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4   MANY MASKS, one face:
Arius Calpurnius PISO

There is no such thing as Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Brahmanism (Hinduism). All these "religions" are really (names for) the same PROGRAM: This program is MASONITY. And MASONity is PISON-ity. MASONism is PISONism. PISON is PEISON, greek version of name PISO, occurring in the bible at Gen. 2:11. In addition, there is no such thing as "Skull and Bones Society," "The Illuminati" and other so-called "secret societies." All these secret societies, college fraternities and other systems are really variations of the same PROGRAM ­one with the previous Religions. This is why they all have certain major traits in common. In addition, they all are anti-female, have no Great Goddess, are penis-oriented, and hierarchal (Pyramid-based). Their common unnoticed major traits are exposed and detailed in Suzar's 666 Exposé Encyclopedia. They are all Huge MASKS for One Teenie Weenie BEAST. PISO! Teenie because he is made the TIP of the C.A.P.stone. The first 3 letters of CAPstone are his name initials: Arius Calpurnius Piso! ­-by design, not coincidence. The languages (Roman/ce Hebrew, Greek, Arabic) are "rigged," are PISOed.

All Roads Lead to PISO
"All roads lead to Rome" is a famous western saying. Word ROME is pun for PISO: R=greek P. M=greek
S (Sigma, S). Hence, ROME = POSE = PESO, PISO! All roads are extensions, spider-fingers of PISO the great SPIder. SPY is to watch. Then there has to be a great special EYE. SP-eYe-der. SPIder PISo is that Great "All Seeing Eye" on the back of the U.S. Dollar BiBill, complete with spider Rays!

Flavius Josephus is Arius Calpurnius PISO, da DevilJust WHO is PISO ? !
No curseword is too harsh to call him. The worse you could come up with would be a severe understatement. You definately ain't supposed to know about "Arius Calpurnius PISO." It's already incredible that you may know the "secret name" of the Mason Deity: JAH-Bul-On. A "secret" name exposed in books like "The Brotherhood" by Stephen Knight, and also found in many articles on the Internet. But you are not supposed to know a thing about
"Arius Calpurnius PISO." In the full volume of this book we shall view evidence that (JEHOVAH=) JAH-Bul-On is PISO, and gasp at abundant disguised occurrences of both names throughout the Bible.

  • Recently available evidence indicates that the Roman aristocrat Arius Calpurnius PISO (and his uppity family) are the true authors of the New Testament and the plagiarizer /rewriter of the Old Testament, Koran & other so-called "holy books." PISO wrote the GOSPELS, a word containing his name in its center. For more information read "The True Authorship of the New Testament" by Abelard Reuchlin (price is just $5.00). Or do a search on the internet using keywords: Arius Calpurnius Piso Flavius Josephus Abelard Reuchlin. Here is another PISO link: Rome Needed Christianity (Politically): Why Rome NEEDED to create Christianity

    Following are the beginning paragraphs and other sentences from pages 1, 2, 3 of Reuchlin's book:

    "The New Testament, the Church and Christianity, were all the creation of the
    Calpurnius Piso (pronounced Peso) family, who were Roman aristocrats. The New Testament and all the characters in it ­ Jesus, all the Josephs, all the Marys, all the disciples, apostles, Paul, John the Baptist ­ all are fictional. The Pisos created the story and the characters; they tied the story to a specific time and place in history; and they connected it with some peripheral actual people, such as the Herods, Gamaliel, the Roman procurators, etc. But Jesus and everyone involved with him were created (that is fictional!) characters.

    "In the middle of the first century of the present era, Rome's aristocracy felt itself confronted with a growing problem. The Jewish religion was continuing to grow in numbers, adding ever more proselytes. Jews numbered more than 8,000,000, and were 10% of the population of the empire ...Repeatedy, religious-minded Judaean zealots were staging insurrections against the Herodian rulers of Judaea who were Piso's wife's relations. ...The Pisos searched for a solution to the two problems. They found it in the Jewish holy books, which were the foundation both for the rapid spread of the religion and for the zealots' refusal to be governed by Rome's puppets. The Pisos mocked, but marveled at, the Jewish belief in their holy books. Therefore, they felt a new "Jewish" book would be the ideal method to pacify the Judaeans and strenghten their inlaws' control of the country.

