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  In tracking "Beast-THE" I discovered that the PunCode Composing the Entire Bible is not limited to the Bible; it is also built into and throughout what I call "The Global PISO Spell Machine." So-called Computer Technology is NOT NEW. It is ancient as can BEast. It is perverted Kamite (ancient Blak Egyptian) Ritual-ology in mechanized form.

AnkhThe "binary code" of Zero ( 0 ) and One (1) is the top & bottom of Afraka's Ankh. Yoni and Penis (LINGam). Life's 2 Polarities. Computer microprocessors (MicroChips) are modeled after the layout of Afrakan (Kamite) temples. "HTTP" in all website addresses is Egyptian "HTP" ("HOTEP").

When you "run" a program on a Computer you have cast (put) your computer in a SPELL. A "spell" is a "program" is a COURSE. A bad COURSE is a CURSE. Every time you use the Computer you are unwittingly "CURSING," ­­moving the "CURSOR" around on the screen. You use your first 2 fingers to do this, the same fingers people often use when cussing out someone. Middle finger with an erection is the height of curse-insulting someone, a usually sure way to biss them off. They might shoot (curse) you with a gun (cursor) if they got one handy. In this PunCode, word CROSS is one with CURSE ....and CHRIST! The Christian CROSS is a CURSE and symbol of death and castrated male genitals. In the Bible, "Christ" --the fraudulent re-creation of PISO, is "made a curse" (Gal. 3:13, kjv) and is 3 times ACCURSED (= "A CURSE" / "A CURSE of SED /Set/satan) (for details see page 176 of Blacked Out Through Whitewash).

The Great PISO Spell is a Great PROGRAM = Great Course / Curse. It is very well-hidden-in-open-view, using PunCode as its main Cloaking Device. In the books of "Suzar's 666 Exposé Series" I show how "Beast-THE" is built into the common systems of society. Word "THE" is TAU is "T" --ancient icon of the Male Genitals. Word "THE" is a 666.


666 ComePeter

The InterNet is the latest PHASE = FACE of "Beast-THE". The InterNet is the latest PHASE = FASCES of "Beast-THE".Computer DIKnology is the latest version of the Religion of Beast-THE; Worship of the Un-DIK (DIK, DIKK from TEKen, Kamite name of the Obelisk), at the expense of the Female Principle. Other versions include Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, "Secret Societies." They all are Anti-Female and Penis-oriented, and emphasize a (mean murderous misogynic jealous hateful blood-thirsty war-provoking psychotic) male "God" (see Jehovah Wickedness). The more DIKnology-TEKnology "progresses", the more Mamma Earth and all Life on Earth is slowly destroyed.

See "Peter" in comPUTER? Word COMPUTER is "Come-Peter", telling penisPETER to "Come" (ejaculate, but really, to SUCK /DEVOUR, since everything is reversed in PISO's Programs). In internet addresses, "DOT COM" (".com") is "DIKK COME" ; when turned, letta T the cross (+), becomes X, making DOT = DOX ( = DOK, DOC, DIK). As we shall see, both terms (COMPUTER, DOT-COM/E) are 666-ed up. This Great Devouring Phallus is "The Beast", really, "Beast-THE"...­­The Global PISO Spell Machine. This WAR-Machine is an Energy-Thieving Reversed Bab-El System that has been attacking addicking raping HuHuManity for at least 4000 years. Hence, in ALL the programs of PISO's Global System, the (Un)DIK is hugely and CENTRALLY represented, in disguise, inconspicuously. Occasionally blatantly, as with "washington DC"--which features a big pale "DC" called the Washington Monument. This hollow-hence-fake Obelisk is even in a big Circle (Yoni).

In the PunCode, word "LINK" has 3 chief meanings:
Beast ­­ Bondage ­­ Dik.
These are the meanings of
. . . . . LYNX ­­ LINKS ­­ LINGa..
Humanity's Hidden Manipulators dare not come right out and say "BEAST". Instead, they call it "LINKS"... which is equivalent to LYNX...which is a BEAST. LINKS also = CHAIN-Links of Bondage, not Unity but Fetters pretending Unity. Hence, pretty chains, but still chains. Whether iron or gold, CHAINS still keep you in BONDAGE. BONDAGE is the meaning of word "RELIGION." Compare LINK with re-LIGioN. LINKS further = LING...that's LINGa/m the Penis.

