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Don't Worry, Be Healthy! by SUZAR
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DMAF: Preview of Volume 3

Don't Worry, Be Healthy!

Don't Worry, Be Healthy!Health is your natural state ­and the state of the Universe. The Universe is ever attempting to maintain its wholeness and the wholeness of all its parts. You are one of its precious "parts." And your magnificent body, like the Universe it personifies and reflects, is ever striving to stay whole and balanced. This is why your Body automatically HEALS when cut. HEAL and WHOLE are words from the same root. You become and stay healthy by cooperating with the Principles of Health. Violate them and dis-ease appears, as feedback and indicators of unbalance, not as a punishment! "Germs" do not cause disease any more than flies cause garbage. This is proven by pleomorphism: when our pH gets unbalanced, our body's somatids and friendly bacteria begin to totally change form and mutate into harmful germs, viruses, fungi, which attack our blood and cells. As you regain pH balance, the microbes change back into their previous friendly form. Reap the rewards of Glowing Health & Radiant Vitality by learning and living the Principles of Health, documented in this manual for health.
The Steps to achieving and
. . . . . .maintaining true RADIANT Physical Health
How to determine your pH and keep it in balance
Detoxifying your toxic body
Detoxifying your toxic personal-care products
Detoxifying your toxic household
How to protect yourself from harmful ELF radiations
How to easily determine your food allergies
Factors of health on higher levels
Powerful Health Tools that work fast and are safe
...and much more

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books art order vibralator 666 3skor space lynx
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