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Volume 2 of Blacked Out Through Whitewash :

ReThroning Creation's Great
& the Blak Woman

The Mother of HuHuManity and Original
Most Powerful Being On Earth

Creation's Great Blak MammaVolume 2 of the seven volumes of this book resurrects awareness of The Great BLAK MAMMA of Creation and restores the Blak Feminine part of the equation which has been blacked out the most, even more than Blak history. You thought the Blak Male was the endangered species. No, it's the Blak Woman and her precious Womb. The overt attack on the Blak Man is really a covert attack on the Blak Woman.

The ongoing Great War on The Great Mother and the Female Principle is why Women of all races on all continents are being oppressed, repressed, suppressed, aggressed, depressed, demeaned, raped, subjugated and even killed (often before birth)... all sanctioned­promoted­facillitated by anti-female Patriarchal Counterfeit Religions, the greatest "mother fucking" Weapon against all Women and in reality, all HuHuManity.
The Blak Woman ­­Mother of HuHuManity­­ is the Original Most Powerful Being on Earth. Her Powers have been largely co-opted to serve "Beast-THE" ..in unsuspected unrecognized ways. (See item #13 in "You Come-To-Power....." for one major example). She is outta her Mind, for she is in a Spell. Actually, the whole planet is in The Great GoSpell, the Great Grip of "The Global PISO Spell Machine." If this Spell is not broken soon, we (HuHuManity, Earth) will arrive where we are being furiously herded to : Extinction, Obliteration. The Blak Woman ­the Mother of HuHuManity­ unknowingly holds the key to HuHuManity's salvation. ReThroning Creation's Great Blak Mamma and Mother of HuHuManity ­the Blak Woman­­ is the key to the Survival of HuHuManity (all People, all Life on Earth) and Planet Earth.

Other topics addressed are:

  • the Blak Feminine Foundation of Civilization and "Culture"
  • Female Biological Superiority ­fact or fiction?
  • The Sexual Foundation of Religion
  • Why "Pussy" is a name for the cat and vagina
  • Afrakan extraterrestrial legacy
  • Blak People from outta space ­founders of legendary super-civilizations?
  • Willie Lynch and other notable Mothah Fukkas. In his Campaign against Melanin, Willie Lynch specially targeted the Blak Woman's Mind. Click here for the "FULL TEXT OF THE WILLIE LYNCH WRITINGS" . Click here for excerpts from The Willie Lynch Letter.
    The Great Mother's Precious Gift of Blak Melanin
  • How the Albino /Reptilian Controllers stay fat off Her Blak Power
  • Disguised StarScience (Astrology/Astronomy) is still the global religion. ..

Also see
SuZar's Special Release,
"The Great Blak Mamma of Creation",
essentially the first section of this volume

The Great Blak Mamma of Creation

Christ's Mother, "The Black Madonna"
is worshiped throughout Europe, of all places
from BOTW volume 1

Black Madonna at Swiss Abbey of Einsiedeln

Bab-El the so-called Sphinx (Ark-Ur)
...who is really The Great Blak Mamma

from BOTW volume 3

Ark Ur ("Sphinx"),Full Body


From page 58 of The Great Blak Mamma of Creation:
Patriarchy's suppression and devilization of Creation's Great Blak Mamma is a major part of the Great War on The Great Mamma, hence on all women and things Feminine, hence a war on HuHuManity, Earth and all life. No wonder this precious planet Earth and all its inhabitants are on an accelerating course to extinction. If we wanna survive, heal, live, have a future for our children and their children and their children, it is imperative that HuHuManity RESTORE the Great Mother, Blak Mamma of Creation. Put the Female back into the equation for She is the Source of Life. The Blak Woman, being the Mother of HuHuManity, especially needs to do this! As this occurs then the necessary actions required for HuHuManity's and Earth's survival will take place.
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