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Protecting Yourself from Being Continuously
Cooked in ELF Radiations
by SuZar (Dr. Epps)

This article is really a section from chapter 4 of DMAF (pages 55 - 63), entitled "4. Half DEAD and DYING faster, from being cooked 24 hours a day in harmful EMF radiations." Condensed, the same section also occurs in : "Blak Empowerment & Survival Guide NOW!" (pages 38 - 44) as "FUN Counter Strategy #13: Protect yourself from harmful radiations."

DMAF:Drugs Masquerading As Foods

As you sit there reading this sentence on your computer screen, you are being bombarded by harmful waves quietly emanating from it. Even if you turn off your computer. Your biomagnetic field is still being bombarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can't get away from them no matter where you go. "Extremely Low Frequencies" (ELFs, also called EMFs or electromagnetic frequencies) exist wherever electricity flows and radiate from every electrical item in your environment:

electric lights
all electrical outlets, wires/cables
washing machines
telephones, cellular phones
electric blankets, pads

Most of the electromagnetic spectrum is already known to be injurious to health: microwaves, X-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet rays. From just X-rays alone, an estimated 45,000 fatal cancers are induced each year. All living creatures are sensitive to electromagnetic influences. Just because most of us do not perceive these energies does not mean that they are not affecting our essential life functions. Unnatural EMFs are continuously disrupting our body's bio-magnetic field, within which millions of electrical impulses regulate the activity of every single cell. With electrical and magnetic energy reaching us from power lines, cabling, microwave radar, TV and radio broadcasting, and industrial or domestic electromagnetic devices, it is estimated that we are getting 200 million times more radiation than our ancestors took in from the sun and cosmic sources.

Why is electromagnetic radiation harmful?
Alters permeability of the blood brain barrier. The blood brain barrier is the body's special defense mechanism that prevents foreign substances from entering the brain.
Proliferates disease. Alters the behavior of cells, tissues, organs, and organisms.
Alters biological cycles. Disrupts motor functions.
Alters hormone levels, cellular chemistry, and immune system processes.
Can cause chromosomal damage & sterility. Causes defects, developmental abnormalities and alterations in embryos. Accelerates fetal mortality rates. Miscarriage is much higher among pregnant women who use electric blankets than those who do not.
Causes cataracts and eye problems.
Alters moods. Creates fatigue, depression, fear, and disorientation.
Alters learning ability. Causes memory loss.
A pulsating low-intensity EMF (one that's cycling on /off) will cause a release of noradrenaline in most people within 15 minutes. This may result in increased hospital admissions during times of magnetic disturbance.
Increases rate of cancer-cell division; increases incidences of certain cancers.
Leukemia and other cancers increase greatly among people living near overhead power cables (shown by studies in America, England & Sweden). Sweden's government lists EMFs, along with tobacco, as a Class-2 Carcinogen. Plant growth is stunted as far away as 1,000 feet from power lines.

Why is the artificial light
& radiation from Computers harmful?

Health problems associated with computer use include miscarriages, birth defects, tumors, headaches, cataracts, vision problems, fatigue, skin rashes, nausea, and sleeplessness.
Brain tumors: The International Journal of Cancer, May 1992, published a study that found an almost fivefold increase in brain tumors among women who worked at VDT's (computer terminals /visual display terminals).
Miscarriages: A huge proportion of miscarriages and embryonic deformities occur among pregnant women working on computers. In a study done on a group of 1,583 pregnant women, the miscarriage rate of computer users was twice that of non-computer users. A 1988 study found a double rate of miscarriage among women using computers more than 30 hours per week.

Why is the artificial light
& radiation from Television harmful?

Television is fluorescent; the mechanism by which it illuminates is almost identical with fluorescent lighting. Thus, the harmful effects of fluorescent light is directly applicable to television.
Hyperactivity in children has been directly linked to radiation from TV and fluorescent light, to which children are especially susceptible.
The flicker from TV sets can cause epileptic seizures. You do not consciously perceive the flickering of your TV screen because the flicker rate is higher than the "flicker-fusion" rate of the human eye. Whether you perceive it or not, your body reacts to it and is affected by it.

