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rednose lynx
  LYNX : Any of several wildcats of the genus Lynx of northern North America & Eurasia having brownish or greyish fur, long heavy legs, short black tipped tail and pointed tufted ears with several long black hairs pertruding from the tips. Their large broad well-furred feet adapt them for walking on snow. Adult Lynx are the size of a big domestic cat, weighing about 45 lbs. Like its cousin the BobCat, Lynx are usually found where snowshoe hares, its main diet, are abundant.

666 Lucifer LYNX,
RedNose Reindeer

Dictionary points to LEUK as the source of words LYNX and LUCIFER the Devil. The LYNX would sue for slander if it could, or cared. The word LYNX, meaning LAMP, is supposed to refer to the LYNX's shining eyes, which have expanding irises and reflectors that enable them to hunt effectively at night when they are most active. But regular CATS got "shining eyes" too. The outline of the Lynx's face has 4 prominent points (2 from its ears, 2 from its cheek-fur-points) which fit the Pentagon-outline of the Pentagram, which is used, upside down, in the worship Santa Claus. This may be one reason this Cat apparently has been 2 Lynx in Pentagonsinconspicuously devilized by being named "LYNX", a word that is 666-ed up. LYNX is pun for LINKS, also 666-ed up. LINKS Links Us To LYNX the Beast. Lets look at their clandestine 666-s, exposed as follows...

LYNX 666s
(Use the Vibralator to compute /confirm the following findings for yourself)

666 is the
tri-vibration of
"LYNX" :
666 is the tri
vertical column vibe
of "LYNX, LYNX" :
666 of "LYNX,

Vibrations of LYNX-s


Satan's Top Reindeer,
Red Nose Reindeer, is a LYNX!
means LAMP, Shinning. Rudolf's bright shining Nose is the Guiding Light = LAMP which SatanSanta's reindeer followed. See SATAN in SANTA? exact same letters. Now see LUCifer in cLAUS? The name LUCIFER is supposed to mean "Light Bearer." That's what a LAMP is. In PunReality LUCIFER means LU (light) Cipher (zero, none)! LUCI (light) FAUX ("fo", french for FALSE). Input "RUDOLF RED NOSE REINDEER" 2 times in the VibraLator; 666 is the inverse vibration:

Vibrations of 2 Rudolf RedNose Reindeer


SatanSantaClawsThe WORship=WARship of Satan-Lucifer is built into Western (=PISO! ) culture in ways that are not obvious, therefore are allowed with no opposition, and are supported and even glorified. See SATAN in preSIDENt? Like the DDoubleDDevil (SatanLucifer), there are 2 of them, and one is even called "VICE." Since W = S, greek S), see SATAN twice in the name for the middle of the week, WEDNESDAY? See his name as NICK disguised there too? ("NES"). These are just a few of numerous examples of unwitting Devil(PISO) worship built into and composing the fabric of Western (=PISO) Society

The name "SANTA CLAUS" 6 times vibrates to 666! Go ahead and put "SANTA CLAUS" in the VibraLator 6 times and prove it. "SANTA CLAUS" vibrates to 111, which is Premier BeastFlag 111, the Triple-Phallus.


SatanSantaClaws is prominently and abundantly promoted during "The Season to be JOLLY. " Enter "JOLLY" 9 times (that's 3 sets of 3) in the VibraLator and gasp at its vibration!..

Vibrations of 9 JOLLY.

Now input "The Season to be JOLLY " 3 times in the VibraLator; the vibration is another 666! The inverse vibe is 159 = "one 59", vibe of name PISO. And the skors are 123, form of Premier BeastFlag 111.

JOLLY Ass Can BEast
And notice that the short vibe (180) is 1 point from "SDL 181", the vibration of Satan-Devil-Lucifer. In fact, combined with the skors (81) we get "18
081". Delete "0" which is "nothing" and we now have "1881" ­­a stretced SDL 181. The tri vertical column vibration is 1899 (611+683+601+004):

  • From 1899, subtract the skors (81) and get 1818! SDL 181 again.
  • Subtract skors twice more and get 1656, which becomes 666 when "mated to itself" (join first digit to the middle digit).
  • Subtract skors (81) a total of 7 times and get 1332 which is 666 +666.
  • Keep subtracting skors (81) all the way to the end, which is 23 times. The remaining number is 36 which is "three 6" = 666. And that 23 is the short vibe of name PISO.

