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Drugs Masquerading As Foods
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Thus, the following common advertisement
"Milk Does A Body Good"

Milk is rich in drugs, pus, poisons
& 'crack-hormones' fed to cows

We learned in chapter 4 that mothers' milk is now unfit food for their babies because it is highly contaminated with toxins from her Standard American Drugfood Diet. Same thang applies to cows. Centuries ago, people often got poisoned from the milk of foraging animals because the natural toxins in the plants which animals ate were secreted in the animals' milk. Today, cows are literally fed poisons, drugs, pesticides (to keep flies away from their feces), antibiotics and often the flesh from dead diseased cows (and other animals). Cows are also regularly injected with unnatural synthetic hormones and subjected in other ways to lethal chemical toxins. Many of these toxins wind up in her milk and products made from such milk: cheese, yogurt, baked goods. Toxins absorbed through the animal's gut and skin are secreted in the milk. In fact, antibiotics no longer work for many people because they have been drinking milk and eating dairy products containing increased amounts of these powerful drugs, found in cows' milk. Since cows are often fed molded grains, their milk also often has mold-toxins, including aflatoxins (which kills liver cells). All this underscores the fact that commercial dairy milk is DIE-ry milk, killer milk, killer cheese, rich in killer toxins from the cows' poisoned DIE-t.

Feces-based artificial hormones in
milk turn cows into hi-tech super MILK-Machines

50 years ago, the average cow produced 3000 pounds of milk per year. Today, the top producers yield 40,000 pounds or more! What makes this possible? The synthetic hormone "rBGH" (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone, also called Bovine Somatotropin or BST), plus drugs, antibiotics, specialized breeding, and forced feeding. Cows are being injected with genetically engineered versions of their own growth hormones. Bovine growth hormone (BGH) is a normal product of the pituitary gland of cows. The synthetic version, rBGH, is like "crack" for cows. It "revs" up their system, forcing them to overproduce milk. It makes cows sick and leads to increased pus, bacteria and saturated fat in milk. This unnatural rBGH is disgustingly made: Monsanto Agricultural Company of St. Louis, Missouri, isolated swarming E. Coli germs from human feces in the colon. They snip out a fraction of cow DNA that codes for this hormone, insert it into the DNA of the bacteria, grow the bacteria in vats, and extract large quantities of rBGH from the vats. In this way they created a strain able to recombine the natural cow-growth


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hormone into a new hormone more powerful than the natural cow hormone.1 Injected every two weeks into cows, this hormone changes the cows' milk while boosting milk production ­and boosting cancer rates in humans who consume the meat and milk from such animals.

No wonder most cows in
America are sick and diseased

­ 60% of America's dairy cows have leukemia virus.
­ In America, Mad Cow Disease is called Downer Cow Syndrome, which kills at least 100,000 cows per year.2 The dead diseased cows are made into feed which is fed back to cows or other animals, thus spreading the virus.3
­ The artificial growth hormone, rBGH, makes cows sick with mastitis (infected udders, hence more pus in milk), persistent sores and lacerations, severe reproductive problems, food and leg ailments, and digestive disorders, thus the cows are given enormous doses of antibiotics.

PRION-infected milk, dissolving
the brain of cows & humans

Feeding dead cows to cows results in diseased, unnatural milk and meat containing diabolical "prions" which can dissolve the brain in cows and in humans that drink the milk or eat the flesh of such cows. Horrible. Prions are tiny protein crystals; they are twisted variants of certain kinds of normal proteins. Prions are infective because when a twisted-prion comes in contact with normal-prion, it makes it twisted. The new twisted-prion has the same effect on any normal-prion protein it contacts, so the spread is like a domino effect. Prions are not viruses and they are not considered to be living because they do not have inputs /outputs, or respond to stimuli, or have DNA, or reproduce totally new copies of themselves. They slowly destroy the human brain until
Alzheimer-like symptoms develop. In fact, some cases of dementia, insanity and Alzheimer's are misdiagnosed prion-disease. After the first exposure to a prion, the onset of disease might take up to 20 years to develop. As it dissolves brain tissue, prions pockmark the brain with holes, making it resemble Swiss cheese or a sponge (hence the term spongiform). The diseases called Mad Cow Disease, Downer Cow Syndrome, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), Sheep Scrapie, ­and in humans­ the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), Kuru Disease (produced from human cannibalism), and Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker syndrome (GSS), are all really the same prion-disease.

1) Cohen, MTP, 192. 2) Ibid., 281. 3) Ibid.


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Recommendations for Better Health

AVOID or Reduce Eating:   Healthier Replacements:
· pasteurized cows' milk
· homogenized milk
· skim milk, evaporated milk
· babies' milk formulas
· powdered or dry milk
· ice cream, cream
· cheeses made with pasteurized milk and rennet
(a coagulating enzyme made from calf/pig stomachs; all cheese is made with rennet unless otherwise noted)
· all dairy products made from pasteurized cows' milk:
­­­­ butter ­ cream ­ ghee ­ whey ­ yogurt ­ kefir
­­­­cottage cheese ­ cream cheese
­­­­nondairy creamers (Most "nondairy creamers" do contain milk products; sod-ium or calcium caseinate and lactose)
· yeast powders (have up to 50% whey)
· "milk" chocolate & foods made with milk
· fake cheeses made with casein

>>.seed or nut milk
(see below)
>>.coconut milk (fresh)
>>. sesame seed milk (sesame has 1,125 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams [about 1/4 lb.], whereas a pint of milk has only 590 milligrams. Sesame seed also has lecithin and 19-28% more protein than most meat.)

>>. frozen ripe bananas or fruit
(Instead of ice cream. You may put it through a juicer, grinder or blender)
>>.RAW, unpasteurized milk
(preferably from GOATS since goat milk is greatly less mucus-forming & closer in composition to humans' milk)
>>.cheese made from raw milk
, rennetless cheese
>>.artificial milk /cheese /ice creams
(be careful; these are still drugfoods)



Making Nut Milks or Fruit Ice Cream

Sesame Seed Milk
­ 1/2 cup sesame seeds (blends easier if presoaked a few hours)
­ 2 cups water
­ 1/2 teaspoon maple syrup or Sucanat (optional)
Blend sesame and 1 cup water. Add sweetener and remaining water, blend a few seconds and strain if desired. Makes 2 1/4 cups. White, dehulled sesame may be used for a milder more milk-like drink, but unhulled is more nutritious. Has more calcium than cow's milk

Almond Milk
­ 1/2 cup almonds, chopped
­ 1 3/4 cups water
Blend 1/2 cup water with nuts for 1 minute. Add remaining liquid, blend, then strain out pulp if desired. Makes 2 1/4 cups.

Banana Marble Ice Cream
­ 6 large bananas, frozen on tray or in a cellophane bag
­ 2 cups of any (frozen) berries
Feed the bananas, one at a time, in a grinder, with chilled dish to catch the ice cream. When the banana is nearly ground, add a few frozen raspberries or strawberries for marbling. Serve at once. Serves 6.Making Nut Milks or Fruit Ice Cream


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