Sunlight (wholelight) is a primal element of life.
Artificial light is inferior, fractionated & harmful.
All life originates and develops under the influence of Sunlight.
Sunlight influences the vital processes of all plants, animals, and humans. Light is food. Food, really, is condensed Sunlight. Humans eat light through their skin, eyes, and the antennae of their hair, a process made possible by Melanin. Melanin is the receiver of all wavelengths of light and energy. Melanin is the Chlorophyll of humans, HUE-mans. We come in all hues. Like plants, we soak up and transmute Sunlight nutrient into our energy system.

Natural Sunlight is composed of all the radiant wavelengths of energy (spectra) we call "light." Artificial light from any source -whether incandescent or fluorescent- is fractionated light which leaves out many segments of the spectral range in natural light (Sunlight). The human body can be seriously, negatively affected by changes in light spectra.

The artificial light of modern society causes innumerable disorders including lack of vitality, lowered resistance to disease, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, heart disease, cancer, and harmful effects of which we are not aware. In a typical study, children in school under the standard cool white fluorescent lighting demonstrated nervous fatigue, irritability, lapses of attention, and hyperactive behavior. Within a week after new full-spectrum lights were installed, the children's behavior greatly improved. Too much artificial fluorescent light interferes with the natural development of the child and subjects the nervous system of the adult to inordinate stress.

The link between Sunlight and human health
Your health is largely dependent upon your exposure to natural Sunlight kissing your skin and entering your eyes. Like denatured unnatural food, unnatural artificial light harms our health on all levels. Since life evolved under the influence of Sunlight, humanity has developed many physiological responses to solar light.

Spending most of our time indoors under artificial light, plus "watching" artificial light (TV & computers) is very unhealthy. Everyone needs daily exposure to full-spectrum Sunlight. Apparently, the artificial light from television & computers has been a surrogate light source, satisfying our need for light, but in the wrong way -a destructive way.

Light passes via neurochemical channels into and through the pineal and pituitary glands and therefore into the endocrine system. This interaction affects hormonal structures, sexuality, fertility, growth and many other aspects of cell structure. The KIND of light passing through the skin and eyes determine the reactions of human cells. Experiments on plants and animals demonstrate that even minute changes in "color" (wavelength spectra), say, between one kind of artificial light and another, or between natural light and artificial light, cause important biochemical alterations. The kind of light we are exposed to affects many aspects of our health and vitality. As you change the light, you change the spectra / light-nourishment that finds its way to the cells; as you alter cells you alter the human body.

In his research, John Ott found that differences in cancer rates resulted from differences in light sources. Pink fluorescent light produced the highest rates of cancer in rats; natural daylight produced the lowest. Other light changes cause aggressiveness, hyperactive behavior, aimlessness, disorientation, and changes in sexual patterns among animals.

Ways to protect
yourself from harmful radiation

Get Frequency Neutralizers
Buy what I call a "frequency neutralizer," a counterforce for counteracting harmful radiations. They neutralize the negative effects of EMFs, ELFs, thus protecting you from them:
Computer Radiation Filter: Buy the type of glare filter that has "radiation /static protection." This kind blocks out or reduces exposure to very low and ELF radiation by over 99.99%. They also reduce eye stain and fatigue. A company called Fellowes Computerware produces one. Costs about $70.00. You just hang it over your computer screen. When I began using one, my near-daily headaches almost entirely went away. Source: Available from most computer stores.
Diodes: Wear the Slim Pocket Diode all day; its effect extends 18 inches from your body; holds your electrical system in balance ($24.95). Or put the Dio-Mid in your home /apartment; its effect extends 60 yards in all directions, protecting a huge entire area from ELFs ($395.95). Source: The Meta Center, (773) 643-5053 ;1448 East 52nd St., Suite 264; Chicago, IL 60615; USA.
The EMF Clear System(s): Just one is usually sufficient for a typical home or apartment. Costs from $99.00 to $195. Clarus Systems provides these devices for computers, home, auto, workplace, and personal applications. (A way of proving that they work is through Kirlian photography. Source: Clarus Systems Group, (800) 425-2787; 1120 Calle Cordillera; San Clemente, CA 92673; USA.