Letters S and C are equivalent. You "stick" a "DISK" =DICK into the mouth-like vaginal aperture of your "disk drive." Your computer has a "HARD" DISK / DIKK. Then there are "FLOPPY" (limp) Dikks. Word "click" is "dick" disguised; just push "c" into "l". Your mouth, I mean Mouse, has a long tongue, I mean TAIL. This LONG-LINGua-LINGa is type of Penis, for "tail" is the actual meaning of Latin word, PENIS. Besides all that mouse-clicking, you use a KEYboard. The KEY (& lock) is modeled after the Afrakan ANKH, which is an icon for the Yoni and Phallus. So all those little Keys are little PENises. You push them with your PENgers FINgers (P=F as in Pater, Father).

The "DIStriCt" of COLUMbia; a COLUMN is a big erected phallus. The classic church has a Dik-STEEPLE surmounted with a CruciFix = CruciDik; (being "dik-to-dik" ­­this is disguised glorified Homosexuality). And "Micro-CHIP" ­­you won't believe the next sentence: CHIP really means DIKK! Word CHIP is from latin CIPPUS, meaning a PALE (=PHALLus, POLE), STAKE (=stick = iS Tick = iS DICK). So "Peter" is encoded in the name which is the Heart /Center /Capstone of the ComPuter: the MicroChip. Then MicroChip means TeenieWeenieDikk. This is the TeeniePenis of PISO. Iconized as the PENNy....which really is the inconspicuous Capstone-POINt of American UnMoney. More about this later.


As prior noted, "LINKS" = CHAINS = BONDAGE. LINKS be fundamental to EnterNET. "InterNet" is a SPELLword commanding "Enter(the)Net"! A NET is composed of LINKs = "Knots." Bondage. Without LINKage the interNET would be naught. InterNET is also called the WEB-worldwide. NET and WEB are 2 words for TRAP = Bondage system. Like Television, it's sweetened to make you like it and get addicted. Any thang Beast-THE gives us is never for our benefit although it will appear beneficial, like reLIGion. The appearance of benefits is the sugar to attract and addict us. Addiction is BONDAGE.

SupperBeast Jesus admits to being an EnTrapper, EnSnarer, ImPRISONER. He chose "fishers" as his first disciples, who were even "casting a NET". He promised to make them "fishers [ =Entrappers! ... also Devourers] of men" (Mat. 4:18, 19). MANy are trapped in this goSPELL. He got these traits from his Daddy Jehovah: "Know now that God hath overthrown me, and hath compassed [ =code for PISO] me with his NET" (Job 19:6). Piso's SupperBeast Jesus Christ is the Great ImPRISONER. The last 5 (of 13) biblical occurrences of word "PRISONER" cites these as Prisoners of Christ (Eph. 3:1, 4:1, 2Tim. 1:8, Phil. 1:1, 9 ). Here is the first occurrence: "For this cause I Paul, the prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles," (Eph. 3:1). Words PRISON /PRISONER contains Piso's last name (PISO, PISON) and first name ARIUS (IROS). 666 is the tri vibration of "PRISONER" (VB 114 + reduced SH 6 + RV 546 = 666).

As shown using the VibraLator the vibration of word "COMPUTER" 6 times is a perfect fat az ...666. Click here to see 666s in the top Internet / Computer words, including details of the example below....

Lincoln .Lincoln Smiling
666 LINKoln section in progress.
Check back later for more wondrous details,
especially about the PENny; it ain't what you think!
For now, here are appletigers...

Abraham Lincoln
, the 16th president of the United States, who led the Union during the Civil War and emancipated slaves in the South (1863). He was assassinated shortly after the end of the war by John Wilkes Booth.

Name "ABRAHAM" is in the Bible. "BOOTH" two (Job 27:18; Jonah 4:5). And 4 whole biblical books are named "JOHN".

Investigating the numbers behind names "Abraham Lincoln" and "John Wilkes Booth" reveal startling evidence suggesting both names are as contrived as the name G-eorge W-ashington (which perfectly aligns with the "GM" part of the PISO Code /Program). Maybe it's just multiple coincidences.

  • The tri-vibration (VB+SH+RV) of name ABRAHAM LINCOLN is a perfect 666.
  • The tri-vertical column vibe of name BOOTH is a perfect 666.
  • The tri-vertical column vibe of name John Wilkes Booth is 1665, which becomes 666 when "wrapped" (join the last and first digits by adding or subtracting them).

LINColn 666s
(Use the Vibralator to compute /confirm the following findings for yourself)
666 is the
666 is the tri
666 from "wrapping"



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