JollyRoger Skull/CrossbonesHmmm. We see now there's something funny phunny PHONEY about "JOLLY". Dictionary doesn't give an etymology source other than "Old French, perhaps of Scandinavian origin". After that comes "JOLLY ROGER", a black flag bearing the emblematic White Skull and Crossbones of a PIRATE ship. The same "Skull & Crossbones" image is used to denote POISON on labels! In the Bible, word POISON is pun for Pison = PISO! 666 is the inverse vibration of word POISON, 9 times! And 666 is the skor vibration of word PISON, 9 times! (VB 657 + reduced SK 9 [from 72=9] = 666). The short vibration of two sets of 9POISON + 9PISON is 1116, which, as 111x 6 = U Know What. 666.

So who or what does "JOLLY" really mean or stand for? My immediate notion is JAH-BUL-ON. The (not) secret name of the Mason Deity. The vibrations confirms this. Input JOLLY in the VibraLator. The skor vibe (SK+VB) and short skor vibe (SK+SH) of JOLLY is 83 and 29. The regular vibration and short vibe of JAH-BUL-ON is 83 and 29! And "ROGER, ROGER" inverse-vibrates to 666.

Decoding further, we determine that "JOLLY" is JO-EL. A whole biblical book is named ...JOEL! ... the 29th book! Remember, 29 is the vibe of JAH-BUL-ON. A common pun-trick in the PunCode is the changing of a word by 1 or 2 letters to hide the tooth or truth. JABUL of Jah-Bul-On, thus changed, becomes JAUL = JOEL= JOLE = JOLLY. Now I see it more clearly: this JAUL-JOEL-JOLLY is pun for JOWL! ... the Devouring JOWLS of the BEAST ! The inverse vibe of JOEL is 66. The tri vertical column vibe of JOEL is 666 (411+252+003).

Punnly or otherwise, words apparently related to JOLLY/ JOWL include:

  • JAIL, from mid english GAOL, to imPRISON ...= im-PISON /PISO, his Global Spell Machine, encaging nearly the whole planet in its WorldWideWeb of Sophistocated Sucking Systems. And JOWLS /JAWS imprison their victim before gobbling.
  • GOAL, from mid eng. GOL, boundary, from old english GAL, meaning BARRIER! Compare with PRISON.
  • GHOUL. That Grinning White Skull of Death is a Ghoul!
  • GOLgotha = JOWL-Got-U, even defined in the Bible as "The place of a skull" (Mark 15:22). CRUCified-CROSSified CHRISt on the Hill between 2 CROSSifiedTheives is an icon for the Skull & 2 CrossBones! ­­on the flag of PIRATES, themselves notorius as Thieves. GOLgotha/Crucifiction is insignia for the "Skull & Bones" Secret Society, another name for MASON-ity.

JOWL occurs in the punning BabbleBible, as wordpart JAW (JAW, JAWBONE, JAWS), 13 times. The reverse skor vibration (SK 104 +RV 559) of JAW 13 times, is 663. The other vibes (VB, SH, SQ) each reduce to 1 for a total of 3. 663+ 3 = ...666. Here is the first biblical occurrence of wordpart JAW:

Judges 15:15: And he found a new jawbone of an ass, and put forth his hand, and took it, and slew a thousand men therewith.

In the preCEDINg verse...

  • JAWBONE is pun for JahBulOn =JahBuOn.
  • 'ASS, AND' is "SSA DAN" = satan, who was ass-headed in the home of his origin, Kamit (Blak Egypt)
  • "THOUSAND" as 1000 is pun for 1110 pointing to PISO/N, the real JABBING ONE (rape-ing phallus/ "1") behind all this. 1110 is the tri vertical column vibe of PISON (=PEISON, greek version of roman PISO). The short vibration of combined words "THOUSAND" 3 times + "JAWBONE" 13 times, is 181. SDL 181. SatanDevilLucifer . C 4 yourself using the VibraLator.
  • "D MEN" in "thousanD MEN" is DEMON. 1000 "D" men. D-evil Men. Since "MN" also means POINT (as in MOUNtain), "d men" =THE-Evil Point, CAPstone of the artificial Obelisk of PISO's Great Teenie Dik (Tek).
  • "15:15" ­­the verse numba, points to JESUSCHRIST, his name vibe, 151. 6hrist's GreedyGougingGorgingGobbling Jowls are wide open as 666 Zodiak Christ The Mason-PISO SuPPerBeast.

