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Drugs Masquerading As Foods
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Drug # 6: DIE-ry Dairy, Mucus-Heaven, Hormony, Murder-Us Milk

Farmers know if you feed pasteurized milk to a calf, it will die within 6 weeks due to malnutrition.
In one study, animals died within 5 weeks of respiratory complications (mucus) when placed on a diet of pasteurized milk and orange juice.1 When raw milk is pasteurized, it is corrupted at the molecular level (like any food that's cooked) and loses most of its nutrition. It also loses phosphatase, an enzyme important for assimilating minerals, including calcium in the milk. Pasteurized milk is inferior and lacks the enzymes, vitamins and minerals required to maintain good health.

It is child-abuse to feed cows' milk to our babies

It is abuse to feed pasteurized milk to any creature.

Cows' milk raises babies' deathrate. In a study of over 20,000 babies, the rate of illness was compared between completely breast-fed babies and bottle-fed babies. Pasteurized milk-fed babies had a mortality rate 56 times greater than breast milk-fed babies. The general rate of sickness was nearly double for the pasteurized milk-fed babies.2

Cows' milk makes babies /children diabetic. At a Finland university, Dr. S. Virtanen discovered that feeding cows' milk to babies 3 months old and younger, often results in complete insulin deficiency.3 Bovine milk-protein destroys the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas and causes diabetes.

In children, milk is responsible for allergies, colic, colitis, earaches, colds, sore throats, congestion, respiratory illness and is linked to asthma.

Children who are fed cows' milk formulas grow up into adults with a higher susceptibility to multiple sclerosis than breast-fed children.

The BGH hormone in milk is linked to rapid, unnatural growth in children.

The human baby develops its brain first while the calf develops its bone structure first. Thus, human milk is high in phosphorus and the amino acid taurine, both important to brain development; while cows' milk is high in calcium ­for bone structure, and deficient in phosphorus and taurine. Cows' milk has 300% more casein than human milk. Casein furnishes a number of amino acids for supplying the protein molecules to build bone structure that will carry the calf's body weight. A baby human develops twice its weight in 7 months whereas a baby cow develops twice its weight in 7 weeks.

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Dairy is DIE-ry: Milk is the
top Heart-Attack-producing food

As shown by many studies, dairy products are a top cause heart attacks, strokes and atherosclerosis. Worse than pasteurized milk is homogenized milk, wherein all the fat is in microscopic pieces evenly distributed. This is a lethal heart hazard. In examining the deathrate from atherosclerosis (clogged arteries) in 13 nations, Dr. Kurt Oster1 found it correlated directly to the drinking of homogen-ized milk in that nation. Finland, a country with one of the highest rates of dairy consumption, also has the world's highest death rate from heart-disease. A 10-year study proved cooked milk is a primary contributor to all heart disorders. Heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans. 40% of America's diet is dairy, according to the USDA. These two facts are directly related.

Got Milk? Got Mucus!
Milk wins first place as the most mucus-forming of all foods. Drinking a cup of milk is like drinking a cup of mucus. Cheese has this quality 100-fold, being concentrated milk. It takes about 4-5 quarts of milk to make a pound of cheese. People that drink milk and eat dairy products are always full of snot, coughs, colds, congestion. This is why babies fed mostly on cow's milk have constantly running noses. CASEIN, the dominant protein in milk, is the main cause of mucus. Casein causes histamines in your body which create mucus, congestion. If you must have your cheese fix (you drugfood addict you), cut up a small amount in a big salad. This will counteract some of its clogging effects. And commercial ice cream is totally unfit and unsafe for con-sumption. Whether pasteurized or raw, dairy products from cows' milk are the most mucus-forming of all foods. This includes milk, cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, ice cream, skim milk, whey, butter, kefir and ghee. Robert Gray observed: "Every one of these is a pernicious mucoidformer. Goats' milk, how-ever, is substantially less mucoidforming than cow's milk."2

..and Got Glue!
80% of the protein in milk is CASEIN, a tenacious glue. Casein from cow's milk makes one of the strongest water-resistant glues. It holds together the wood in your furniture. It will glue you too! The main ingredient in Elmer's glue is casein. Casein is also found in some artificial "cheeses" at health stores.

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Is milk giving Asthma, Heart-Attacks
& Genocide to Afrikans?

Asthma is three times higher in Afrikans than in whites. The same Afrikans lead the nation in heart attack rates. Asthma and heart attacks are both directly linked to diary consumption. 80% of all milk protein is CASEIN, the most allergenic substance found in our foods. Casein is also a tenacious glue used to hold furniture together. Casein causes histamines in your body which create mucus. This mucus fills the lungs, making breathing difficult, if not impossible. In asthma, the muscular spasms, together with increased mucus, are brought on by histamine produced by the body's immune system during an allergic response. In just New York half a million children have asthma and most of them are Black and poor. Courtesy of the USDA they get free breakfast and lunch. A major part of that meal program is casein-containing milk-&-dairy. Thus, these freefood programs are largely harmful to Afrikan children. The government /USDA know that Blacks can't digest dairy. 90% of Blacks do not produce lactase, the enzyme necessary to digest lactose, the sugar in all milk products.

