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As Foods

Deliciously Killing
American-Afrikans &

All Peoples

by Suzar, N.D., D.M.


Paperback, Illustrated,
Indexed. 280 pages

Drugs Masquerading As Foods, Book Cover

Silent, deadly, delicious. Drugfoods kill over 240,000 Americans every 2 months from degenerative diseases they cause, accounting for more than 2/3 of U.S. deaths! Blacks lead the nation in mortality rates from drugfood diseases! Sickness, not Health, is a Trillion dollar-a-year industry in America. And you, yes YOU are a Drugfood Addict! Among other vital things, this life-saving book identifies The Five Fatal Foremost Traits of Killer Drugfoods and just which "foods" are really Drugs Masquerading as Foods, killing us slowly, little by little, with each delicious bite!


Never in history has the route to
Disease & Death been so pleasurable!
Drugs Masquerading As Foods
Delicious slow death. There are worse ways to exit!
Find out what these culprits (kill-prits)
are and save yo self!
"They look so innocent,
they taste so good,
they are attractively packaged,
they are gloriously advertised,
they are deceptively
presented to us as food.
We buy them and eat them,
believing they are food.
They are not food.
They are deadly highly addictive
Drugs Masquerading as Foods.
Filling our supermarkets,
crowding our cabinets,
dominating our refrigerators.
We eat the so-called food
but really, the food is eating us,
killing us by degrees,
little by little
with each delicious bite!


Dr. S. Epps, N.D., D.M.

Copyright © 1999, 2003, 2017 by Suzar (Dr. S. Epps)
All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this work in
any form, without permission in writing from the publisher,
except for brief passages in articles and reviews.
The clip-art is used with permission and is © 1996
by The Learning Company & its licensors.

Written, designed & partly illustrated by Suzar.

First Printing, First Edition, September 1999.
Printed in the United States of America.

The information contained herein is for education,
not medical advice or prescriptions.

ISBN: 0-9675394-0-4

Published by
A-Kar Productions


Dedicated to the Loving Great Blak Mamma Of Creation



Supermarkets are disguised killer Drugstores x

And You Thought You Were Eating Food

Yes YOU too, are an addict! ­a Drugfood Addict! 2
In reality, Drugfoods are disguised weapons
killing over 240,000 Americans every two months!
Degenerative diseases cause more than 2/3 of U.S. deaths! 4
America, in fact, is the sickest nation in the world 4
Disease & Drugs are BIG business.
$ickness, not health, is a trillion dollar-a-year industry 5
SOUL-food is killer slave-food sending Afrikans to early graves 9
Do Blacks really lead the nation in
mortality rates from drugfood diseases?! 10
To eat wholistically is a return to our Afrikan roots 12
What is your most precious material possession? 13
Incredible facts about your awesome precious Body 14
Incredible facts about Black Melanin 16


The Five Fatal Foremost
Traits of Killer Drugfoods

The commercial foods of the "Western Diet"
are legal disguised drugs...foodlaced drugs 18
Drugfoods are killers because they are made with Produce that is... 19
1. Perverted before birth. 19
2. Grown in poison. 20
3. Sprayed with death. 21
4. DEAD ­especially from cooking & irradiation. 24
Why is nuclear irradiation & irradiated food harmful? 25
5. Processed and embalmed with chemical poisons 26
Khemical Kuisine: Food in your Poison? 27
Thus, drugfood mucks you. Effects of a drugfood diet include: 31
Return to whole organic "real food" and save yourself! 32


What's Done to the
Produce is Done to the Farm Animals

Farm Animals suffer the same treatment as the Produce 34
Commercial fleshfood is killer drugfood
because it's made with animals that are... 34
1. Perverted, bastardized before birth. 34
2. Grown in, and fed, poisons (and feces)
to keep their diseased bodies alive. 35
3. Sprayed, injected with death. 37
4. DEAD(ER), especially from cooking /irradiation. 37
5. Processed and embalmed with chemical poisons. 38


What's Done to the
Produce & Animals is Being Done to Us!

We are suffering the same fate as the
supermarket-produce & factory farm-animals we eat! 40
1. Perverted (cheated, mutated) before birth. 40
2. Grown in, and fed poisons. 42
3. Dosed, doused, injected with death (poisons). 47
Adverse Drug-Reactions is the 4th top cause of death in the U.S. 47
Our helpless children are being legally drugged 49
Drugs don't heal; they only suppress symptoms,
lower vitality, and destroy vitamins & nutrients 50
4. Half DEAD and DYING faster, from being
cooked 24 hours a day in harmful EMF radiations
. 55
Why is electromagnetic radiation (ELFs /EMFs) harmful? 56
Why is artificial light harmful? 58
Sunlight is a primal element of life. Artificial light is druglight. 59
Why is Microwave Radiation harmful? 61
Why is X-radiation harmful? 62
5. Processed, embalmed, treated with chemical poisons. 64
Ten Common Toxic Chemicals in your Body-care Stuff 65
The druglord-chemical corporations are killing
us with their poisons and heavily charging us for it! 66
All poisons, drugs, and drugfood "trap" your blood-proteins 68
What's done to the Produce,
Animals & Us is being done to the Planet! 70


The Top Drugfood-Weapons
Killing Us Slowly & Deliciously

Drug #1:
Wicked White Sugar 73
Why are refined sugars deadly? 78
Recommendations for Better Health 79