So whats the connection of JOLLY to LuciferLynx?
Backwards, the essential "JOL" is LOJ. Since J =G­C­K­X, then LOJ =
LOC. LINKS as CHAINS do "LOC". Devil LUC-ifer as DevilSanta was CHAINed (Rev. 20:1, 2) ... for a mere 1000 years then, "loosed" from his "prison" (Rev. 20:3, 7). Now why would that bee? If you take the literal interpretation you will continue to be misled and "chained". Word LOOSED is pun for LUCiferSATan. "LUCSAT" computed backwards got at least one 666 (RV 166 becomes 661...+ fully reduced IV of 5 [from 86=14=5] = 666). And rememba, "1000" and "PRISON" points to PISO. Word "LOOSED", 6 times, has 66 skors. When you reduce its reverse vibration from 1824 to 15 (1+8+2+4), its tri vertical column vibration is a perfat 666 (411+225+000). In the Bible, JOLLY is JOEL, which, backwards is essentially LUCifer. The inverse vibe of "JOEL LUCIFER" is an astounding 181; that's SDL 181.

JOLLY JOEL-LY Santa is JOWLy JHOULLY GHOULLY SatanLucifer. aka JahBulOn. anka (also not known as) Arius Calpurnius PISO, its Clandestine Creator. Like the white GRIM JOLLY ROGER SKULL, another version of the same thing, White-bearded Santa's JOLLY JOWLS-JAWS always be GRINning. GRIN = GRIM. The Grinning Skull is a Grimface. Devouring JOWLS of Beast-THE.

Santa JahBulOn is GobbleOn
GlobalGorgingGougingGobbling PISO Machine (the real BEAST), that continously suckSuckSUCKS = DEVOURS the Energy of Earth's populations via its multitudinous GRIM GRINNing Fanged Bloody JOLLY JOWLS which are disguised as reLIGion (a word meaning BONDAGE = ChainLINKS), Secret Suckcieties, Artificial "MONEY" with its "Interest" (Enter-SET /SATan), so-called Education (Programing), the altered Calendar/Clock system, Municipal (Money-Sipping) Courts, the "MEDIA" and the other Mind-Vhuk , MindControl Programs masquerading as beneficial social systems. cLAUSiferSatanSanta's fat stuffed reeking Reptilian JOWLS belch HOHOHOrrendous breath. So pinch your nose as you continue reading...


Being "JOLLY", SatanSantaClaws says "Ho Ho Ho". So does Jehovah. Besides a big HO in the middle of his name, JeHOvah says "HO" 3 times in the bible (Isa. 55:1. Zec. 2:6, kjv). Triple HO ("Ho Ho Ho") is a double 666 ( "666­666" ):

  • First 666: its only 3 vowels (O-O-O) each vibrate to 6, producing a 666.
  • Second 666: is fabulous! one of the few occurrences I have found of a quinta vibration being a perfect 666. Add up all 5 vibrations (not Skors), from VB to IV.
  • A bonus present: 666 minus VB, RV, IV = Premier BeastFlag 111.

Vibrations of HO HO HOs

  • More: word "HO", 5 times: reverse vibe + reduced IV = 666
  • Word "HO", 29 times, has a 666 debit bi-vibration: VB 667 minus reduced SH (406=10=1) = 666. What's up with 29? That's the short vibration of name JAHBULON, whom jeHOvah is! And both deities are PISO.


"Ho Ho Ho" is a form of "Ha Ha Ha". That's SatanLucifer (PISO, really) laughing in derision, HAving made fools of us. HA HA HA got at least three 666s (666--666--666), as follows :

  • 666 : tri vertical vibration is 999 (222+777+000), which is 666 upsidedown
  • 666 : The inverse vibration (135) + the same IV backwards (531) = 666
  • 666 : The quinta vibe (add all 5 vibes) plus SK (18) ten times = 666

Vibrations of HA HA HA


"HO" and "HA" both occur in name JeHOvAH, who says HO 3 times (Isa. 55:1. Zec. 2:6,kjv), and says the only 2 biblical occurrences of HA (Job 39:25, kjv). This is a "HO HO HO, HA HA" :

  • 666 is the mirror skor vibration of (SK, 24, reduced = 6, + Vibration 87+ Reverse Vibe 573).
  • 666 is also the tri vibration (with SH reduced).


