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To Compute Vibrations & Skors :
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"SKOR Vibration Science" Exposed

Almost as soon as I began writing these 666-books I discovered what I presently call "SKOR Vibration Science" ­itself apparently related to TURUKA (a word I made up or tuned into for what I called "StarScience") ­-the Great Blak Mamma Science which is the origin of all sciences. Offshoots include:

Mathematics (Mother-MAAT-ics);

AnkhComputer Technology (COMPUTER simply means COUNTer, a word from the same root as CUNT. 0 & 1 of the binary code= O/ I = yoni & penis, the top/bottom of the Ankh);

Accounting ("a Counting." )

Horology (Time-measuring. R=L; HOUR, HORology, WHORe, HARlot, YEAR, HALo, HOLe, HOLy, WHOLe, WELL, WEALth, HEALth, WHEEL, WHORL, HORus are WORds from the same basic Afrakan root: Great Mamma's name as HER, HERIT, Goddess of Heaven, aka Nut, Neith. Time-Keeping is HORology because of the systems created by the Blak Afrakan Priestesses of Great Blak Mamma. As Aphrodite, Her celestial nymphs inspired earthly HORAE ­harlot priestesses­ to train men in the Sexual Mysteries. HOURis were dancing "Ladies of the Hour" who kept time in heaven and tended the star-souls. The dance still called HORA was based on the priestesses' imitation of the zodiacal circling of "Hours");

Astronomy / Astrology (both named after Great Mamma AST, Isis);

Agriculture (still based on Star-Science cycles);

Geometry (Gaia-Mother, named after Mamma as Gaia, MotherEarth);

Physics (from greek phusika, Nature; and Nature is from NETER= Meter= Mother; Neter was a Kamite name for Creation's Great Blak Mamma. Chauvinist euroPenis-scholars translate "NETER" as "God").

That which is called "
Numerology" is a watered down fragment of SKOR Vibration Science. "Gematria" is only slightly better. As with the astrological Zodiac, we are given just a small slice when compared to the whole. I discovered there are many other "vibrations" to be computed when calculating "the numbers" for a word, phrase. There are 5 or 6 basic vibrations, then these are calculated with themselves. Upon determining these vibrations, then you can really BUST (=expose) the Beast! (PISO!) ...who has encoded himself [or more correctly, which has been encoded] throughout and as "THE WORD" --aka the European Bible, Koran, Torah. As we have seen, apparent innocent benign words/names turn out to be chief guises of "Beast THE."

The Romance languages (including English), Greek, Hebrew, Arabic --and "ASCII" are beasted up with PISO's Great Spell built into them. This is primarily accomplished by assigning certain "values" (numbers) to these manipulated alphabets and placing them in a certain order. I (re)created a program (VibraLators) to let you automatically calculate these values from my website (suzar.com) for ASCII, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek and Roman alphabets. Or refer to the Manual Tables, below each VibraLator.

