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Blacked Out Through Whitewash
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 The "obscure" Mound Builders were
Indigenous BLACKS of North America;
ancestors of America's "Washitaw Empire"

Ancient-American Negroid Artifact
Ancient Negroid basalt mask found in Canada in 1879
Ancient-American Negroid Artifact
Ancient Negroid stone artifact from Burrows Cave, Illinois
Empress of the Washitaw
Empress of the Washitaw:
Her Highness, Verdiacee Tiari Washitaw-Turner Goston El-Bey
Though so many have been deliberately destroyed, over 200,000 ancient pyramids and huge mounds of earth in the shape of cones, animals and geometric designs can still be found from the southern coast of America to Canada. These structures were built by a so-called "obscure" people largely known as "the Mound Builders." The truth about the Mound Builders is suppressed. Why? Because they were an advanced civilization of dark-skinned woolly-haired Blacks who were indigenous (native) to North America ­kin to the Olmecs of South America. At one time the Afrikan and American continents were joined, as proven by their America-Afraka joinedsimilarity of tropical plants and animals, geographic traits, and their appearance of fitting together. The Black Mound Builders were the Washitaw-Muurs (Ouachita-Moors), the ORIGINAL inhabitants of North and South America. Many [really MOST!] Blacks in North America are unknowing descendants of these mound-building indigenous BLACKS ­and NOT descendants of Black Afrikan slaves! ..."aMERica" is "aMOORica." Therefore, Columbus was not entirely wrong in calling these people "Indians"! For the true meaning of word "Indian" is Black Person! ( "INDI" means black, as in INDIa ink, hINDu and INDIgo the darkest color of the spectrum). The massive remains of this ancient BLACK civilization /empire "stands as one of the best-kept archaeological secrets in the country." Ancient American Magazine (Issue 17) reported: "Evidence for black-skinned natives in the Americas long before the arrival of Columbus is abundant. From the distinctly negroid features of colossal Olmec sculpted heads and a pre-Aztec obsidian bowl being upheld by a figure with unmistakably black characteristics, to the bones of negroid persons excavated from a 2,000 year-old mound in northern Wisconsin, a wealth of material exists to establish the certainty of non-White, non-Indian population living in pre-Columbian America along with these other groups." Many Mound Builders were huge; their ancient skeletons were often 7 to 8 feet. The only other living people on Earth this tall are another group of Blacks, the Massai of Afrika. It is difficult finding information about this highly suppressed subject of the Black Mound Builders. Many details are available in "Return of the Ancient Ones," a book by the Empress of the Washitaw, Her Highness: Verdiacee 'Tiari' Washitaw-Turner Goston El-Bey. She is the Empress and Head of the present-day Washitaw Nation in Louisiana, which is recognized by the United Nations. Click here to contact the Nation's official website (http://washitawNation.com). The Washitaw Nation -- Uaxashaktun de Dugdamoundyah -- exists as the world's oldest sovereign and independent nation, and is the living ascendant of the ancient empire that first ruled the Americas.


Ancient NATIVE Black Nations of
America before and after Columbus include:

  • The Washitaw of the Louisiana/Midwest
  • The Yamasee of the South East
  • The Iroquois
  • The Cherokee Indians
  • The Blackfoot Indians
  • The Pequot and Mohegans of Connecticut
  • The Black Californians (Calafians) (CAL in CALifornia literally means BLAK, after the name of the Great Mamma KALi / Queen KALifa)
  • The Olmecs of Mexico
  • The Darienite of Panama

A number of Black Negroid Peoples are mentioned in the works of I. Rafinesque ("Black Nations of America," Atlantic Journal and Friend Knowledge; Philadelphia 1832; p. 86: Also I. Rafinesque, pgs. 121, 186, 187, 194, 208, 209). Rafinesque was a naturalist who explored and took accurate documentation of his works througout the U.S. In mentioning Negroes, Blacks, Moors, Ethiopians....explorers such as Rafinesque referred to Negro Black Africans, not darkskinned "Indians."

Native Negroid and Mongoloid Indians living together, 1730s

Afrakan & Native-Negroid presence
in ancient America are documented in:
· They Came Before Columbus
, by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima
· The African Presence in Early America, by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima
· Dawn Voyage, The Black Discovery of America, by Michael Bradley
· Ancient Egyptians in Middle & South America, by R. A. Jairazbhoy
· Ancient Egypt, Mexico & the United States, by R. A. Jairazbhoy
· Ancient American Magazine)

· Return of the Ancient Ones
, by the Empress of the Washitaw,
Her Highness: Verdiacee 'Tiari' Washitaw-Turner Goston El-Bey, washitawNation.com
· The Black Nations of America, by I. Rafinesque (pub. 1833; Philadelphia PA)
· Chart of Black Civilizations, webpage 4 and page 5
· Black Americas SuperPower Instead of Repatriation, webpage

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