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"Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth


Blacked Out Through Whitewash
by SuZar

Unabridged. Volume 1 of 7, 450 pages.
Paperback. Fully Illustrated, Indexed.
Black Resources Guide Included.
$49. 00

Dear People of Color,
There is vital, earthshaking knowledge about People of Color,
especially Blak people, that has been
suppressed, hidden, banned, distorted,
stolen, obscured, lied about, denied
and outright destroyed

but is now coming to light as People of All Colors
in America and around the World awaken to the Truth.
Now hold onto your seat as I give you highlights & details...

 Black Resources Guide Included

This book is one of the greatest EXPOSÉS
of the last two millenniums

This book exposes the Quantum Deception composing the Foundation of Western Culture, Religion & His-Story. It exposes some of the greatest Coverups in "His-Story" & the massive Mind-Control and Deception perpetrated in the name of "the Lord." This book also recovers lost and suppressed Melanated Truths. It is critical for Afrikan people and ALL Peoples to awaken to these quantum truths which have been hidden from Humanity for 2000 years. Recovering these suppressed Truths is vital for the full Awakening, Upliftment, Liberation, Healing, Kinship, Empowerment, and thus the SURVIVAL, of ALL HuHuManity.

Among other things, this book irrefutably exposes and proves that the entire Bible is disguisedly an astrology/astronomy book, composed of disguised zodiacs and Egyptian astrological allegories. And 90% of the evidence for this is from the Bible itself! For example, Suzar has discovered that the true etymology or meaning of the names of all the many groups of 12 in the Bible, aligns with a major trait of the astrological sign which that name /individual represents. Thus, the name Thomas Didymus (a disciple of Christ) literally means twin-twin, and stands for Gemini. The name Gad (a son of Jacob) means goat, hence is Capricorn. This is 100% consistent throughout the Bible. Turn to Genesis, chapter 49 where astrology is especially evident. Here, in the "blessings" which dying Jacob (representing the setting, hence, dying Sun) gives to each of his "sons" is a major astrological trait identifying that son with the zodiac sign he stands for: Joseph= Sagittarius and is linked with archers; Judah= Leo and is linked with lions; Zebulon= Pisces and is linked with the sea; Simeon & Levi "are brethren" -distinguished from their other "brethren" because they represent Gemini, and so on. Another blatant example: Go to chapter 3 of Nehemiah. "In his account of the reconstruction of the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah appropriately begins at the Sheep Gate, which of course is Aries. As to be expected, there are 12 gates. Unlike the names of personages, half of these gate names are stark clear about which zodiacal sign they represent. Nehemiah's 'wall' symbolizes the Zodiac...."

Other topics: Secrets of Melanin. Kamit (ancient Black Egypt). "Acquired Anti-Nappy Syndrome" (AANS). The Great Black Mother of Creation.

  • What Cosmic Principle causes hair (antennae) to be Nappy? (page 7)
  • In what ancient symbols is Jesus's sex life disguised in the Bible? (pages 138, 193, 195)
  • How did Afrikans spark the European Renaissance? (page 43)
  • Who were the world's 25 crucified risen saviors? (page 121)
  • Where is Santa Claus in the Bible & what is his true identity? (page 355)
  • Why did Napoleon's soldiers blow off the nose of the Sphinx? (page 23)
  • Why are the world's top religions all Anti-Female, fear-based and militaristic ?

"If you have the courage to complete reading this book,
you will not be the same by the time you finish..."

Blacked Out Through Whitewash


Volume 1 of 7

Exposing the Quantum Deception
Composing the Foundation
of Western Culture, Religion, and His-Story

Rediscovering and Recovering
Suppressed Melanated:

History · Herstory · Earthstory
Lost Light · Lost Knowledge

­­ Dr. S. Epps ­­

Dedicated to the Loving Great Mamma Of theUniverse and All Life

Copyright © 1999, 2003, 2007 by SuZar (Dr. S. Epps)
All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this work in any form, without
permission in writing from the publisher, except for brief passages in articles and reviews.

ISBN: 0-9675394-3-9

Published by
A-Kar Productions



Your right to remain DECEIVED, misled and ignorant xi

BOOK 1 :
Exposing the Greatest Coverups in "His-Story"

Black, Nappy, and Divine

You probably already know that Christ was a woolly haired Black man 1

Christ's Mother, "The Black Madonna" is
worshiped throughout Europe of all places

Like Christ, the earliest messiahs, gods &
goddesses on all continents were Black & woolly haired

Nappy hair is divine -the choice of God! 7

Hair is really antennae which can receive and transmit energy! 10

"Acquired Anti-Nappy Syndrome" (AANS) fuels
the worldwide War on Nappy Hair

Nappy hair is "Good Hair." ...and Dreadlocks are "Love Locks" 14


Ancient Egypt was a BLACK Afrikan Civilization,
­not White or Semite or Atlantean
or Extraterrestrial

Ancient Egypt (Kamit) was an indigenous Black
Afrikan civilization. The word Egypt itself means Black! 15

