art by Suzar


I am first and foremost an Artist. That's where my heart be. With my Great Blak Awakening in december 1992 I sacrificially put creating art on hold (caint believe it!) and focused exclusively on writing the 7 volumes of BOTW. At some point I will return to creating art... out of heart-felt necessity. It is a Great Love that feeds my Soul. I made the sculptures shown here before 1992. I expect it to be many years before I will have new Sculptures. This is because I still spend most of my time completing the BOTW volumes and "Suzar's 666 Exposé /Encyclopedia," which grew out of BOTW.

Father Of Manifestation

Father Of Manifestation
by Suzar
Limited edition
in bronze,
pyrite, topaz.
© 2003
Sculptures by Suzar



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