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Red Horned Devil-Christ

  666 Zodiak Christ...SupperBeast

666 Zodiak Christ Mason-Piso SuPPer Beast. by Dr. SuZarThe books in Suzar's 666 Exposé Series are largely from the upcoming "666 Zodiak Christ: The Mason-PISO SupperBeast," by Suzar. This full volume should be available in a few years. Arius Calpurnius PISO is the true author of the New Testament and plagiarizer of the Old Testament. The Secret PunCode Composing his entire book, "The Holy Bible" is not limited to the bible; it is also built into and throughout what I call "The Global PISO Spell Machine." SuperBeast Geasus is SupperBeast Chryst, the Feast, Eucharist, "Supper" ­which is the Central Rite of Christian worship. Hence, Cannibals consume his flesh and drink his blood, ritually. They suspect not that the opposite is occurring! The Insatiable SuppingSappingSucking Devouring SuPPer-Beast-Jesus, the GreedyGougingGourmet PISO-Machine is consuming their Lifeforce... via its many Mind-Control Programs. Any wonder he was CROSSified between two THEIVES. Being between them on a hill, he's highest so he's the Chief Thief, KING Thief:

  • THIEF: Christ admits he's a Thief: "Behold, I come as a thief" (Rev. 16:15).
  • FOX: The Fox is notorius as a Thief; Jesus compares himself to the Fox (Mat. 8:20; Luke 9:58).
  • ROBBER: A Thief is a Robber. Jesus is implied a Robber by there being a Robber (baRABBAs) released from jail in his stead. When asked to chose between Christ or Robber-Murderer-Barabbas, the people picked the Robber:
    "Therefore when they were gathered together, Pilate said unto them, Whom will ye that I release unto you? Barabbas, or Jesus which is called Christ?" (Mat. 27:17].
    [[ Also at: John 18:39, 40; Mat. 27:21, 26 ]]

Really, Robber-Barabbas IS Thief-Jesus
Inconspicuous evidence of this be present. The vibrations of name JESUS CHRIST, along with other BeastChrist-paraphernalia, are found with Barabbas:

  • The inverse vibration of name BARABBAS is 170, which is the skor vibration (skors 19 +vibe 151=170) of name JESUS CHRIST. (Use Vibralator to compute these)

  • 151, the vibration of name JesusChrist, along with 115 another Christly number, occurs camouflaged multiple times, with other verse numbers citing the choosing of Barabbas over Jesus: Mark 15:11, 15:15.
  • Barabbas was no ordinary robber, like famous-Jesus, he was "notable"; the verse has 115 skors: "And they had then a notable prisoner, called Barabbas" (Mat. 27:16).
  • The vibration of "NOTABLE--BARABBAS" is 115.
  • The inverse vibration of "NOTABLE JESUS" is an astounding 181; that's SDL 181, the combined vibrations of names "Satan-Devil-Lucifer."
  • "NOTABLE JESUS CHRIST BARABBAS" has 59 skors; 59 is the vibration of name PISO, the Hidden Real Robber behind all this. 666 is the sum of the backwards vibration (266 becomes 662) + fully reduced IV (436=13=4).
  • Prisoner-Robber Barabbas was released at a FEAST (Mat. 27:15, Mar 15:6). This ties in with SupperBeast Jesus, who IS the Feast.
  • "Barabbas" = Lord-Rob-Us. BAR in BARabbas is Kamite BAR / BAL (Kamite [Egyptian] R and L are one). BAL is BAAL meaning LORD. Christ is called LORD thru out the New Testament. Bar (=Bal, Baal, LORD); Rab (ROB); As (Us). "PP" in "suPPer" is pun for 77 --the vibration of name "CHRIST", for letta P the 16th alfabet vibrates to 7 (16=1+6=7). Notice that "Barabbas" and "robber" each contains "PP" upsidedown. JJesus be both. He robbs and ddevours, for he be PPISO.

Like JESUS, word "SUPPER"
only occurs in the New Testament

Word SUPPER is PISO disguised. SUPPER contains PESU = PISO. SUPPER = R-PESU ( aRe PISO). The vibration of "SUPPER" is 95, which is backwards 59, the vibration of name PISO. The reverse skor vibe is 666 (skors 13 + backwards RV, 653 [from 356] ) = 666. The Eucharist / Mass / Lord's Supper Ritual is one of many forms of The Hidden Worship of PISO! ...allowing the PISO Machine to suckSuckSUCK. Devour worshippers' energy. Moni 2.