Egyptian civilization originated from Nubia, which
originated from Central Afrika, home of the Twa 18

Whites blew off the Africoid nose of the Sphinx!
­and destroyed much ancient Africoid art and archives 23

The European Quantum Theft of Kamit (Ancient Egypt) 26


The Afrikan Origin of European Civilization

Western (white) civilization is founded on a Black Afrikan civilization 31

So-called "Greek philosophy" is stolen Egyptian philosophy! 33

So-called "Greek & Roman gods" were copies of Afrikan gods 34

Afrikans originated the world's first known universities 35

Afrikans gave us Math, Algebra, Geometry, and
Trigonometry! ­including the so-called Arabic & Roman Numbers! 35

Afrikans gave us the Alphabet, a stylization of Egypt's hieroglyphics 36

Afrikans gave us the Art & Science of Medicine and Herbs 36

Afrikans gave us the Calendar & StarScience (Astrology, Astronomy) 37

And where would the world be without Paper or Fabric? Afrikans invented both! 37

So-called European architecture, including "castles" originated from Afrikans 38

The ancient Afrikans even used Electricity! Grave-robbing Europeans
stole the knowledge of Electricity from Kamite tombs! 39

The World is Ran by Afrikan Inventions 40

The white Founding Fathers built America on Black Egypt's knowledge 42

The Afrikan Moors sparked the European Renaissance! 43

Afrikans ruled widely in Europe for over 1400 years! 44

Europe's royal families descended from Black-mulatto rulers! 45

Like Beethoven, six U.S. presidents were mulattos! 45

There are no "pure whites." Race purity is a big myth. 46


The Afrikan Origin of Hue-manity & the Albinos

All "races" were born from the Black race, reports Western Science 47

Ancient legends around the world speak of "Small Blacks" 48

Whites are not "indigenous" anywhere, so where did they come from? 48

The Chalk-Asians are the Cauk-asians! 48

Why have Cauk-Asians manipulated Caucasian to also mean Blacks?! 49

In the term Caucasian (Caulk-Asian), whites are also named after MILK! 49

Technically, there is no such thing as a "white race."
White people are albino Afrikans or "Mutant Albinos." 50

How did Cauk-Asians "come into being" or
become albinos? ­Apparently through all of four ways... 51

Were a race of whites "made by Yacub" through selective breeding? 52

Why do Cauk-Asians seek to hide their origins? 52


Your Brain & Nerves Cannot
Operate Without Black Melanin!

Your brain and body can't function without Black Melanin! 53

Melanin is found everywhere, throughout Nature... 54

Melanin is necessary for humans to reproduce! 54

Melanin is the major organizing molecule in living systems 54

Melanin's Main Properties: It absorbs, stores &
transforms energy. It has "black hole" properties
. 54

How "races" differ due to Melanin 55

Melanin gives Black people advanced mental and physical ability 56

Most whites have calcified pineal glands
apparently thwarting their production of Melatonin

"Messed-up Melanin" is killing Black people! 58


Black People (Humanity's Parents)
Originated and Pioneered World Civilization

On all continents, civilization began with Black Afrikan people! 59

ASIA : Afrikans Pioneered Ancient Asia's Civilizations 60
China's first historical dynasty and first emperor were Black! 61
The martial arts originated in Afrika, not Asia! 62

INDIA : Afrikans Pioneered Ancient India's Civilizations 63
The first people of India were Afrikans. India itself means Black. 63
Barbaric whites invaded India, bringing destruction & the Caste System 64

AMERICAS : Afrikans Pioneered Ancient America's Civilizations 66
The Africoid Olmecs was the parent culture of Ancient America 66
The "obscure" Mound Builders were Indigenous BLACKS of
North America; ancestors of America's "Washitaw Empire"
Native Americans' great contributions have been ignored 67
The tenets of the U.S. Constitution originated from Native Americans! 68
Almost all Afrikan Americans have "Indian blood"! 68


BOOK 2 :
Quantum Deception & Effective Mind Control
in the Name of "the Lord"

The Original Afrikan IUs,
Early Aryan Hebrews, Impostor European Jews

An overview 69

The original Jews or Israelites were Black Afrikan people 70

The original Hebrews (Habirus) were invading whites, not Semites! 72

Today over 90% of "Jews" are European Khazars; Counterfeit Jews 75

The Caucasian Presence in the Bible 77

Afrikan Americans are largely descendants of the original biblical IUs (Jews)! 82


The European Quantum-Theft,
Perversion and
Supplanting of Afrikan Cosmology

Albino Judaism /Christianity are massive frauds like
Albino history. Albinos have done to them
what they've done to true history. 83

Albinos burned the original scriptures to
ensure survival of their false versions 84

What was the Original Bible and who wrote it? 86

Who REwrote the Original Bible and made it a Fraud? 87

The Essene Scrolls expose the fraud of white Counterfeit Christianity 89

They destroyed and supplanted the
Afrikan Mysteries, source of their counterfeit versions 92

Like the Bible, the Talmud is a Fraud. Modern Judaism is Talmudism. 93

Christianity is reworked Egyptianity 96

Afrikan Cosmology is the root and source of
all world religions including "Eastern Religions" 97

Foreseeing the future, Afrikans planned for the preservation of
their sacred teachings from the advancing European destruction 98

Adoption versus Theft 99

Black Originals­White Copies: Comparative
biblical examples of Christianity's Afrikan origin 100


Biblical Hebrew history is stolen
Egyptian mythology.
Evidence is in the Bible itself.

