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666 BAPhomet Christ The Holy Goat

by SuZar.

666 Baphomet Christ The Holy Goat. by Dr. SuZar.
Don't ghet mad at me when I show (=expose to) you that the European "JESUS CHRIST" ghot ALL BAPhomet's top traits.
Instead, ghet bafoMAD at the Perpetrators of these Great Deceptions. It's about time, way long overdue, for the God-aDam Lies to be exPISOed
. The real Christ (Egyptian "KRST") was stolen a lonng time ago, and a FRAUD put in his place. "CHRIST" is not what you've been misled to beLIEve. Secretly he is "Something Else." BAPHOMET. The 2nd Great Mask of "PISO." Easily verified, 99% of the proof is from the European "Holy Bible" itself.

Why should you care about BAPhomet?
Secretly, Masonic BAPhomet (and JAHbulon) are key kover kodenames for central parts of a Massive Mathematical Reptilian Program which Feasts on HuHuManity and controls nearly all aspects of our lives without us knowing it. This Program is a Vampire; it Sucks. Truly it is "The Beast." This PISO Program "LIVES" by keeping Us ever DYING. Hence, there are no real WARS on Earth. All so-called wars are really contrived Sacrifices to feed this Devouring Global PISO SPELL Machine. All these "Sacrifices" are "HoloCausts"! In the PunCode, HolyGhost & HellyGoat & HoloCaust are one.

Secretly, the biblical stories are celestial allegories, and...
more secretly, these allegories are a Great Cover for a stunning System of Geometry & Mathematical Numerics, composing the Bible, Torah & Koran...

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