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Metaphysical Institute Higher Learning TMI; metaphy.comMetaphy.com
The Metaphysical Institute of Higher Learning. State-certified, offering a Doctor of Metaphysics degree and other credentials. Correspondence program available. Topics include Ancient Egypt (source of Metaphysics), Esoteric Sciences, Personal Development, "Right Use of Will," (see Suzar's writeup) the ancient Afrikan Art of Spirit Communication /Channeling, Quantum Healing, and How to Balance Your 4 Aspects of Spirit /Heart /Will /Body." Founded by Drs. Arvel and Bobbie Chappell.

God's Intention: "I have asked that this material be published here so that you and I can communicate more fully. While my truest presence and voice is within you, my intention is to help strengthen the experience of our inner connection through this outer form of communication." This is the same "God" (and Goddess, Great Mamma) that is channeled thru the 8 "Right Use of Will" books. That incredible quote by "God" on my homepage came from this site. Apparently "God" can still communicate with HuHuMans.

AmErican Autochthons Come Here to Get Clarity

"Authentic Americans are NOT aware of our real story,
because our history has been converted into MYSTERY!"


"They are compiled in a way that should be easy enough for a literate 15 year old to comprehend and verify; therefore, age should be irrelevant. However, for the word content that you do NOT comprehend, GET OUT YOUR DICTIONARY and LOOK THE WORD UP... You may not know exactly why you are traveling through our Realm, or what to expect now that you're here. Yet, here you are. That means it is meant for you to come our way today. ...Our objective is that you depart with more insight than you had when you came. ..So, welcome to our Realm of Clarity. ...Enjoy your journey as you travel through."

Here are 7 randomly selected Posts from YaffaBey.com. Brace yourself!

Autochthonous Peoples

Hey Youngster, You Are Not Black

Kinky Nappy Natural Hair

Old Time Religion

Real Definitions 2

Schools & Hospitals are Institutions of Death

Yes, I Am Brainwashing You

Just Cause I, From Mundane to Deliberate,  by Shannette SlaughterJust Cause I
From the Mundane to the Deliberate

Written by Shannette Slaughter
Edited by suzar (dr. epps)
Paperback, 224 pages, $15.95

You can call Shannette at her store,
Alkebulan Books: 404.587.7288
and order this profound book directly from the author.
Her website should be back up any day now (www.AlkebulanBooks.com); otherwise her book is also available from Amazon.com.

Excerpt from an INTERVIEW of the author, Shannette :
Can you tell us about your new book?

Shannette: "Just Cause" is a journey from a mundane existence, which is how most of us live, into a deliberate wholeness. Although we create the lives that we live through the whole of our being, most of what we cause is done in the presence of denial. "Just Cause I" helps us to get rid of Denial as we accept responsibility and move into a healthier space from which to create more desirable outcomes.

What is metaphysics? Meta means "before" or "prior to." So metaphysics merely means before the physical. Metaphysics is all the stuff that goes on prior to something coming into the physical realm.

Why did I write about it? I choose to write about metaphysics because it is the most powerful aspect of creation. Once a thing is created, changing it is much more difficult than just creating something that is fully desirable in and of it self. If we are going to become more powerful, we most move our power to the power-filled side of creation.


The Secret dvd; thesecret.tv. Watch & Learn "The Secret"
You already know "The Secret" but never has all its pertinant elements been assembled under one roof like this. Result is like receiving a magical wand permitting you to create anything you desire. RENT this video online for $2.99 (72-hour streaming period), or BUY it for $9.99 (stream+ download). One of the best investment you'll ever make. You will see you have ALWAYS had the power to create your life as you want it to be. You will clearly see how you've messed it up and thereby how to stop creating what you don't want. Play The Secret over and over. Let it sink into your subconsconcious. Expect your life to change after you watch and begin applying this marvelously empowering film which shows you The Secret and how to use it to create and have the Life you Desire: www.thesecret.tv/ . Watch the TRAILER FREE.

"The Secret is released to the world! This ground-breaking feature length movie presentation reveals The Great Secret of the universe. It has been passed throughout the ages, traveling through centuries... to reach you, mankind, and humankind. This is The Secret to everything - the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth: everything you have ever wanted.
FREELY DOWNLOAD two of the books
that inspired The Secret:

Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles Master Key System, by Charles F. Haanel

The Science of Getting Rich
by Wallace D. Wattles

The Master Key System
by Charles F. Haanel
Download Book Free   Download Book Free

The Science of Getting Rich

The Master Key System


The True Authorship of the New Testament
By Abelard Reuchlin. The Roman PISO family wrote the New Testament and invented Jesus. "We Jews and Church Leaders have known since the beginning of Christianity that it was synthesized by the Roman Piso family for the purpose of maintaining control over the masses and to placate slaves. And, this is why we Jews are the "Chosen People" and why we have endured so much for so many years; we are witnesses to the lie. Our ancestors wrote what they could about this in our texts."