Now, instead of 3HO's & 2HA's, reverse the numbers and get 2HO's & 3HA's, which is "HO HO, HA HA HA". Do this 9 times, with 1 extra HA. The vibration is a perfect 666! Further, the inverse vibration is really "SDL 181" (as 181 and inverted or 818, overlapping). "SDL 181" is the vibration of combined names Satan-Devil-Lucifer. Playing with the numbers yields more 666-s.


What's up with HO? It's pun for 666--666....and PISO! What's up with HA? It's pun for 181 or "SDL 181" ­­the vibration of combined names Satan-Devil-Lucifer. Now explained...

  • HO : is a double 666 or "666, 666" as follows:
First 666: Letter "O" the 15th alphabet, vibrates to 6, therefore is a 6. Capital "H" is two Greek-letter PI's ( P ), stuck back to back (or top to top; one is inverted), vertically stacked. "PI" is the circle, and the circle is "O". There4, "HO" = P P O = OOO = 666.
Second 666: Letter "P" is 6 upsidedown, flipped. Hence, previous PPO = 666 again.
And PISO: As prior noted, H is pun for two PI. That's plural, so we have "PI-s". Add to "O" and we have PI-s-O = PISO! As always, there is additional evidence supporting this, such as: the short vibe of "HO" is 23, identical with the short vibe of name PISO.
  • HA : Letter "H" is the 8th roman alphabet and "A" is the first. Hence, HA is "One HA" ...which is "1HA" which is 181. ...That's "SDL 181" ­the vibration of "Satan-Devil-Lucifer". This is also punned as "AHA". And yes, "AHA" occurs in the bible...10 times. And yes, Jehovah speaks a bunch of them. You can locate these by using a Bible search engine.


AHA is a double 111. There4, AHA, 6 times, is a double 666--666 (really, AHA got multiple 666s). Its tri vibration (with short vibe reduced) is 666. The tri vertical column vibration is also 666! RARE! This is the only word I have found so far having this trait. In Suzar's 666 Xposé Encyclopedia, we'll unravel mysteries about AHA. It is Some Thing Else.



AHA occurs 10 times in the bible. Rememba, AHA is pun for 181 (Satan-Devil-Lucifer or SDL 181). Lets look at the 10th occurrence. Will we find AriusCalpurnius PISO the Devil there? ...

Ezekial 36:2: "Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because the enemy hath said against you, Aha, even the ancient high places are ours in possession:"
  • Remove the colon from the verse number "36:2" and get "362"... which is SDL 181 DOUBLED!!
  • ARIUS CALPURNIUS PISO /PISON (Greek version of his name; PEISON) be present, disguised in the last 5 words of the verse; and 5 is the short vibe (reduced) of his name PISO:
    Ezekial 36:2 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because the enemy hath said against you, Aha, even the ancient high places are ours in possession:
    ­­ARIUS twice in "ARE ourS" and "placeS ARE"
    CALPurnius in "P-LACes". also contains his full initials, ACP
    PISO in "POSSEssion"
    PISON in "PossesSION" and "IN POSsession"
  • SATANs present, as all the word / wordparts sounding like SET /SETH / SATAN, both backwards and forward:
    Ezekial 36:2 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because the enemy hath said against you, Aha, even the ancient high places are ours in possession:

  • Astoundingly, the first 3 satan-disguise words combined ("THUS SAITH BECAUSE") have the exact vibration and reverse vibe as "Satan-Devil-Lucifer"! Further, the short vibration is 55, which is the very vibration of name satan itself!

  • The innocent-looking word "BECAuse" essentially contains JACOB backwards, a name which bible-dictionaries say means "deceiver, cheater, supplanter," all descriptions of (PISO) the Devil. Look again. See PISO there too? Word "Because" is even Capitalized, with "the ENEMY" following it! hint hint! Wordpart "BECA", 3 times, has a tri vertical-column vibe of ..666. The vibration is 33 which is "two 3", pun for "23" the short vibe of name PISO. The inverse vibe, 291, with "0" ("zero", nothing) added, becomes 2910, which are the numerals resembling the letters spelling PISO.