"THE LORD'S SUPPER" is pun for "
The Lord is Piso"! The inverse vibration for both phrases is the same! ... 182 ...which is SDL 181 +1. The mirror skor vibration of "the Lord's supper" (2Cor. 11:20) is 999 which is upsidedown 666. (skor vibe, 227 [from SK 31+VB 196] + RV 772 = 999)

The 6th occurrence of word "SUPPER" is Christ supping at Luke 22:20. Lucifer, I mean Luke is the 3rd NT book, so this can be written as "3:22:20". Remove second colon and get 3:2220. Multiplied, 3 x 2220 = 6660. Since "zero" is "nothing", this 6660 = 666.

Supper = Feast. The inverse vibration of "SUPPER FEAST" is 151, which is the skor vibe of name JESUS CHRIST...The SupperBeast. The short vibration is 47, which is backwards 74, the vibration of name JESUS.

The first NT occurrence of "FEAST" got SupperBeastJesus:

Matthew 26:2: Ye know that after two days is the feast of the passover, and the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified.

PISO is present, disguised in word PASSOver. Phrase "Son of man is betrayed" is pun for "Son of man Be-Three." This "Great 3" is the TriplePhallus, punned as "threescore" = 3 skors = 111. The verse occurs at Mat. 26:2. Delete colon and this becomes "262." Subtract 151, the vibration of name JesusChrist, and the difference is an astounding PremierBeastFlag 111.


FEAST-Jesus is BEAST-Christ

Letta F = P (as in Father, Pater). And P sounds like B. Also B is two P's, and lowercase b and p are the same image, like numerals 6 and 9. Therefore, Feast = Peast = Beast. In PunCode, Jesus the FEAST is Christ the BEAST!

The words FEAST--JESUS occur in 8 biblical verses. The first occurrence contains words 'FEAST JESUS' consecutively: "Now about the midst of the feast Jesus went up into the temple, and taught" (John 7:14).
"FEAST JESUS", 8 times, vibrates to 1000....pun-twin of 1110...another key numba-code for PISO.

666: Computed backwards, the debit mirror vibe of "FEAST JESUS", 8 times, is 4662, which is 666 x 7. That's 666 +666 +666 +666 +666 +666 +666. The digits 6 and 7 as "67" is the skor vibe of name SATAN.

666: is the tri vertical column vibration of "FEAST." (left column 512+ middle column 151 + right column 003 = 666). Notice the middle vertical column is 151, which is also the vibration of name JESUS CHRIST.

666: The word FEAST, 13 times, has at least one big 666 (VB 663 + IV fully reduced, or 3 [from IV 1092 = 1+0+9+2 = 12 = 3]= 666 ). Hmmm. Then lets look at the verse of the 13th occurrence of word FEAST in the New Testament. Will we find a Beast? or Christ?

The 13th occurrence of FEAST is at LUCifer 23:17. What do we find here? ..."ONE":

Luke 23:17: (For of necessity he must release one unto them at the feast.)

This "ONE" must be mighty special. Lets look at the verses just prior and afterwards for clues as to why :

Luke 23:16: I will therefore chastise him, and release him.
Luke 23:17: (For of necessity he must release one unto them at the feast.)
Luke 23:18: And they cried out all at once, saying, Away with this man [[Jesus]], and release unto us Barabbas:

Wow! We see that "ONE" is logically referring to the Robber we barely escaped earlier: BARABBAS! As prior noted, really he be ThiefChrist. The Feast. Beast. But normal LOGIC is not the rule in PunCode. There4 word "ONE" is code...for SomeThing Else. ..which we'll identify in upcoming Excerpts from this book in progress.

Lets briefly analyze the 3 verse numbers: 23 is the (short) vibration of PISO. A sneaky 666 be present; the sum of the first 3 vertical columns is 666 (222+333+111). The verse number, "23:17" got GM and Gesus. Delete the colon and write it backwards and get 7132. First 3 digits as 7 and 13 correspond to G and M, the insignia on all top Mason stuf. 713 - 666 = 47, which is backwards 74, the vibe of name JESUS.


