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SuZar's 666 series EndTroduction

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This EndTroduction occurs at the END of each book in SuZar's 666 Exposé Series.
Each book is a segment from a larger volume: "
666 Zodiak Christ The Mason-Piso
SupperBeast." Here is an overview of things that would be useful to know
at some point when reading books from SuZar's
666 Exposé Series.

1   The Secret PunCode Composing the
Bible and other Mason=PISO Operations

The rules we are given to follow are not the rules the RuleMaker/s follow.

First time I went to track the Truth about 666 first thing I did was went to that famous verse at Revelation 13:18. First thing eYe observed was that it does NOT say 666, it says "Six hundred threescore and six." Word THREESCORE grabbed my attention, jumpingupanddown, spinning and doing wintersummersalts in the air. In other words I immediately sensed this word was of special importance and meant something more than its official meaning of "60" (score=20, 3score = 60). WHAT does it mean? The answer came before I could finish asking the first word of the question. THREESCORE means exactly what it says, "threescore," --literally 3 skors, LINES ! A score is a line as in underscore. Hence 3skor = " | | | ". The single word THREESCORE was the kee Kee KEY that opened the doe Doe DOOR to my discovering what I call The Secret PunCode Composing the Entire Bible. The whole Bible is written in PunCode. Same is true for the biblical Greek and Hebrew source manuscripts. They too, are all in PunCode. You are not supposed to know this! So well has it been kept secret! As I continued uncovering this PunCode, determining its modus operandi and other details, I found out that 666 ain't the big "IT." And no where in the entire European Bible does it actually say that '666 is the number of the beast.' Karefullee wread that verse at Rebelation 13:18. 666 is a detour to deter you from the Real Thing you should be focusing on:

"The 3+1 BeastFlag Numbers"

I call the chief one "Premier BeastFlag 111." Notice that "111" is a "threescore"! ­a twin of "13". Number "23" is also a "threescore" (20=score, 3=3). In the full encyclopedia version of this book, we'll examine the details of all 4 numbers and why they are so special! Briefly for now, the 3+1 BeastFlag Numbers encode the entire PISO-Spell-Machine-WORship-WARship-Program. Yes, that's a mouthful but hardly begins to describe this Unfathomable PISO Thang. Piso? It be so tall you can't see its Top. It be so wide you can't see its Sides. It be so deep you can't see its Feet. Therefore, for all practical purposes, this Unfathomable PISO Thang be so INVISIBLE .... until now. Like your nose Nose NOSE, you can't see it although it's right in front of you all the time. The Bible PunCode turns out to be a GREAT MASK, a Cover, a Shell for ...Some Thing Else ­-which we'll identify & examine shortly.

Since it is wholey written in PunCode, the BIBLE truly is BABBLE ­a word coined from bible. The Holy Bible is wholey The Holey Babble. In this Babble PunCode, a key item is punned as many ways as possible, PISOble. Whatever a key word sounds like is what it is and how it is punned, in all its variations. This code is not limited to the Bible ­it is also the hidden language of the Koran, Vedas, Torah, U.S. Constitution and other "holy scriptures." Nor is the Punning limited to Words; it also embraces the shapes of Alphabets and Numerals, contrived Events, Locations, VerseNumbers, Objects, Physical Buildings, Religious/Social Rituals (such as Circumcision, Circumambulation of the Kaaba), Concepts, Actions, Animals, People, Gods, EVERYTHING. Even after decoding, the decodement is code for code, like onionskin layers.

Further, the Punning is crossed, crisscrossed, inverted, zagzig, overlapping, multi-layered, intra-woven, cross-referenced and... repeated Repeated REPEATED. Set up exactly like a GaMe (= GM ) for that's what it really is, a deadly GM. Mason Gompass (G or C, a circle) and Square (=M, 13 th alfabet = 4 for square. And punnly, S=M since roman S= greek-sigma S =M ). Net effect is a vast GRID-MAZE-NET, even found on your U.S. Dollar biBill ­a major part of the GM. Echoed InTheNet. EnterTheNet. You are already trapped in this WorldWideWhip. From the time U learned to WreadWrite and Watch TV, you've been EnterNetted, put under the Great EarthSpell. You can't couldn't help it. There are millions of ways IN but no way out. You're in it and don't know you're in it. It even seems to feel good being in this Deadly Trap...like killer white sugar. It keeps you (bound) in a goSpell, Hypnosis... while it sucks Sucks SUCKS. For that's the chief purpose of this "Reversed Bab-El" ­what it is CONstructed to do. The Torah, Bible, Koran, Vedas are all "Reversed Bab-Els" (see "777 or Bab-El the True Bible a Power-Generator). A Bab-El is supposed to be a Power-Generator, but when its key elements are reversed, it is a Power-THIEF, insatiable bottomless-pit VAMPIRE. SSS, a Sophisticated Sucking System.


To Compute Vibrations & Skors :
((ASCII Vibralator)) ((ARABIC VibraLator)) ((HEBREW VibraLator)) ((GREEK VibraLator)) ((ROMAN VibraLator))

SuZar's 666 series EndTroduction SuZar's 666 Exposé Series
Topic 1: Bible's Secret PunCode
Topic 2: TripleBeast SuperPenis
Topic 3: Bible-Torah-Koran = PZL
Topic 4: piso...Piso...PISO !
Topic 5: SKOR-Vibrations Exposed
Page 1: 666 Zodiak Christ
Page 2: 666 Emmanuel Christ
Page 3: 666 Baphomet Christ
Page 4: 666 Jehovah Wickedness
Page 5: EnterNet Global Fasces

books art order vibralator 666 3skor space lynx
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