    "The Jesus figure which Piso creates is a composite. ...Piso plagiarized the Hebrew scriptures.

    "In addition to creating Jesus in literature, Piso created for himself another famous literary role, that of a purported Jewish general and then historian: Flavious Josephus. ...Piso is known publicly in history only under his pen name of Flavious Josepus. He does not appear as Arius Calpurnius Piso."

  • PISO has scripted himself as all the main characters in the Bible, Koran...
  • JOSEPH is a favorite secret name of Arius Calpurnius PISO. One of Piso's top guises (pen names) outside the bible is Flavius JOSEPHus, who is NOT, nor ever was a "Jewish Historian."

PISO, The Great
Architect of "The Devil"
There is no Lucifer­Satan­Devil; this TRIO is PISO
­his Creations, corresponding to his 3 names. No wonder the Bible's God and Devil are both trippple! SDL 181 is the vibration of combined names Satan-Devil-Lucifer. 219 is the skor vibration; 759 the reverse skor vibe. Notice both numbers are composed of numerals resembling the alphabets which spell PIS in PISo: 912; 975. When you find SDL 181 or its kin, you've found "Beast-THE." Mind you, like 666, 13 and 7, really, there is nothing "evil" about 181! "Beast-THE" only uses the most powerful stuff he can find in order to have and stay in power. The most powerful stuff are the archetypes of Creation's Great Blak Mamma. By confiscating and ab-using Her emblems, "the Beast" (PISO) additionally has devilized Creation's Great Blak Mamma. All his "holy books" devilize Her. She is Eve, whom the Bible calls The Mother of All Living (Gen. 3:20) and names "EVil" after Her.

Archetype PISO may never have been a "real person"
I have determined that the name PISO is an ARCHETYPE
or set up to be such in his GlobalSystem. The entire western world is worshipping just one Deity: PISO. In fact, there is no such thing as a "WESTERN world." Western=Piso. In the early 1990s when I began writing Blacked Out Through Whitewash, I discovered this thing I called "PS" and its variants (PIS PAS PES POS...) and determined it to be of utmost importance (based on decodings I was making) but had no idea what it meant. Then, about year 2000 I came across Reuchlin's book The True Authorship of the New Testament. It supplied the missing link I needed to solve the PS­PuZzle, by identifying an "Arius Calpurnius Piso." I was then able to unmask another mega part of the Bible's Secret PunCode. PISO is not just in the Bible; I discovered that his "marks" /signature are well-hidden-in-open-view in all the chief pillars of what is erroneously called "Western" society. There is no such thing! ­it's PISO Society! PISOiety.

I found PISO's name and other identifying Marks on the U.S. Dollar biBill MANY times. If he is not this important, then why is PISO on the world's "top" currency? Slightly disguised, the 2 most obvious occurrences of name PISO are in the dollar's Latin inscriptions (COEP = PECO=PISO. The first and last 2 lettas of "E PluribUS" = EPUS = PESU = PISO). The $ymbol for U.$. money, the dollar $ign it$elf -is compo$ed of the core of pISo.

I further determined there may have never been a "real person" named Arius Calpurnius Piso. In this book however, I use his (or this) name like it IS the name of a real person. The name PISO, like his religions, is a front for Something Else. "He" or "IT" is very real as the Global-PISO-Spell-Machine. This WAR-Machine is a Reversed Bab-El SYSTEM that has been been attacking addicking raping HuHuManity for at least 4000 years. It is pisoble, probable that PISO or The PISO Group are "aliens" ("reptilians"?) ­not human at all.


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