramids in America !!? 14, 15

The Great Blak Mamma of Creation is
the most Blacked Out Through MALE-wash!

Mamma God is naturally Sexy.
The Source and Definition of Sensuality. 17

She is The Word, the Logos 18

Mamma God is the Holy Spirit ...symboled by the Dove 21

The Great Mother isThe Great Water, The Nun 22

She is The Vessel, Cup, Grail, Bowl, Bell..Ark, Boat, Ship 22

Mother God, Cosmic Spiral-Serpent of Life 23

Patriarchy Devilized Serpent Mamma
and the Image of the Serpent 27

The "3 Wise Men" were 3 Wise WOMEN 29

13 True Months in a Year 31

Great Serpent Mamma's Many Names 32

Afrakan migrants founded the "Minoan" civilization 32

Decoding the Obscured True
Identity of the "Minoan Snake Goddess" 33

No wonder Mamma's Hair is Nappy Serpentine Lovelocks 35

Mamma God is the Circle, Circle-7, the "Dot," the Whirler 35

Great Mamma the Gen-Kueen, Queen-Gene 41

Hence, all words meaning
Source or Center are from Feminine Roots! 41

She is Heaven, Seven, Seba, Sheba 42

No wonder the original names of "God" are FEMALE! 42

No wonder religious rituals are Feminine 46

No wonder the Top Holy Books
are named after The Great Mamma 46

The disguised (& usually slandered) Presence
of Mamma God in the Albino Man's Patric Bible

A Few of Her 10,000 Names 50

A Few of Her 10,000 Titles 51

No Wonder "MA" Means Mamma in All Languages! 52

Words for MA in MA-ny Languages 55

A Recent Admission By "God"? 56

References 56


Also see
Christ's Mother, "The Black Madonna"
is worshiped throughout Europe, of all places
from BOTW volume 1

Bab-El the so-called Sphinx (Ark-Ur)
...who is really The Great Blak Mamma

from BOTW volume 3

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