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Blacked Out Through Whitewash
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Nappy hair is divine ­the choice of God!


Like Christ, "His son" and all the founders of world religions, God Himself has kinky, nappy hair according to the Bible, where God ­the "Ancient of days" is described as having hair "like the pure wool" (Daniel 7:9). The apocryphal Book of Enoch (46:1) states the same: "There I beheld the Ancient of days, whose head was like white wool..." 1 The power that causes galaxies to spiral, stars, planets and atoms to spin; that causes the double helix spiral of the DNA molecule; this same spiraling power causes spiraling hair -otherwise known as NAPPY, kinky, curly, crinkly, bushy, frizzy, wavy, WOOLLY hair! The words, SPIN, SPIRAL, and SPIRITUAL have common roots! The Supreme Power spins; spirals; it is spiritual. It moves or spirals the universe! The entire universe ever dances in spirals and rotations; everything in it reflects the "SPIRaling, SPIRitual" essence out of which it is made! Everything is alive with Spirit, the vital principle or animating lifeforce within all living beings. In many languages, the word for Spirit, Breath, and Air are identical: Sanskrit prana, Hebrew ruach, Greek pneuma, Latin spiritus. For breath and life are One. Latin spirare means to breathe; Latin spir and Greek speira mean coil. The Spiral Principle of the Universe is what makes nappy hair nappy -or spiraling.


Nappy hair is "the hair of the gods"
­spiraling hair expressing the
Spiral Principle of Creation

The "SPIRal" is the movement of Creation. The Spiral, especially the Golden Spiral, is the most profound motion in the universe. At the same time, it is the most profound design in the universe ­built into all lifeforms, from seashells to man, to spiraling nappy hair!

  • Your blood spirals through your veins!
  • Plants spiral up from the soil!
  • And nappy hair spirals out from the hair roots!
  • Witness the unique spiral or whorl on your fingertips.
  • Ball your hand into a fist and slowly extend each finger and you will see for yourself how the tip of each finger opens in a golden spiral path!
  • Observe the spiraling of ocean waves and wind, of animal horns, of spirulina ­a superfood algae that resembles nappy hair, the spiral in your ears, in flowers and throughout Nature.

1) The Book of Enoch, translated by Laurence, 31.

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  • Observe the spiraling of ocean waves and wind, of animal horns, of spirulina ­a superfood algae that resembles nappy hair, the spiral in your ears, in flowers and throughout Nature.
Straight-haired people also have a spiral on their heads, visible as a whorl pattern with its center in the back of the head, where their straight hair grows out slanting in the whorl's direction. Woolly haired people have both, the whorl pattern and the individually spiraling strands of helixal, coiled, spring-like, nappy hair...the choice of the gods! It's no wonder that SPIRaling hair was regarded a sign of SPIRituality and divinity, and prized as "the hair of the gods."

Spiral Galaxy

Seashell Spiral

Nappy cells
of Spirulina

Did Jesus have dredlocks?
The Prophet Jesus was a Nazarite: a vow of Nazarites (Nazarenes) was to never cut their hair but "let the locks of the hair of his head grow" (Num. 6:2, 5, Lev. 19:27; 21:5). The word Nazarite is from nazar, meaning unshorn and consecrated to God. It has nothing to do with Nazareth.1 In India, nazar means sight and internal or supernatural vision.2 The Nazarenes (also known as the Essenes) were reknown for their prophets or seers.

The firstborn child, in some Afrikan traditions, especially the daughter, is dedicated to God and their hair is never cut, but allowed to grow as locks ­especially if the child is a descendant of a healer or shaman. Such a "Child of God" is highly revered and believed to inherit healing powers bestowed by God.3 Afrikans of the Nile Valley, that is, the ancient Egyptians, often wore their nappy hair in locks, as evidenced by their sculptural reliefs. Apollo, originally a Black god adopted from Afrika by the Greeks, was the sun and Homer called him "he of the unshorn hair." 4 The Bible states "He shall be holy, and shall let the locks of the hair of his head grow" (Num. 6:5). Samson, the most famous example of locked hair, had seven locks (Jud. 13:5, 16:17,19). Samson was the Judaic version of the Sungod called Shams-On in Arabia, Shamash in Babylon, Hercules in Greece, and Ra in Egypt. Samson's name signifies the sun. His seven locks were the sun's rays with their seven colors or vibrations. His loss of hair meant the cutting of the sun-god's rays, in the winter season when he became weak.

Medusa's "hair of snakes" were really dredlocks
She was the Afrikan serpent-goddess representing Female Wisdom and was called "the mother of all gods, whom she bore before childbirth existed." In typical treatment of maligning Afrikan tradition, European "classic myth" made Medusa into a monster; the terrible Gorgon whose look turned men to stone. The Gorgons were a trinity whose names were Medusa, Stheino, and Euryale ­­or Wisdom, Strength, and Universality. European writers pretended they were monsters, but these are not the names of monsters! Medusa was the Destroyer aspect of the Triple Goddess called Neith in Egypt and Athena in Greece. Medusa's name is derived from Egyptian Maat (Truth), which also gives us the words medicine, mathematics, and Sanskrit medha (female wisdom).


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