CanniBaal Christ's FIRST Miracle
(GreatAct) was at a FEAST

...where he turned water into blood, I mean wine (John 2:9,11). He did this at CANNIBAL, I mean CANA.

BAL" be there, multiple times! as follows:

  • BAL is punned as numerals "2" and "1" the digits of the verse numbers: CANA occurs 4 times in the Bible, all in the NT, all in book of John. All locations (except 3rd occurrence at John 4:46) are composed of these digits: John 2:1, 2:11 and 21:2. Numeral 2 corresponds to 2nd alfabet, B. And numeral "1" both = A (1st alphabet) and "l" (numeral 1 looks just like lowercase-L: "l" ). the 1st & 12th alphabets, same digits 2 and 1. So "21" = BL = BAL. Cana-Bal.
  • The previous 2's and 1's are a set of four, hence four BL's (BaL­ BaL­BaL­ BaL) ...which match the 4 occurrences of CANA, creating "Cannibal" four times.
  • The 2nd (there's 2 again) time Jesus went to CANA, he interfaced with a noBAALman ("noBLEman"). This is that exception verse, John 4:46. The location number "4:46" is a "446." Take any of the previous four 2's to produce "22". Combine with 644 and get 666. Add zero ("nothing") to 216 and get 2160; these are numerals resembling the lettas spelling P-I-S-O (P=6 upsidedown & flipped; I=1; S=2, 0=O).
  • The biggest BAL here be Jesus himself. He is called LORD throughout the N.T. LORD is the meaning of word BAAL (BAL, BEL...). Baal-Christ at CANA is the Great CanniBal! ­ son of The Great DOG (GOD backwards)!

Yes, PISO be there too, multiple times! as follows:

  • All the previous 2's and 1's produce multiple 211's, pointing to ....PISO! ­the GreatGreedyGorgingGouging Hidden BAL behind all this. How? His name formally first occurs in the Bible at Gen. 2:11, as PISON (=PEISON, Greek version of Roman PISO). Since Genesis is the 1st book, this verse can be written as "1:2:11", reducing to 5 (sum of the digits). And 5 is the fully reduced vibration of name PISO. "CANA­BAL" 5 times vibrates to 170 which is the skor vibration of name JESUS-CHRIST (vibe 151 + skors 19).
  • CALPURNIUS PISO is punned as peripheral words connected with the verses, such as PASSOver, BESOught, GALilee & CAPERNAUM. (CAPERNAUM = CALPURNIUS: add "L", and let "M"= S (greek Sigma, S), then Capernaum becomes Calpernaus = Calpurnius, Piso's last name. In the PunCode, many words are like this, where if the word is changed by 1 or 2 lettas, the hidden tooth is exposed, expisoed.

Christ's LAST Miracle (GreatAct)
was a CanniBAListic FEAT = FEAST

In the Bible's PunCode, words have multiple decodings. Cannibal, I mean CANA BAL, is CANE (Phallus) BAL (Lord, High). Erected High as can BEast as Christ's Great Raised-Erection,"The Resurrection." Really, this High Erected Devouring Phake Phallus belongs to PISO...the Great Global PISO Spell Machine, Devouring planet Earth and all Her Life. The word "RESURRECTION" is pun for "PISO's Erection" as follows: Roman "R" is greek "P", hence, "RESU" = "PESU" = PISO in RESUrrection. Inverse vibe of "RESURRECTION" is 159, pun for "one 59", vibration of PISO. 159 fully reduced is 6 (159=1+5+9=15=6). Word RESURRECTION is 666-ed up:
  • The second tri-vertical column is 666.
  • The tri-vertitcal column vibration is 1332 which is 666+666 (column1, 166 + column 2, 666+ column3, 500= 666).
  • 666 is the sum of RV (660) + fully reduced IV (6).
  • SH (66) with RV (660) = 66660.