If you must watch TV at all, at least maintain a safe distance of at least 3 feet from the standard-size set -and more than 3 feet from larger screens. This does not apply to projection TV screens. (The harmful hidden psycho effects from TV are likely worse than its radiation effects. For TV is a chief tool for mind-control in America; and being mind-controlled has never been so much fun like it is today. The fact that you can't even bear the thought of life without TV proves you are a TV addict. And you go berserk when you lose your "remote controller." Really, it's YOU that is being remotely controlled! People have been turned into "Sheeple.")
Growing a tray or two of wheat grass in front of your TV also effectively neutralizes TV radiation! This must also work for computers. (You can buy live wheat grass trays from many healthfood stores. You might need to add soil to the trays.)
Switch to watching a black & white TV. It's vastly safer and does not have the emissions generated by color TV.
Do not place a child / infant's bed by a wall adjacent to a TV set. Why? Because EMF radiation goes through wood and other building materials. If a TV is placed with its back against an inside wall, radiation will be present in the adjoining room as if no wall were present.
Unplug your TV completely after turning it off because TVs are powerful emitters of magnetic radiation even when turned off.

Appliances, Devices
Unplug all electrical devices at their wall sockets, when possible, to prevent emissions from the cable and device itself.
Get rid of your microwave oven! It is a major health-hazard holding a respectable place in the standard American household.
Replace all your light bulbs with full-spectrum light bulbs (available at health stores, plant stores, etc.).
Avoid using fluorescent lights.

Stop wearing quartz wrist watches, especially on your left wrist. They adversely affect your acupuncture meridians. If you must wear a watch, use a mechanical one. Avoid watches with radium; radioactive radium on the watch-dial is harmful.
Stop wearing all shades and tinted glasses. They fractionate and pervert the light reaching your eyes, block UV rays, and disturb your endocrine balance.
Get your glasses or contact lenses changed to UVT (ultraviolet-transmitting) lenses or full-spectrum lenses.
Don't spend a lot of time on a cordless, cellular phone. They increase human risk of brain tumors.

Since most of us spend 6-9 hours in one place during sleep, it is important not to have any health hazards present that affect us repeatedly. EMFs from wiring, electric blankets, fans, etc., can be dangerous, as these fields impinge on the pineal gland, suppressing its production of the hormone melatonin. This can cause the liver to be unable to achieve its proper nighttime detoxification mode. Further, during sleep the normal detoxification process is blocked by electromagnetic stress on the meridians of the liver, gallbladder, lungs and large intestine. To reduce or eliminate EMF effects, unplug the appliances in your bedroom: heaters, lamps, waterbed heaters, clock radios, fans. Use your electric blanket only to warm the bed, then unplug it from the socket to avoid any residual current.

Eat primarily wholefoods, a natural food diet. Avoid denatured, processed, chemical-laden food, especially food made from white-bleached flour, white sugar, white grease /hydrogenated oil. The more you eat the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.!), the less your resistance to the harmful effects of EMF radiation (and other harmful influences). The ever-widening Huge Hole in Earth's ozone layer leaks in unnaturally huge volumes of radiation which puts Caucasians and very light-skinned people at increasing risk of skin cancer....UNLESS...they live on natural, organically grown wholefoods, plus periodically detoxify their bodies though juice fasting or eating raw fruit /veggies. Then they rarely, if ever, get skin cancer. Remember, natural wholefood is condensed Sunlight. Denatured processed food correspond to artificial light; both are harmful, essential twins.

Go Outside
Spend as much time as possible outdoors in the daytime without wearing glasses or shades -- in order to get exposure to natural light. You do not have to be in direct sunlight; sitting in the shade will work.







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