Exposing the fraudulent stolen history of the Hebrews 105

Abraham & Sarah were not real people; they were
the Sun & Moon. Even the Bible calls them an allegory. 106

The Bible itself proves that the 12 Tribes
of Israel were the 12 Zodiac signs! 110

Jews were never slaves in Egypt. The "Captivity" was a celestial event 112

The biblical Exodus was a plagiarized celestial legend 112

The historical "Exodus" was several "Expulsions" of
lepers & diseased foreigners 113

The murderous Hebrew conquest of Canaan never
happened according to archeological and even biblical evidence 114

The Tell-el-Amarna tablets "tell" on the Hebrews 115

Do we recognize the Counterfeit Religion or Wolf in Sheep's clothing? 116

The so-called Jews have no legitimate claim to Israel for two reasons 116

Reconstructing Probable True Judaic History 117

History's hidden "double Israel" is blended
or confused in His-Story books 119


Comparing 5 of 25 Crucified Saviors

The world's 25 crucified, risen Saviors 121

Comparing five famous crucified Saviors 123


The Resurrection of
the Plagiarized Solar Christ

The plagiarized Solar Christ : one original, many copies 145

All the crucified Saviors were personifications
of the Sun. They were the Sun /Son of God. 146

New Testament: The Gospel events are
solar allegories made literal! They mirror the Sun's annual history! 147

The Old Testament is equally astrological! 153

"Glorification through grease": The Afrikan origin of Anointing 158

Some 100 Euro Christ-words from just four Afro Krst-words 159

Holy Cannibalism: Saviors for Supper 163

Mummy Jesus in the Bible 164

Christ's biblical connections with Pisces 165

Born as Water, Reborn as Fire; the unsuspected
significance of Virgo & Pisces with John & Jesus 166

Who was the "father" of the "Son of Man"? 169

Thus the Crucifixion is Cruci-Fiction about the Crossification 170

Tracking down the historical human Jesus 172

Does Jesus's "double executions" point to two separate Christs? 174


The Disguised Zodiacs
Composing the Entire Bible!

Astrology or the Zodiac is the disguised central theme of the Bible! 181

Genesis documents the creation of the Zodiac "signs" 182

Afrikans originated Astrology /Astronomy and took it around the world 183

Biblical evidence that the 12 (13) Tribes of Israel were the 12 Zodiacal Signs! 184

Thus we all belong to a "Tribe" of Israel, ­that is, "sign" of the Zodiac! 238

The 12 (13) Tribes of Ishmael were also the 12 Zodiacal Signs 239

The 12 (13) Judges of the Book of Judges are the 12 Zodiacal Signs 247

The combined NAMES of all the Biblical Books conceal five Zodiacs! 247

The Bible's first big Zodiac is particularly deceptive! 250

Are the names of the kings of Israel & Judah
zodiacal, thus exposing them as fiction also?! 252

The names of Jerusalem's 12 Gates identify the Zodiac's 12 Gates 255

Hidden Zodiacs permeate and compose the entire Bible! 256


The Zodiac-Apostles of Christ

Abundant biblical evidence that
Christ's 12 Apostles were the 12 Zodiac Signs! 257

So WHY is the Zodiac the underlying, disguised,
CENTRAL theme of the Bible? 332

The Top 14 Hallmarks
of Albino-Poison
in the World's Top 4 Religions

The Four Tyrannical Counterfeits: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism 333

Conclusion 365



The Almost Immaculate White Deception

Europe was deliberately "Dark Aged" in a conspiracy to
erase Afrikan memories and entrench "Reversed Light" control 369

Thus the Renaissance was the "White-aissance" of Black world history! 370

A Summary of Albino Quantum Deception 371

The true purpose of Albino reference books is to
secure & maintain their Quantum Deception, lies & falsehood 372

With the "Divine Deception" exposed, we now see that at least 99%
of the world's Christian literature is obsolete or largely "no good" ! 373

Albinos (the Khazars, falsely called "Jews") established
Modern Israel Through Deception 373

Albinos distorted the world map in their favor, inflating their landsizes 374

Albinos are trapped in "illusions of greatness" by false history 375

Black History is the key to Albino Liberation 376

Albinos' main problem appears to be a
disconnection from ­and war against their roots 377

Albinos have done a phenomenal job of
stealing, falsifying and whitewashing Melanated history and theology! 378

Albinos are precious, for they have been our greatest teachers! 378

Albino Healing is possible, and... 379

Congratulations IUmanity! 380


Preview of Next Two Volumes 381

Bibliography 381

Index 387

Afrikan Resources Guide (Appendix) R·1
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