Decoding further, we find that CANA-BEL (CanniBal) is a twin-in-meaning of Bab-El:
CANA and BAB both represent the Female Principle.
BAL and EL both represent the Male Principle.
So Bab-El and Cana-Bel = Yoni and Lingam. Vagina (vaCANA) and Phallus (BALus). When Dik and Pussi joins, ENERGY is generated. Creation Happens. In fact, it was a WEDDING (joining!) that Jesus attended at "CANA." Really his own! About the last time we find Jesus in the bible, again it is at a wedding! Again his own! --complete with a FEAST called the "MARRIAGE SUPPER of the Lamb" (Rev. 19:7, 9). Not surprisingly, yet shockingly still, we find CANA-BAL-ism beginning just several verses latter in the same chapter (verses 13 to 21. [there's 2­1 again, "BL"]), particularly with the mention of "the SUPPER of the great God; That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh...". Although it states "the fowls" are the eaters, this phrase is code for "DeVil". Word THE=DE; word FOWLs=FOUL...and VIL. The-Foul. The-Vile. DeVile. Devil. And since L=R, then deVIL = deVIR = DEVOUR.

This is a Cannibalistc Feast-Supper. Serial-Killer Christ himself does the killing. It's right there in the biBAL at REBELation (DEVILation) 19:15, 21. No wonder Christ's garments are bloody, "dipped in blood" (Rev. 19:13). He apparently begins by killing noBLEmen, or men of high standing (19:18). This is symbolic Castration, or PISO ("TheVile," DeVil) taking away people's Power; Dikk (TEK, TEKen, Obelisk) a symbol of Power.

And the Real LAST SUPPER. Being both, in the Bible's last book and almost-last chapter, this SuperFeast is the real "Last Supper" in the Bible, plus the Last FEAST and Last FEAT (Great Act, "miraCLE /miraKILL") of SupperBeast Jesus. Same last book even mentions the FEET of Christ (Rev. 1:15).



  • The inverse vibration is 151, which is also the vibration of name JESUS-CHRIST.
  • The reverse vibration, 182, is SDL 181 +1.


  • The inverse vibration is 301, pointing to Jesus Christ. 151, his name vibration, is the midpoint of 301.
  • The short vibration is 59, pointing to the real CanniBaal behind all this mess, PISO! 59 is the vibe of his name.
  • The reverse vibration (761) minus 666 is 95, which is piso's 59 backwards. Again, more inconspicuous evidence (signature) of PISO.

CaniBaal Christ be like this because his Daddy be like this. He inherited these and other undesiraBAL horriBAL terrorBAL traits from his Daddy, BAAL-JEHOVAH, who is 666 times worse. See JEHOVAH WICKEDNESS for sample gory hors d' oeuvres (details). Jehovah admits his other name is BAAL : "And it shall be at that day, saith the LORD [[all CAPS "LORD" are translations of name JEHOVAH]], that thou shalt call me Ishi; and shalt call me no more Baali" (kjv, Hos. 2:16). Delete colon from verse numba and get "216", a form of 666 (6x6x6=216). In upcoming excerpts, we'll look at the 666's and other key numbers around these words. "ISHI-BAALI", 37 times, has 666 skors. Prove this by entering it 37 times in the VibraLator. Jehovah is one with JAH-BUL-ON, also containing BAL at the center. JahBulOn is GOBBLE-On, JOLLY and Greedy as can BEast.

Jesus as "BAAL CHRIST" occurs disguised as ""And what concord hath Christ with BELial" (2Cor.6:15).

  • The skor vibration of "CHRIST BELIAL", 12 times is 666 (reduced SK [312 = 6] + SH 660 = 666).
  • The tri vertical column vibration is 1332, which is 666+666. (First column 167+ 2nd column 460 + 3rd column 103 + 4th column 602 = 1332, a double 666).
  • The vibration, 1416, is number-pun for Chi-Rho, the Christ monogram: 14th & 16th greek alfabets, Xi & Pi is pun for roman X & P. Combined (as P stuck in X), is called "Chi Rho".


Jesus "King of the JAWS"

BeastChrist DEVOURS. "King of the JAWS" is the hidden pun-meaning of Christ's title "KING OF THE JEWS". There is abundant hidden-in-open-view evidence indicating this, laced with 666s and SDL 181s. Full details in the full version of this book. For now here are appetizers:

Wordpart "DEVOU" (from DEVOUr ) occurs 128 times in the Old Testicles, and 23 times in the New Testicles. Sum, 151, is the vibration of name JESUSCHRIST.

