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Blacked Out Through Whitewash


Your right to remain DECEIVED,
misled and ignorant


You have the right to remain DECEIVED; the right to remain misled and ignorant; the right to drop this book like a hot potato when the truth becomes too searing to bear, melting the ice of Quantum Deception composing the foundation of the culture encompassing us. You also have the right to know the truth. If you prefer not to know the truth, you can gracefully back out right now and stop reading this book... ... ... That you are still reading is possible evidence that at least a part of you is willing or brave enough to glimpse a portion of the truth. Beware however, when the chick breaks forth from its egg of ignorance, it cannot go back into its shell! From then on, its life is permanently, irrevocably changed.

We do not realize the depth of darkness we have been living in until the blinding light of truth starts to shine in. Never having experienced the orgasm of truth, we don't know what we are missing and thus are content with Counterfeits. We don't realize how snug and comfortable our ignorance and Deception are until they are threatened, ransacked, severed, cut up by the double edge Sword of Truth. In other words, knowing the truth may be initially painful. But this pain is small compared to the pain of ignorance and Deception that perpetuates Humanity's wretched condition. Ignorance is no longer bliss. For the errors we make, paths we take, and decisions we make due to ignorance and our having been Deceived, is tremendously harming us, even killing us, while robbing our happiness along the way.

If you know you're a slave, you will probably seek to free yourself. But if you do not know you're a slave, you will likely remain in bondage, never reaching your true potential, never even seeking the freedom that should be your birthright but was robbed from you before you were born. Being ignorant of true, relevant, vital history, we are content to be "hundred-naires" when it is our birthright to be millionaires and billionaires. The sad part is that we don't miss it; for we don't know enough to know how abysmally we have been cheated, Deceived, misled, lied to, and kept in ignorance. The depth of the Deception perpetrated upon all of us has been and still is "unfathomable." It is primarily this Deception that allows the present situation of the world to both continue and perpetuate itself. In fact, the "victims" (us) participate in and maintain their own subservience ­so well have we been conditioned and brainwashed. "Education" and the Media (TV especially) are principal tools in this ongoing Grand Theft, Deception, and Manipulation.

This book exposes the Quantum Deception. This reference book is also about rediscovering and recovering suppressed and vital truths, especially in History and Cosmology, ­particularly the jet black, Krystal Black Truth that has been WHITE-washed so well that when it is finally witnessed in its original ebony form, it is virtually unbelievable, which is why I say: "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall BLOW YOUR MIND! ­your false mind! Then it will set you FREE!" The SEVEN volumes of this book is not the whole Truth but a key hunk of it! As we reclaim our parts (RA-member, or put our light back together) and become whole, we likewise gain more insight and find even more of our missing members. As we recover the real truth about our History, Herstory, and Divine Identity, we simultaneously recover our fragmented consciousness and thus our lost and stolen Power. We are then in a much better position to keep our Power. Thus we have much greater strength to HEAL ourselves and with it, the Planet. I now invite you to finish reading the rest of this book at the risk of losing your (false) mind, and be firmly on the road to recovering your true mind.




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books art order vibralator 666 3skor space lynx
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