  • SKORS : important !!! Each alphabet is fundamentally composed of 1 to 4 SKORS (lines). We are calculating skors for CAPITAL letters only, in a "sans serif typefont" such as Helvetica or Arial, as shown by this sentence. Example: letter I is composed of 1 skor. Letter O, 1 skor. V, 2 skors. X, 4 skors. Hebrew Aleph (alef), 3 skors. Greek Pi ( P ), 3 skors...
  • SKOR Vibration: a word's vibration + skors of its letters. Upper (all CAPITALS) and lower case have different numbers of skors, that is, for Latin (Roman), Greek and especially ASCII. However, for Roman I've only calculated for CAPITALS (giving same skor #s to lowercase). Hebrew has no lowercase, though 5 hebrewbets have a second form when occurring at the end of a word ("final").
  • Vibration (VB): numeric value of a word based on the number assigned to each alphabet. Roman (Latin) A=1, B=2... Greek 1st alphabet ALPHA (A) =1; 18th greekbet SIGMA (S, S) = 200; 24th and last alphabet OMEGA (W) =800. In ASCII computer-code, A = 65. Lowercase "a" = 97.
  • Short Vibration (SH): numeric value of a word based on the reduced vibe of its alphabets. Hence, numeric value for each alphabet (except K &V) is reduced to its final digit, then added. 13th alphabet M reduces to 4. Since K &V vibrate to "master numbers" (double digit 11 & 22), they are not reduced in "numerology." Greek 24th alphabet Omega (800) reduces to 8. Hebrew 14th alphabet Nun (50) reduces to 5. While it's ok to use the ShortVibe provided in the vibralator, you should also reduce this SH again (if number is more than one digit). Example, if the vibralator yields 149 as SH, reduce this further to 14 (or/and 5), then compute the bi-vibe or tri-vibe, etc, for word/s you are calculating.
  • Reverse Vibration (RV): for a word, the digits of its alphabet vibes are reversed, then vibe calculated. 7th alphabet G becomes 70; 14th, N= 41
  • Sequence Vibration (SQ): vibration of a word based on the consecutive sequential order (1, 2, 3, 4...) of alphabets in a system. Roman alphabet vibes equal sequence vibes. But Greek, Hebrew & Arabic vibes are not the same as their respective sequence vibes.
  • Inverse Vibration (IV): the vibrations are inverted, hence the first alphabet has the vibe of the last alphabet. Second alphabet has vibe of second last alphabet. So roman A=26 instead of 1; B=25 instead of 2. Z=1 instead of 26. Y=2 not 25. Greek alpha = 800, while greek omega = 1. Last, 22nd hebrewbet TAU = 1, while 1st hebrewbet ALEPH = 400.
  • Inverse Sequence Vibe (ISV): the sequence vibe (1,2,3....) is inverted (...3,2,1).

By adding/subtracting the previous (forward, backwards), we get the:

  • mirror vibration: vibe + reverse vibe (VB+RV). Can be any combination of two different vibes.
  • mirror inverse vibration: vibe + inverse vibe (VB+IV)
  • reduced vibration: if vibe is more than 1 digit, add the digits. Vibe 58 reduces to 13 (5+8) which further reduces to 4 (1+3). In my calculations I leave it at the "first reduction" unless otherwise noted.
  • bi vibration: sum of first 2 vibrations (VB+SH)
  • tri vibration: sum of first 3 vibrations (VB+SH+RV). 666 is the tri-vibration of title "The Holy Bible" (123+6+537. see graphic below). ( 666 is the ASCII vibration of "HOLY BIBLE" in all CAPITALs -- prove that by putting it in the ASCII VibraLator ).
  • quadra vibration: sum of first 4 vibrations (VB+SH+RV+SQ)
  • quinta vibration: sum of first 5 vibes (VB+SH+RV+SQ+IV)
  • hexa vibration: sum of all 6 vibes (VB+SH+RV+SQ+IV+ISV)
  • bi skor-vibe, tri skor-vibe, etc.: add SKORS to each previous vibe. Example: bi skor vibe=first 2 vibes+skors twice (VB+SH+SK+SK)
  • crowned skor vibration: skor vibe + additional SKs. crowned =add SK once to any skor-vibe. bi-crowned = add SK twice. quad-crown vibe = add SK 4 additional times. bi-crowned reverse vibe...
  • tri vertical column vibe: for first 3 vibes (VB, SH, RV), add digits in vertical columns. It matters not whether they are left or right justified. 666 is tri vertical vibe of word "THE"! (001+313+352). As elsewhere addressed, word "THE" = dikk-TAU, image of Beast-THE. 666 is the ASCII vibration of all lowercase word "the" 6 times -- prove that by putting "the-the-the-the-the-the" in the ASCII VibraLator.

DEBITs (or Nether). Subtract instead of adding, to get the...

  • DEBIT mirror vibration: reverse vibe minus vibe (RV-VB)
  • DEBIT mirror inverse vibration: inverse vibe minus vibe (IV-VB)
  • DEBIT bi vibration: vibration minus short vibe (VB-SH)
  • NETHER bi vibration: difference of first 2 vibrations (VB-SH)
  • and so on...


To Compute Vibrations & Skors :
((ASCII Vibralator)) ((ARABIC VibraLator)) ((HEBREW VibraLator)) ((GREEK VibraLator)) ((ROMAN VibraLator))

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