Drug #2 :
Constipating, Ossifying Wretched White Flour 80
Why is refined starch deadly? 81
Recommendations for Better Health 82

Drug #3 :
White Fatal Fats 83
Why is hydrogenated fat deadly? 89
Why are heat-processed and many
"cold pressed" polyunsaturated oils deadly? 89
Recommendations for Better Health 90

Drug #4:
White Refined Insidious Salt 91
Why is refined salt harmful? 94
Recommendations for Better Health 95

Drug #5:
Waters of Woe 96
Why is tap water & mineral-loaded water harmful? 100
Why is all bottled water harmful? 101
Recommendations for Better Health 102

Drug #6:
DIE-ry Dairy, Mucus-Heaven, Hormony, Murder-Us Milk 103
Dairy is DIE-ry; Milk is the top Heart-Attack-producing food 104
Is milk giving Asthma, Heart-Attacks & Genocide to Afrikans? 105
Milk is rich in drugs, pus, poisons & 'crack-hormones' fed to cows 107
Why is pasteurized, homogenized milk deadly? 110
Each SIP of MILK & every BITE of CHEESE provide you with: 111
Recommendations for Better Health 112

Drug #7:
Cancer-Yes Commercial Flesh 113
Pick your favorite cancer... 118
Five special reasons to stop or limit eating animals 119
Why is animal flesh deadly? 125
Recommendations for Better Health 127

Drug #8:
Body-Bankrupting Beverages 128
Solvents, the unrecognized health-buster lurking in our drinks 129
Why are soft drinks harmful? 130
Why are all bottled drink/juices harmful? 130
Why are coffee /tea /cola harmful? 131
Recommendations for Better Health 132

Drug #9:
Demented Fermented Fungus-Funky Foods 133
Why are fermented /moldy /yeasted foods harmful? 138
Recommendations for Better Health 140
Using Vitamin C to Remove Mold & Mold Toxins from Foods 140

Drug #10:
Spiteful Spices, Conning Condiments 141
Why are spices and condiments harmful? 142
Recommendations for Better Health 143

Drug #11:
Nerve-Nocking Chocolate 144
Why is chocolate /cocoa harmful? 144
Recommendations for Better Health 144

Drug #12:
Mutant, Malnourishing, Pesticided Commercial Produce 145
60-70% of the foods on your grocery shelves
are Gene-Raped Foods. Well-disguised drugfoods. 146
Dangers of genetically engineered, bastard, mutant, freak-foods 147
Most commonly detected pesticides on commercial produce 148
Avoid "TTT" ­the Top-Toxic Twelve most pesticided produce 149
Why is commercial produce harmful? 151
Recommendations for Better Health 152
Cleansing & Removing Pesticides from Fruit & Vegetables 152

Drug #13:
Wannabee Whatever FakeFoods 153
Recommendations for Better Health 154

Drug #14:
Freaked Fractionated Nutrients 155
Albinos started & developed "isolated nutrition".... 158
Your nasty noxious nutritional supplements 159
The outright poisons in your nutritional & herbal supplements. 160
A glimpse of frauds and fallacies in nutritional supplements 162
Energy and Stimulation are not the same. As with drugs,
depletion of energy is the secondary effect of supplements. 165
The SOLUTION: Only Mother Nature's way is best. 166
The Human Body can make protein, minerals,
vitamins & other nutrients from Sunlight & Air 173
Why are fractionated vitamins /nutrients harmful? 175
Recommendations for Better Health 177
Top Sources of Organic Minerals in Raw Plantfood 178
Top Sources of Vitamins /Nutrients in Raw Plantfood 179

Drug #15:
Vitality-Sapping Cooked Food 180
Advantages & Benefits of a Rawfood diet 191
Recommendations for Better Health 193

Drug #16:
Personal Allergy Food 194
Recommendations for Better Health 196


Vegetables & Grains are
Unnatural and Contain Natural Poisons

Most vegetables are not natural! Plus they contain natural poisons! 198
Drug #17:
Cultivated: Gravity Grains 200
Drug #18:
Cultivated: Vice Veggies 201
The Natural Poisons in Vegetables! 202
Despite their natural poisons, vegetables have many benefits 214
Natural toxins in Grains 215
Why are all grains harmful? 217
Why are vegetables harmful? 218
Recommendations for Better Health 218


So What is Humanity's Proper Food?

Raw FRUIT, Humanity's perfect food and diet? 220
The craving for "sweets" is a craving for Love. Fruit is Love. 222
Sweet Properties of Raw Fruit (organically grown) 223
Advantages & Benefits of a Rawfood, Fruitarian diet 224
Is an all-fruit diet unhealthy?
The charges against fruits are baseless 226
"Changes" & Transformations you may
go through when you "go raw" or Fruitarian 230
Precautions for an all-fruit diet 233
Stay in the BLACK with Health:
Eat the DARKest of natural wholefoods 235
A successful fruitarian diet used in a study 236
Rawfood Recipes 236
Feas(t)able Diet Pyramid for Good Health 240
Breatharianism is even higher than Fruitarianism 241
Recommendations for Better Health 242
Food Guide Summary · Recommendations for Better Health 243

31 Health-Survival Books by Afrikans 245
Bibliography 246
Index 251
Preview of next two volumes 265

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