HA = AH. Jehovah says "Ah, I" (Isa. 1:24). This is a disguised SDL 181 since A=1 (1st alphabet); H= 8 (8th alphabet); and I = 1, same image. He did it again, this dime tisguised as "Ah!" (Eze. 21:15). U ghet it? The exclamation point ( " ! ") is pun for 1, I, i.

Phrase "Ah, Lord GOD!" occurs 2 times in the Bible. Their combined reverse vibe is 888. So what. Numeral 8 = OO or two letter "O's" stacked vertically. So triple 8 (888) is letter O six times or "666­666". Since O vibrates to 6, this OOO­OOO is 666­666. The short mirror vibe of OOO­OOO, added backwards is another wonderful 666 (backwards SH 36, and backwards RV 306, becomes 63+603= 666). But the real biggie here is well disguised, hidden-in-open-view. PISO! Letter "O" is a word, always occurring Capitalized in the Bible. This O is pis-O. PI-so. PI's Os. The "O"s of PI. PI means circle, O.

The exact phrase "Ah Lord God!" occurs exactly 5 times in the kjv Bible.

  • 666 : For all 5 combined, 666 is the tri vertical column vibe (422+242+002+0= 666).
  • 666 : is the tri vibration with SK (2220) reduced (2+2+2+0=6). Hence, VB 420+SH 240+ reduced RV 6= 666.
  • PISO: This quinta-group has 95 skors (SK). This is 59 backwards, the vibration of name PISO.

Let's triple it, make it 15 times:

  • 666: reverse vibe RV = 6660.
  • PISO again: The vibration for all 15 combined is 1260...pointing to just WHO this "AH" God iz: PISO! Any arrangement of the numerals 1-2-6-0 (or 1290) is pun for PISO; they resemble the letters spelling PISO.


What's the connection of HO-HO-HO with LINKS?
HO-HO-HO is clever pun for Triple-Link. The basic Chain Link is composed of interlocking O's. The only vowels in HO-HO-HO is OOO. Letter H is Greek PI (P) twice, joined top to top, vertically. "PI" is also the circle.... which is "O". Hence, H=OO. Combined with the triple-ooo HO-HO-HO, we now have OOO-OOO-OOO. The Chain-LINKS are also known as LOOPS. See PISO hidding in LOOPS? The word "LOOP", 111 times, has 666 skors! As earlier noted, O vibrates to 6. HO-HO-HO's OOO-OOO-OOO = 666­666­666. A looooooooong chain LINK. H is also 8 (8th alphaBITE), which again be two circles: 8=OO. So HO-HO-HO doubly = OOO-OOO-OOO. That's 666­666­666­666­666­666. The chain is longer than we thought ...encircling the entire Globe like SantaClaws. aka PISO, clandestinely. All them O's is the double O of PI-s-O which begins and end with O. Hence, HoHoHo is one of many signatures /symbols of Beast PISO / The Piso Spell Machine.


And lastly, like SatanSantaClaws, Jehovah WINKS! "God winked at" Acts 17:30, kjv. The vibration is 66. The tri vertical column vibration is 1332 which is 666 doubled, hence a "666­666". Playing with the numbas exposes other 666's.


LINK(S) : One of the rings or loops forming a chain.

LINK(S) :Computer Science. An identifying element in a system to facilitate connection to other identified elements.

LINK(S) 666s
(Use the Vibralator to compute /confirm the following findings for yourself)

666 is the bi-vibration (VB+SH) of "LINK" 9 times. (9 is 3x3)

666 twice mo:

LYNCH : to execute without due process of law, especially to hang, as by a mob. Short for LYNCH LAW, the punishment of persons suspected of crime without due process of law. [After William LYNCH (died 1820)]. ( From the 1992 American Heritage Dictionary)

LYNCH : Captain William Lynch ("Willie Lynch"). "Both the practice and punishment [LYNCHing] came to be called lynch law after Captain Lynch. ...William Lynch died in 1820, and the inscription on his grave notes that "he followed virture as his truest guide." But the good captain who certainly hadn't invented vigilante justice, yet had tried to justify it, was sentenced to the disgrace of having given his name to the terrible practice of lynching."
(Quoted from the 1992 American Heritage Dictionary. The blurb they gave said nothing about Willie's key role in teaching CaukAsian slaveowners how to make their Blak slaves completely submissive.