SunGaze Your Way to Health

On page 241 of my book "Drugs Masquerading As Foods" I address Breatharianism and renamed it "Solarianism". Hira Ratan Manek has revived the ancient practice of SunGazing... which heals everything you think is wrong with you on all levels, and permits your body to eventually be able to take in Sunlight as your exclusive food, firsthand, rather than eating solid food --which is really condensed sunlight. Many other benefits. Amazing. And it feels good. For more information:

· http://www.theopenline.org/ArticleSun.htm

· http://www.sungazing.com

· http://www.solarhealing.com

. Nappy BioSignatures = Health

Nappy curly squiggly lines that have a near-magical beneficial effect on humans. They realign (re-a-LINE) our biological energy, giving our energy field a TUNEup. Which helps us rapidly HEAL and stay well. Same effect on plants & environment. So simple it sounds not-believable, but it works! Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Egypt. rediscovered, developed & documented this ancient African science of Bio-Geometry and brought to world attention. A friend of mine simply drew the emotional biosignature on a piece of paper and taped it on her bedroom wall. She woke up the next day completely free of a trauma she suffered from for 12 years.

Examples of BioSignatures

Introduction to Biogeometry

from above www.biogeometry.ca
Download Free PDF on BioSignatures

Webpages for detailed information

Biogeometry Worldwide Retailers

Sources for BioSignature pendants & products

BioGeomectric Grown apples/produce stay fresh much longer

Hi Tech Ancient Temple
Amazing evidence of the Afrakan origin of computer technology, tho the author denies this by explaining the whole thing away. The layout of the modern micro-processor /CPU exactly matches the layout of the Kamite (Egyptian) Temple of Heru (Horus).

SuZar hieroglyph cartouchesWrite Like an Egyptian
Type in your name or any word/s, then click INSCRIBE to see your name in Kamite (Egyptian) hieroglyphs, the way a Kamite scribe might have written it.
Make Your Own Cartouche
Anotha hieroglyph-er . Type in your name, click ENTER.

Learn Swahili
"The Internet Living Swahili Dictionary". Swahili is the most widely spoken Afrakan language, with 50 million speakers.
How are you? ­ Hujambo?
Good/Fine ­ Nzuri
Bad ­
Thank you (very much) ­
Asante (sana).

"Let's Make a Slave"
Full Text of the Willie Lynch Writings.
Wille Lynch
Another webpage addressing Willie Lynch.

Wow Skulls

These skulls probably belonged to Blak people (or "Blak ETs / Extraterrestrials"), though not admitted. In ancient Blak Mexico and Kamit (ancient Blak Egypt) they had people with skulls like these (elongated versions), including Akenaton's daughters. "According to the orthodox [=European] anthropology, this skull simply does not exist, because it cannot be." Found all over the planet, these skulls were photographed by Robert Connolly.

The website is expired, however, from the ArchivesWaybackMachine, you can access a duplicate of the page as follows. Either copy and input the following link as one continous line:

Go to the Machine and input :
and click alternate links until you find the page above.
WOW Skulls, awesome impossible ancient skulls

Compare king Smenkhkare's elongated skull

UPDATE: You can now find the original contents at many sites, duplicating the information, including "Alien Skulls? Skulls from Ica, Peru and Merida, Mexico" http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_craneos02.htm



All 9 pages of this website is nockout. The highly conscious author reveals some amazing knowledge about Europeans. Particularly revealing is his article on WODANAZ. He even mentions the Great Blak Mamma.

The website is expired, however, from the ArchivesWaybackMachine, you can access a duplicate of the pages as follows. Either copy and input the following link as one continous line:

Go to the Machine and input :
and click any link prior to 2004 to display the main page.
Click WODANAZ to access this page,

input the following link as one continous line:


Devoted to connecting people of color through online education and networking. Wealth of information, resources and free tutorial online classes (divided into five programs: youth, employment, business, computer, and cultural study). Links to: Afrakans, Native Americans, Asians, Latinos, Chicanos. Issues affecting people of color. News, culture, employment, politics, publications, book reviews, including Suzar's BOTW.

My Gratitude to the owner of this site. Until the launching of Suzar.com, generous pages from my book (BOTW, with my authorization) were only available to Truth Seekers from this loaded website.

The website is expired, however, from the ArchivesWaybackMachine, you can access duplicate pages of the site as follows. Either copy and input the following link as one line :

Go to the Machine and input :


OnlineBible1 that I use/d
One of a number of key BibleSearchEngines I used /am using in writing SuZar's 666 Exposé Series, etc. One of the best.

OnlineBible2 that I use/d
[Sorry. NO LONGER] Lets U find /count wordparts, phrase fragments, "Exact Match, Using Case" or ignoring case, in the KingJamesBible.

OnlineBible3 that I use/d
Displays ddouble list of bible hebrew / greek words (index with Strong's numbers); "Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionary Index". Click a section to see consecutive words with their numbers in a list.

OnlineBible4 that I use/d
Simple Searches, King James diVersion


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