4000 Colored Babies die from cows' milk every 24 hours
A more effective program of apparent Genocide-Disguised-As-Benevolence-from-Albinos is rampant in Afrika and the "Thirdworld," causing the eventual death of 4000 Babies of Color each day. These mentally colonized people have been well conditioned by their colonizers to highly regard anything from Albinos. Mothers are the victims of vast campaigns selling western infant form-ulas. Shortly after birth in a maternity hospital, their babies are fed free milk formula from western corporations. As mothers leave the hospital they are given more free samples of infant formulas. They assume it's the best food for their babies since it's from the hospital. Worse, they believe their own breastmilk is inferior. "They think that in using the formulas they are feeding their children the modern way. They think bottle feeding is 'glamorous, convenient, highly scientific and nutritionally superior.' That's what the advertisements have told them."1 The formulas lack the immunological protection their own milk would provide. Further, these illiterate mothers cannot read the directions to sterilize the baby bottles /water; and pure water is not usually available anyway. Now their babies will be subjected to diseases they would not have gotten otherwise. Soon their babies get sick. At the same time, the mothers can't afford the high cost of the formulas. If they try to go back to breast feeding they can't because their milk has dried up. To stretch the formula they can afford to buy, they add water to it. They watch helplessly as their babies get diarrhea so severe that all they can do is cry in pain ­deprived of adequate nutrition, growing weaker each day, and wracked by parasitic and infectious diseases. They love their babies and would do anything to help them. In desperation they go without food themselves to save money to buy more formula. Over 1.5 million Colored Babies die yearly from this "Bottle Baby Disease." For Thirdworld babies exclusively breastfed, the deathrate drops 95%.

1) Robbins, May All Be Fed, 129.

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Thus, Nature's perfect food for baby cows is definately not Nature's perfect food for Afrikans... or any people.

Cancer proliferates from the IGF hormones in milk

The most powerful growth hormone in the human body is identical to the growth hormone in cows! 1 It is called IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor). Whenever you consume milk /cheese, you are ingesting this hormone, found in commercial cows' milk. The same hormone in milk is the key factor in every human cancer. As noted by Robert Cohen in MILK The Deadly Poison, his exposé book on milk and the dairy industry:

"There are studies that the dairy industry refuses to release...Thousands of things cause cancer, but one hormone that you naturally produce is the key factor in the growth of each human cancer, particularly breast cancer. There are millions of hormones in the animal kingdom, but only one hormone that is exactly alike between two species. That hormone is called insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) and is an exact match between humans and cows. When drinking a 12-oz. glass of milk, you double the amount of that hormone in your body -a hormone described by scientists and scientific journals as the key factor in cancer's growth and proliferation."

IGF-1 levels are being artificially increased in much cows' milk sold in the U.S. IGF-1 in the blood is linked with higher risks for common cancers than any other factor discovered. Studies link this hormone with a 7-fold increase in risk of breast cancer and a 4-fold risk of prostate cancer.2 Both are major killers of men and women in America and other industrialized countries.

Commercial milk causes many other diseases
Pasteurized milk is a poor source of calcium. Since it's cooked (pasteurized), its calcium is mostly inorganic, hence unusable. Also, its mineral/calcium-assimilating enzyme ­phosphatase­ is 100% destroyed. Furthermore, in order to absorb calcium, the body needs comparable amounts of another mineral, magnesium. Milk and dairy contains only small amounts of magnesium. Without *magnesium, the body only absorbs 25% of dairy calcium. The remainder of the calcium causes or contributes to kidney stones, arthritis, atherosclerosis (by building plaque on our artery walls), and osteoporosis. In fact, 25 million American women over age 40 have bone-crippling arthritis and osteoporosis. These women have been drinking about two pounds of milk per day for their entire adult lives. Osteoporosis results from calcium loss, not from a lack of calcium intake. The large amount of protein in milk results in a 50% loss of calcium in the urine. 3 Plant calcium (from leafy greens and vegetables) is far better absorbed than milk calcium.

1) Cohen, MDP, 70. 2) Lancet, May 98; JScience, Jan. 1998. 3) Cohen, MDP, 266.
* Magnesium itself requires vitamin B6 in order to be properly absorbed; and taking one B-vitamin instead of the B-complex creates other problems. All this reflects the importance of eating wholefoods, not fractionated foods.

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