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666 EnterNet InterNet The Global Fasces

by SuZar.

FASCES666 : The InterNet is the latest

In tracking "Beast-THE" we discover that the PunCode Composing the Entire Bible is not limited to the Bible; it is also built into and throughout what I call "The Global PISO Spell Machine." So-called Computer Technology is NOT NEW. It is perverted Kamite (ancient Blak Egyptian) Ritual-ology in mechanized form.

Polite definition: FASCES [ fashees ] means bundle of "rods" (aka faggs, sticks) bound around a projecting AX ("securis"). Impolite definition: FASCES really means bundle of Bound Castrated Powerless DIKKs, bound (=subjected, enslaved) around a central projecting Big Dikk ­the AX that cut them off and got their "Power" (DIKK, a symbol of Power. Word DICK, DIKK is from TEKen, an Egyptian name for the Obelisk, a phallus monument).

This Big AX be DICKtator. The FASCES symbolizes a FASCIST government. Dicktator Benito Mussolini's FASCIST government (the Italian [=ROMAN] Fascist Party) used the FASCES as its emblem, and took their name from the FASCES. Dicktionary defines FASCISM : "A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socio-economic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism."

Is America becoming Fascist? Some folks believe the "lawful American government" is not in operation; they say that in its stead is Some Thing Else, a "corporation government" posing as "the government." The contrived events of "9/11" have been set up to (b)leed to other events. It used to be that only Blak neighborhoods were "police states." Now, it looks like ALL America is becoming a Phasshees Police State. See PHALLus in POLIce? ...and POLitical?

The FASCES was the chief emblem of Authority in ancient Rome, and is still a chief American Express Cardauthority-emblem in Rome's guised extension as "America". "The Roman Empire" never really "fell"; it did a form-change, disguising itself as the so-called Roman Catholic Church. Any wonder the "American Express Card" is emblazoned with the image of a big "HELLmeted" Roman "Head" (HARD Dikk). And note this Head is in an Oval=Yoni.

FASCES atop Capitol Building
FASCES phalluses, along with Yoni-wreaths, encircle the base of the statue atop the U.S. Capitol and are found in other U.S. "high" places.


FASCES at House of Rep.
This U.S. government webpage has details about the laureled, double FASCES behind the rostrum (podium) of The House of Representatives in Washington D.C. Notice the back of the Chair resembles a golden AX blade pointing up, while the Flag-stripes resemble the rods of the fasces.

Mace, Faces Mace's Eagle
The MACE of the U.S. House of Representatives is a FASCES whose doubleblade "AX" is disguised as an EAGle (a word from the same roots) with doubleblade open Cross/ORBwings. Look aagain. That "MACE" is really a CRUCIFIX in disguise. Like the crucifix, holey rituals are involved in its use.

And see the Mace's Spear, I mean Sphere? Euro-portraints of Christ often show him holding a Sphere. Like people make the sign of the Cross to ward off "evil", when House Members get unruly, the Mace is lifted off its pedestal and presented before offenders to "restore order". Click here for more details. Compare this with the POPE holding a phallic crucifix, big as that Mace, before throngs of worshippers. Notice that, like the Mace-Eagle, the top of the pope's cross and its "wings" are "bent" and lean forward. We will look at Eagle-Gesus in Zodiak Christ. On many churches the crucifix is mounted in a Sphere. Christianity's foremost church (or basilica), the VATICAN, features this on top of its dome. The pope's TIARA got a sphere too. As shown earlier, the U.S. Capitol dome got a Sphere. In full volume of this book we will learn the "real" significance of the Sphere, aka ORB, GLOBE.

EagleGrip=Fasces on Dollar
Disguised FASCES occur on the U.S Great Seal depicted on back of the U.S. Dollar BILL, disguised as the Arrows Bound by the Grip of the X-EL = AXE-L = EaG-el = Eagle's talons. His FIST = FASces. Same FIST is also a clever "3skor".

Fasces on 2 dimes
FASCES appeared on the back of U.S. dimes (called "Mercury" or Liberty dimes) minted from 1916 to 1945, and the Ax was converted to a TORCH (another Phallus symbol) on the Roosevelt dime in 1946 (left).

Fasces on Half Dollar
FASCES appeared on the U.S. coin, "Battle of Gettysburg" Half Dollar. In 1936, some 26,928 were minted. The reverse displays two shields separated by a doubleblade fasces. Obverse portrays a Confederate and Union veteran. (photo: coinclub.com)

LincolnChair 2 Fasces
Abraham Lincoln got 2 FASCES. A statue of Lincoln is enshrined 19 feet tall in Washington DC's Lincoln Memorial. Though dressed in common clothes Lincoln has a generous regal robe draping the arms of his chair, a symbol often associated with Roman emperors. And the Chair itself is Roman, being a "CURILE" Chair, associated with Roman magistrates. The same Throne-in-disguise-Chair features two prominent blatant Roman FASCES fully composing its two front arms. Dang! LINKon must be mighty special to be so decked with elite power-symbols.

Look at George MASONton, I mean Washington's, big FASCES. Click here for more info. Additional photo /details are found here.