33 is the age of Christ. The inverse vibe of "JAW" 33 times, is 1551, a "stretched" 151, the vibration of name JESUS CHRIST.

First occurrence of wordpart JAW got JesusChrist, pun-disguised, at least 6 times: Judges 15:15 And he found a new jawbone of an ass...". Here is the first guise: 151, the vibration of name JESUS CHRIST occurs in the verse number twice; one time is inverted (515) (remove colon). Bonus 666: Added backwards, the verse's short vibration (SH 366 becomes 663) + fully reduced inverse vibe (IV 1317 reduces to 12=3) is 666.

Exact phrase "King of the Jews" occurs 17 times in the Babble, including 4 times in ALL CAPITAL lettas (Mat.27:37, Mark 15:26, Luke 23:38, John 19:19). Then you know these four are special. Let's pick on just their verse numbers:

  • 1st, Mat.27:37: verse numba is a disguised 666 as follows: 27x37 = 999 which is upsidedown 666.
  • 2nd, Mark 15:26: The first 3 digits of the verse number read backwards are 6-2-5 which is 625. Mark is the Babble's 41st book. 625 + 41 is a perfect 666.
  • 3rd, Luke 23:38: (details in full volume)
  • 4th: John 19:19: the verse number is a disguised SDL 181: 19x19= 361, of which SDL 181 is the midpoint.

Title "THE KING OF THE JEWS", 36 times, vibrates to 6660. Confirm this by entering it 36 times in the VibraLator.

Title "THE KING OF THE JAWS" has the exact vibration ("SDL 181") & reverse vibe as "Satan-Devil-Lucifer", the secret identity of Jesus Christ, the re-creation of Arius Calpurnius PISO. The tri vertical column vibe for both are also the same, 1110, pointing to PISO. 1110 is the tri vertical of his biblical name as PISON (pun for greek PEISON).

GreedyGorgingGesus is twice called GLUTTONOUS in the Bible, at Luke 7:34 and Mat. 11:19. In fact, the only 2 biblical occurrences of GLUTTONOUS refer only to Christ. "The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber...". The latter verse number, "11:19" = 1119; that 9 is 6 upsidedown; and 111 x 6 = 666. The phrase "Behold a man gluttonous" vibrates to 77, the vibration of name CHRIST. The phrase's inverse vibration, 301, is double 151, the vibration of "JESUS CHRIST".

WINEBIBBER occurs 2 times in the BIBle, each time referring to Gluttonous Jesus (Mat. 11:19, Luke 7:34). The inverse vibration of "WINEBIBBER" is 181. That's SDL 181, the vibration of combined names Satan-Devil-Lucifer. The crowned quadra skor vibe of WINEBIBBER is 666 (SK 29+ VB 89+ SH 53 + RV 494 + reduced IV 1 [IV, 181=10=1] = 666) ("crowned" means the skors are added 1 time instead of normal 4 times for 4 vibes).

Add name jesuschrist to the double occurrences and get: "JESUS CHRIST, GLUTTONOUS, GLUTTONOUS, WINEBIBBER, WINEBIBBER". 666 is the bi vibration (VB 657 + reduced SH [225=2+2+5=9] = 666) :

The SWORD is referred to as a FleshDevourer; Christ's Daddy JEHOVAH says: "I will make mine arrows drunk with blood, and my sword shall devour flesh" (Deu. 32:42). A great Sharp Twoedged SWORD (DIK, phallus symbol, LingamLingua Tongue) comes outta SupperBeast Christ's grizzly beastly foaming Rabbid baRabbas MOUTH, to SMITE (=Kill, Devour) :
  • "...out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword" (Rev. 1:16).
  • "These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges (Rev. 2:12)
  • "..and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth" (Rev. 2:16).
  • "And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh" (Rev.19:21).
  • "And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations" (Rev. 19:15).
Naturally he be bloody: "And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood" (Rev. 19:13).

This "Jesus CHRIST" is Some Thing Else; he is the Mason-PISO SupperBeast who is none other than Arius Calpurnius PISO, his re-creator. The Original Kamite KRST (KaRaST)was stolen from Afraka a long time ago and replaced with a ROBBing REPtilian CounterFEIT: PISO, The Great Architect of the Devil.

Check back later for delicious Excerpts.
Keep a bucket nearby as you read.



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