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3   Bible-Torah-Koran =
Zodiak­Poliak­Luniak in Prose

Unknown to their believers, all the stories in the Torah, Bible, Koran and Vedas are allegories about the Poliak­Zodiak­Luniak. Means that secretly in metaphor, these stories document the cycles and activities of 3 Chief Markers of Time or celestial Deities of Time: the NorthStar, Sun and Moon. In the Bible this Trinity is called Father­Son­HolyGhost:

  • FATHER = NorthStar Polaris, King of Kings, personalized in Bible as "God".
  • SON = Sol the SUN, Lord of Lords personalized as "Gesus the Son" .
  • HolyGHOST = Moon, "Queen of Heaven," with ghostly Crescent, personalized as "Mary," The Great Mother.

This is why numbers 12­7­3, linked to this Threesome, are highlighted in the bible:

  • 12 (really, 13) for 12 Zodiak signs = 12 suns of Jacob; Jesus' 12 disciples, 12 pearly gates, etc. Bible has 66 (6+6=12) books.
  • 7 Poliak or northpole signs (6 constellations go around 1 at the center which ap-pears to never move) = 7 this & that thruout Bible which has 7 doublebooks.
  • 3 phases of the Moon in the Luniak = the Trinity. 3 also from 2 big testaments composing 1 big book.

Tri Moon

Slandered 666, 13 and 7
This 666­­13­­7 is a form of GM3. Throughout this book I have highlighted many inconspicuous 666s occurring with key characters, items. Same characters all got "Beast Flag Numbers" as well, which I sometimes show. 666 has fantastic Mother-MAAT-ical (MatheMatical) qualities (MAAT ­ancient Afrakan-Kamite name for Creation's Great Mamma as Goddess of Truth). Like the color BLAK, all the numbers having special significance with Creation's Great BLAK Mamma are slandered and devilized. Numbers 666, 13....and 7 head the list! Seven?! ­­yes, inconspicuously. 7 is the midpoint of 13. "Devil" uses 7 as his key number! He stole 7 from The Great Blak Mamma, along with other chief emblems of Hers. Name DEVIL vibrates to 7 (52=5+2=7) and occurs 61 (6+1=7) times in the bible. Numeral "7" is "V" in the middle of deVil.


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SuZar's 666 series EndTroduction SuZar's 666 Exposé Series
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Topic 3: Bible-Torah-Koran = PZL
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Topic 5: SKOR-Vibrations Exposed
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books art order vibralator 666 3skor space lynx
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