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Drugs Masquerading As Foods
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Drug # 3: White Fatal Fats


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Recommendations for Better Health

AVOID or Reduce Eating:   Healthier Replacements:
· all types /brands of margarine
· shortening (will shorten your life)
· baking sprays
· expeller pressed oil
· most "cold pressed" oils
· canola oil (totally avoid!)
· corn oil, soy oil
· peanut oil (has aflatoxin)
· peanut butter (hydrogenated)
· chocolate candy
coconut oil [ see Correction below]
· palm & palm kernel oil
· cottonseed oil
· pasteurized butter
· lard, animal fat
· mayonnaise
· tartar sauce
· oil-based salad dressings

· cooked fatty /greasy foods:
­­­­ ice cream, chocolate candy
­­­­ fried foods, stir fry
­­­­ donuts, corn dogs
­­­­ "fries", onion rings
­­­­ egg rolls, wontons, fondue
­­­­ gravies, creamed sauces

· many granolas
(loaded with fat /sugar)

Meet your oil /fat needs with unprocessed raw oily wholefoods like avocados, nuts, and the seeds of hemp, sesame, sunflower, and flax (flax ­very rich in rare linolenic acid).
>>.Hemp seed (essential fatty acids & more)
>>.Bee pollen (essential fatty acids & lecithin).

Remember, ALL extracted oils are fractionated, hence drugfoods. Best to choose "cold pressed" or "expeller-pressed" oils. Use sparingly):
>>.olive oil (Virgin /extra virgin, unfiltered. Does not become rancid without refrigeration. Least processed of oils. Virgin means from 1st pressing)
>>.sesame oil (Lightest of veg oils. Has sesamol, a natural antioxidant that prevents the oil from spoiling. Is the most stable naturally-occurring veg oil, hence can be stored a long time without going rancid. Is one of the few oils that can be made without refining.)
>>.tahini (ground sesame seed spread)
>>.safflower or sunflower oil
>>.these "supplement" polyunsaturated oils:
­­­ flaxseed oil ­ hemp seed oil (best if greenish)
­­­ primrose oil ­ wheatgerm oil
>>.raw butter or cream (From organic goats /cows. Better to use butter than margarine; butter is real; all margarines are unnatural)

CORRECTION: Coconut Oil is safe and healthy to eat!
It also curbs /prevents internal fungus growth. Enjoy it like butter.



>. Olive or sesame oils, good for salad dressings. Flaxseed oil, a good butter replacement.
>. Avoid a high-salt diet because it creates a craving for fats.
>. Avoid all rancid (spoiled) oils. You can identify a rancid unrefined oil by its unusually strong odor and sharp or bitter flavor. The off-odors are gases produced by the reactive fatty acid molecules. Spoilage in refined oils is harder to detect because such oils have their odor-bodies removed. Dispose of older oils, especially if they have been opened but have sat unused for long periods.
>. Lipase, a fat-digesting enzyme, is recommended for people with poor fat-assimilation.
>. Fried fats are highly carcinogenic. If you plan on cooking with oils anyway, don't let oils heat to smoking. Never re-use oil that has been used for frying.
>. Safflower oil is good for frying /hi-temp cooking.
>. Fish oil is risky, likely toxic
, since almost all fish are living in polluted waters.
>. Ground flaxseed may be used as generous toppings on food or mixed in beverages.
>. Primrose oil, lecithin, and ground flaxseed helps drive toxic oils out the tissues.


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