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Drugs Masquerading As Foods

Supermarkets are disguised
killer Drugstores

...and 99% of the "foods" in supermarkets and grocery stores are not foods but toxic Drugs Masquerading As Foods. Drugs laced with food. Healthfood stores are hardly better. And the American populace is deliciously deceived as they slowly kill themselves with each meal. If someone comes at you with a dagger, you know you're in danger and need to defend yourself, else get hurt or even killed. But if someone comes at you with a donut, the average person will take the donut and eat it, ­and essentially get "cut up" inside as that deadly donut­ which is 100% composed of hard drugfood­ does its damage to the body in concert with all the other toxic killer drugfoods eaten by the same unsuspecting hungry victim. So if you are not eating TRUE Health-foods, then you are eating Death-foods by default! Drugs Masquerading As Foods. And you are a drugfood addict, whether or not you eat so-called "health foods." If you care about your precious health, there are actions you can take to defend your health from the constant attacks upon it. Attacks not only from Drugfood but from other Disguised Weapons softly assaulting us 24 hours a day. For yes, Drugfoods are also disguised weapons of war ­and even mind control, ­and the whole American populace is under attack ...in a "Quiet War" fought with "Silent Weapons." AFRIKANS are the most targeted in this Quiet War and consequently suffer the highest mortality rate than any other ethnic group in America.

This book and its other volumes (Unfood By The UnPeople and Don't Worry, Be Healthy!) show you how to defend, protect, and empower yourself, and survive ­even achieve Fabulous Health. For such is possible in a toxic world if you know how and are willing to put forth the effort to achieve and maintain it. When Earth has finally been detoxed and healed, the task of maintaining our health will almost be as easy as breathing. Our disconnection from wholefoods is linked to our disconnection from our common mother, Mother Nature. In fact, our Great Gap from this Divine Feminine Principle of Life is resulting in accelerating Planetcide. It naturally follows that getting back in Harmony and Alignment with our Mother: Nature ­is the real and true key to our real and true Health ...and survival. Are you ready? You are? OK, finish your hormoned, nitrated, dyed, irradiated, pesticide-enriched, antibiotic-ladden hamburger, ­or your carcinogenic-mushroomed, calcium-leaching, digestion-proof, isolated-soy-protein veggie burger and let's begin.


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books art order vibralator 666 3skor space lynx
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