2 large crossed FASCES compose the insignia of the National Guard, creating a huge "X" (AX) superimposed upon an openwinged eagle. LLook againn. There B 2 sets of crosses, x +, intersecting. So what. This is a major PowerSymbol explained and illustrated on page 8 of "You-Come-to-Power Only When You-Come-to-a-Point". I wrote: "Combined, the two primal versions of the Cross (the PLUS & EX, +
x) yield the super powerful "Double Cross," naturally inherent in the geometry of the Pyramid." This design composes the british flag and insignia of other nations.

statue .
The Torch of the Statue of Liberty is a disguised FASCES. Its "rods" are tightly "bound" by the right FIST (FASct) of Mr. Liberty. For really "she" is not a woman but a man in woman's attire ...like "EVE" who came from a man, therefore is Adam's clone. Not a single female has ever come from a male. But every (natural, NatureReal) male in the world came from a female. Mr. Liberty has the face of a young strong looking Anglo man. His big LIT torch is his big Ejaculating phallus. Notice it's in his right=masculine hand. It is held "high" ­­for the phallus is "erected." The RaisedErection (Resurrection). His left (=feminine) arm holds a book. Like the Yoni, a book "opens." On the book's cover is "JULY IV MDCCLXXVI". Enter this in Suzar's VibraLator. The tri vertical column vibe, with RV reduced from 546 to 15 (5+4+6), is a perfect 666 (1st column 211+ 2nd col. 105 + 3rd col. 350= 666). (middle photo: replica exhibited in 1876)

FASCES compose the border of the badges of the Los Angeles Police Department. Notice the City Hall building is really a big Erected Phallus with flanking Testicles. It is a big "TAU" (T), emblem of the male genitals. A big Yoni (Circle) be there too!

The InterNet, being a worldwide NETwork
of "comPETERS" is a Massive FASCES!

The InterNet BINDS millions of comPETERs / LINGams /LINKS together! Who or what do you think is the "Projecting Ax"? ...any idea? ...still thinking? Until I determine otherwise, the apparent "Projecting Ax" is..... "InterNIC". That's exactly its proper SPELLing, last 3 letters in all caps. You know what "InterNIC" is? InterNIC is theInterNIC logo organization responsible for holding the registration and routing of Internet domain names. InterNIC's logo is even blak and RED, the standard colors ­­especially RED­­ ascribed to the European version of his cloven-footed majesty, aka SatanSantaClaws . InterNIC is owned by the U.S. Government...as documented and researched by David Fiedler, Editor-in-Chief of WebDeveloper.com. In his article he states: "InterNIC is technically owned by the U.S. government, as a registered trademark. .. the term 'InterNIC' was a construction of the U.S. government..." [To access this original article, available only from the Archives Wayback Machine, input the following entire URL into your browser:

InterNet is the latest PHASE = FACE of "Beast-THE". Humanity's Hidden Manipulators dare not come right out and say "beast". Instead, they call it "LINKS"... which is pun for LYNX ...which is a BEAST. See LYNX pages.


666s in Top Internet /
Computer Words

Not surprisingly, yet FACSInatingly, ALL these keywords harbor massive multiple 666s (samples below) which you may prove by entering these words in Suzar's VibraLator. 666 is NOT evil or bad or devilish. The "Evil Powers" or HuManity's Hidden Manipulators use 666 and certain other potent numbers because of these vibrations' ability to attract /track /control enormous power. That's why 666s have been coded to these keywords.... as follows:

  • 666: word COMPUTER vibrates to a perfect Premier BeastFlag 111. "COMPUTER", 6 times, vibrates to... 666 !
  • 666: Enter "DISK DRIVE" 9 times in the VibraLator and gasp at its short vibration! Also, the tri-vertical column vibe is 1998, which is 666+666+666; a trippple 666! (964 + 066 + 963 + 005 = 1998)




  • 666: The inverse vibration of word "INTERNET" 6 times is a perfect 666.
  • 666: 666 is the reverse skor vibration of "INTERNIC ICANN" (RV 637 + SK 29 = 666.) ICANN is "The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers":

  • 666s: The reverse vibration of "NET" 12 times is 1116... an irresistable 111 x 6 =666. With first 4 vibes reduced, the crowned quinta skor-vibration of "NET" 12 times is 666. As follows:


  • 666: The word "INTERNIC" 37 times has 666 skors.
  • 666: With skors reduced, the inverse skor-vibration of "NIC" 12 times is 666:



  • 666: Inseparable from InterNIC, "Network Solutions" got 666s. Its reverse vibration (718) minus 52 (vibration 250 backwards) = 666.
  • 666: The reverse vibration of "NSI" (initials of "Network Solutions, Inc.") 3 times is a perfect 666.
  • 666: "NSI" is also known as "NET-SOL". That's da end and beginning of saTEN & LOSifer... Putting "SOULs" in "NETs" ­the NET of PISO their hidden Creator. Yes "NET-SOL" got juicy 666s which we'll view with Jehovah-"NISSI" (Exo.17:15)..

  • 666: The inverse vibration of "WorldWideWeb" is a perfect "SDL 181" ! That's the vibration of the combined names "Satan-Devil-Lucifer". YesItGot multiple 666s, as does "www". The short mirror vibration of "www" 6 times is 666 (RV 576+SH 90).
  • 666: MicroCHIP's "CHIP" 6 times, got 666s. Its vibration, 216 is a form of 666 (6x6x6). Add together 1+5 to expose the 666 of its reverse vibration (1566).

  • 666: as prior noted, "DOT COM" (from ".com" ­­most common internet address suffix) is "DOT COME" ­­pun for "Dikk Come"). Both versions are 666-ed.
    DOT COME reverse vibe 255 +backwards inverse vibe 411 (from 114) = 666. Multiple "DOT COME"s (2, 3, 9 especially) got multiple 666s in their numbers.

    DOT COM backwards RV (205 becomes 502) + VB 70 + IV 92 + reduced SK (11 becomes 2)= 666

SuZar's 666 series EndTroduction SuZar's 666 Exposé Series
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