"Let's Make a Slave"
Full Text of the Willie Lynch Writings.
Wille Lynch
Another webpage addressing Willie Lynch.
Mo on Willie Lynch
Yet one mo.

LYNCH 666s

  • 666 : RV (672) minus fully reduced SH (78=15=6) = 666.
  • 666 : backwards VB (186 becomes 681) minus reduced SH (78=15) = 666.
  • 666 : the tri vertical column vibe (1665) becomes 666 when "wrapped". (1st column-left 176+ 2nd column-mid 887 + 3rd column-right 602 =1665)
  • Bonus : the inverse vibe, 219 is "SDL 219" the skor vibration of "Satan-Devil-Lucifer" (181 + 38 Skors).

LINGam , LINGa : Penis. (sanskrit)

LINGua : Tongue. Language. (latin)

LING : This word has a bunch of meanings, scattered in the dicktionary: 1) one connected with: worldLING. 2) one that is young, small or inferior: duckling. 3) In a specified direction, manner, way or condition: darkling. [Compare with LINGa the Penis; it is "connected" and can spray in any direction it is aimed at]. 4) see HEATHER, sense 1: a low-growing Eurasian shrub (calluna vulgaris). 5) certain food-fishes resembling the cod.


From page 272 of Blacked Out Through Whitewash:
LINGAM means penis; LINGUA means tongue. Sanskrit LINGAM and Latin LINGUA are two forms of the same word. English words in this family include language, linguist, lance (long, thrusting weapon; to pierce or cut), long (a phallus & lance are "long"), longitude, length, lanky, line, linear and languish ("weaken, lose strength or vigor" ­ like the penis after orgasm! ). The phallus-like tongue is perpetually inside the vagina-like mouth. Both, the vagina and mouth are "receivers," are always wet inside, are oval and have "lips." The tongue (lingua) and phallus (lingam) are similar: they protrude, can be hard (stiffen) or soft, are pointed, and can pierce / push. Snake tongues "ejaculate" poison. The underlying Afrikan root of such words is ANK (to join, tie or fetter. 64a). When two "lines" are joined, an angle (ANK-L) is created (note that L is an ang-L). An angle is a POINT.

anchor (is a point, plus "connects")
tang (sharp)
pungent (sharp)
pang (sudden sharp pain)
single! (is the point. single = s-ank-L)
language (is a connector via the lingua /tongue)

The word "LINKS" aint in the bible but wordpart "LING" iz. LINK is LING is LINGam the DIK. Wordpart LING at the beginning of a word, occurs just 3 times in bible:
Genesis 19:16: And while he lingered, the men laid hold upon his hand, and upon the hand of his wife, and upon the hand of his two daughters; the LORD being merciful unto him: and they brought him forth, and set him without the city.
Genesis 43:10: For except we had lingered, surely now we had returned this second time..
2Peter 2:3: And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

LING 111s
­that's Premier BeastFlag 111, the 3skor :

  • Triple LING = TripppleDik = 111
  • Triple LING: Its first letters = triple initial " l " , there fore a " l l l "
  • Triple LING = Its second letters = triple initial " i " , there fore a " i i i "
  • These 3 sets of 3's is a SuperTrippplePhallus. 3Dik 3 times. 111-111-111.

LING 666s:

  • The middle LING (Gen. 43:10) gotta pun-sneaky 666. Notice the last digit of the verse number, plus first 2 letters of the verse, are "0_FO" which is a well hidden-in-open-view 666 : zero "0" = "O" the 15th alphabet, whose short-vibe is 6 (1+5). "F" , the begining of the first word ("FOR") is the 6th alphabet hence, vibrates to 6. Followed by O in "FOR", vibrating to 6:
    Genesis 43:10 For except we had lingered, surely now we had returned this second time.

  • 666 in the verse number sum. Remove the colons (: ) and add the first 3 verse numbas backwards, 3 places (Peter only has 2 places). We get 619 + 013 + 32 = 664. Now add "2" from "2 Peter". Sum is 666.

    Genesis 19:16 .../...Genesis 43:10.../...2 Peter 2:3

  • The vibrations of Triple-LING got 666s. Go ahead and enter "LING-LING-LING" in the VibraLator and get:
666s of
666s of
666s of

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